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Encyclopedia of Christianity v1 A-D.

The Encyclopedia of Christianity Volume 1 A-D Eerdmans-Brill 893 pages, hardcover, $124 ISBN 0 8028 2413 7

AS THE world enters the third millennium of Christianity, here is the start of a project which, when completed, will show Christian faith and community as they exist today and how and why they got here, from their first century beginnings through 2,000 years of history.

This monumental work based on the German Evangelisches Kirchenlexikon: Internationale theologishe Enzyklopadie features many enhancements and additions of special value to English speaking users. This first volume appeared in late 1999; the next is due in July 2000 and then at approximately one-year intervals. When the five-volume set is complete it will form a fresh and comprehensive reference package on Christianity past and present.

The work combines quality scholarship with accessibility for the ordinary user. While it is impossible to evaluate each of the 485 articles in this volume -- that is the job of the high-powered academics (both German and English speaking) who put them together, a look at two entries, Anglican Communion and Canada suggests the coverage is more than adequate.

The encyclopedia also looks beyond Christianity, considering other world religions and movements as it views the religious and socio-cultural context in which the church finds itself as it moves into a new millennium.
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Publication:Anglican Journal
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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