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Encyclopedia of small business, 3d ed.; 2v.


Encyclopedia of small business, 3d ed.; 2v.

Ed. by Arsen J. Darnay and Monique D. Magee.

Thomson Gale


1216 pages




From "absenteeism" to "zoning ordinances," this two-volume encyclopedia presents 605 alphabetical entries intended as an information resource for the small business owner in the United States or the general student of business. The editors have sought to cover most aspects of business activity and concerns, including human resources, organizational structures, accounting practices, stock trading, sales and marketing, valuation and other measurement issues, legal and regulatory requirements, the overall business environment, and even emerging and declining "management fads." In order to give a better sense of scope, examples of specific topics follow: advertising budget, application service providers, baby bonds, bar coding, biometrics, brand equity, business education, communication systems, cost-benefit analysis, debt financing, due diligence, entrepreneurial networks, the Federal Trade Commission, joint ventures, nepotism, office automation, operations management, pregnancy in the workplace, product costing, record retention, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, value-added tax, and workplace anger.

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