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Enckell, Rabbe (Arnfinn).

Enckell, Rabbe (Arnfinn) (b. March 3, 1903, Tammela, Fin.--d. June 17, 1974, Helsinki)

Finnish poet, playwright, and critic, and a leading representative of the Swedish-Finnish poetic revival that began in the 1920s.

Enckell studied art in France and Italy. His first collection of impressionistic nature poems, Dikter, appeared in 1923. In this collection and a sequel, Flojtblasarlycka (1925; "The Flutist's Happiness"), Enckell describes with a painter's eye the exquisite nuances in the phenomena of nature. He was associated with the avant-garde journal Quosego in 1928-29. After writing a number of semiautobiographical novels, including Ljusdunkel (1930; "Chiaroscuro"), Enckell returned to poetry with Varens cistern (1931; "The Cistern of Spring") and Tonbradet (1935; "The Sounding Board").

Enckell used classical parallels to dramatize the problems of his time in a series of verse plays, including Orfeus och Eurydike (1938) and Alkman (1959). His most remarkable collection of poetry is Andedrakt av koppar (1946; "Breath of Copper"). In 1960 he was made poet laureate of Swedish Finland.

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