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Encyclopedia of Childbearing: Critical Persepctives.

This encyclopedia is an excellent introduction to the topics surrounding birth today! I was expecting yet another quality work by Barbara Katz Rothman, and I was not disappointed. The first entry I opened to was "Doula," which is my current way of helping. The entry could not have been better. It included how the name came to be--a lovely story that should help set the tone for how people will come to view those who fill this role.

I found one article (by a nurse) that did not set well with me, but was delighted to see such strong writers and reformers as Nancy Wainer Cohen! Some to the articles clearly disturbed--such as the historic account of "Twilight Sleep" and the biographical sketch of "Joseph Bolivar Delee." I thought Rahima Baldwin's entry on "TORCH Syndrome" was informative, but think she could have also done some of the other subjects as well.

One of the most startling sections was "Childbearing in Science Fiction"--I was unaware that all these authors had presented these ideas. My question was immediate--why have these books not had more influence on the popular culture?

I am recommending that this book be purchased for my husband's college's library (he is the director). Many of the young women here will soon start families after graduation--they deserve to start knowing the truth about birth--not just what the paternalistic medicos in Arkansas want them to believe!
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Author:Frizzell, Sue
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Date:Jun 22, 1993
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