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End monarchy to start a republic.

THE recent revelations about the marriage of Charles and Diana have only served to emphasise what a thoroughly unpleasant and dysfunctional family the Windsors are.

That naive and vulnerable young woman was cynically allowed to embark upon a farce of a marriage simply to provide Charles with the required 'heir and spare.'.

The recent, laughably transparent charm offensive (engineered by the Royals' slick PR machine) to ingratiate Camilla with the British public so they will accept her as the next queen has been well and truly derailed.

Surely the time has come, when the current Queen dies, to abolish this ridiculous, antiquated and, above all, undemocratic institution that is the monarchy and replace it with an elected head of state.

At least then we would get to choose who we wanted as our head of state, and be able to vote them out if we didn't like the job they were doing, rather than having a totally unsuitable and unpopular one like Charles imposed upon us (for life!) simply because they happened to be born into one particular family.

D WHITE, Whitley Bay

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2017
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