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Encyclopedia of American industries, 5th ed; 2v.


Encyclopedia of American industries, 5th ed; 2v.

Grey House Pub., Inc.


3068 pages




This two-volume reference presents individual essays on every industry recognized by the US Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. The first volume covers 459 individual industries under the 20 major manufacturing industry categories and the second volume covers 545 individual industries in the nine major service and non-manufacturing industry categories, with all industries arranged numerically according to the SIC system for ease of location. Each article provides and overview of the industry along with key trends, issues, and statistics; discusses the configuration and functional aspects of the industry; describes the industry's historical development including major technological advances, scandals, important legislation, et cetera; discusses the recent status of the industry; profiles major companies and financial performance; examines the characteristics of the workforce; examines American exports to the global market and international participation in US markets; explores research and technology issues; and provides guides to further readings, including academic periodicals, government publications, and Internet resources. Conversion tables are provided to aid location of articles using the North American Industry Classification System. The previous edition was published by Gale and was included in Resources for College Librarians.

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