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Encouraging Creativity in Art Lessons.

Encouraging Creativity in Art Lessons

If you were engaged by the two-part series of articles by Professor Szekely that appeared in the September and October issues of SchoolArts, you have an additional treat waiting for you in this book describing innovative approaches to public school art education at the primary and secondary levels.

The author believes that "art is something that is constantly being reinvented and rediscovered." He uses the teacher not as a source of knowledge about art, but as a catalyst to encourage children to generate their own ideas for making art. His teaching approach is based on the essential goal of inspiring children to behave like artists, revealing to them that art comes from within themselves - not from the teacher. In these days of re-evaluating art education practice, graduate and undergraduate students of art education and teachers at all levels will find this book of value.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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