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Articles from Encyclopedia of the Biosphere (November 1, 2000)

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2 The routes of action. 24891
Aldo Leopold: the land ethic. Excerpt 444
Alexander von Humboldt: a paradoxical romantic. Excerpt 380
Appendices. Appendix 3983
Aristotle: the eternal cycle of water. Excerpt 443
Arne Naess: ambiguous depth. Excerpt 437
Arthur G. Tansley: the invention of the term ecosystem. Excerpt 471
Benoit de Maillet: living or nonliving? Excerpt 490
Bibliography. Bibliography 2626
Charles Lyell: natural balances have material causes. Excerpt 435
Charles R. Darwin: food chains. Excerpt 350
Charles R. Darwin: the Darwinian definition of human beings. Excerpt 381
Dennis L. Meadows et al.: the urgent need to limit growth. Excerpt 428
Elisee Reclus: the contradictions of progress. Excerpt 436
Fairfield Osborn: plundering the Earth. Excerpt 427
Francois-Alphonse Forel: the "reincarnations" of matter in Lake Geneva. Excerpt 410
Frederic E. Clements: an ecology of change. Excerpt 403
Friedrich von Schelling: eternal unity. Excerpt 442
Galileo Galilei: a planet like any other. 552
Genesis: a creation story. 619
George E. Hutchinson: the biosphere is not indestructible. Excerpt 365
George P. Marsh: human societies' double-edged ability to transform nature. Excerpt 381
Gilbert White: arcadian but rigorous. Excerpt 464
Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo: the unity of the world. Excerpt 417
Gro Harlem Brundtland: the right to hope. Excerpt 297
Henry David Thoreau: people live too fast. Excerpt 420
Introduction. Folch, Ramon; Camarasa, Josep M. Work overview 3683
James E. Lovelock and Lynn Margulis: is Gaia a living thing? Excerpt 443
Joan Martinez Alier: economy, ecology and politics. Excerpt 303
Johann Gottfried von Herder: the set is the whole. 438
Lewis Mumford: the decline of progress. Excerpt 509
Linnaeus : a vital harmony. Excerpt 348
Lucretius: the world is mortal. Excerpt 449
Michael Lowy and Robert Sayre: a definition of romanticism. Excerpt 355
Miguel de Cervantes: the Golden Age. Excerpt 340
Mikhail I. Budyko: double-edged ecological ties. Excerpt 291
Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen: the harsh entropy law. Excerpt 414
Nicholas Polunin and Jacques Grinevald: biospheral ecology. Excerpt 389
Parmenides: the nature of the universe. Excerpt 431
Paul R. Ehrlich: 120 people/[m.sup.2] on the Earth in 900 years? Excerpt 383
Pierre de Ronsard: nature stripped of her enchantment. Excerpt 579
Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin: "the struggle for existence" and "mutual aid". Excerpt 452
Rachel L. Carson: silent spring ... Excerpt 439
Ramon Margalef: a divided science. Excerpt 363
Raymond L. Lindeman: the trophic-dynamic concept of the ecosystem. Excerpt 433
Sadi Carnot: the birth of thermodynamics. Excerpt 509
Stephen A. Forbes: a lake is an island. Excerpt 416
Svante A. Arrhenius: the greenhouse effect. Excerpt 380
The biosphere: humanity's home. 32636
Thomas R. Malthus: stabilizing the world population. Excerpt 476
Vladimir Vernadsky: the biosphere and the cosmos. Excerpt 371

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