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Incidence of Encephalitis in the Intensive Care Unit, a Tertiary Care Hospital, Pakistan: A 5-Year Retrospective Study. Andleeb, Sonia; M.Bari, Yasir; Gill, Inam; Urooj, Sana; Nausheen, Sidra Report Aug 1, 2020 4594
Infections among Contacts of Patients with Nipah Virus, India. Tan, Chong Tin; Wong, Kum Thong Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2020 513
Rituximab for Autoimmune Encephalitis with Epilepsy. Kurukumbi, Mohankumar; Dave, Rahul H.; Castillo, Jose; Shah, Tulsi; Lau, Joanne Jul 31, 2020 2711
Rasmussen's Encephalitis: A Report of a Tunisian Pediatric Case and Literature Review. Klaa, Hedia; Younes, Thouraya Ben; Benrhouma, Hanene; Nagi, Sonia; Rouissi, Aida; Kraoua, Ichraf; Yo Jul 31, 2020 2049
Neurosarcoidosis Presentation as Adipsic Diabetes Insipidus Secondary to a Pituitary Stalk Lesion and Association with Anti-NMDA Receptor Antibodies. Solis, Jose Gabriel; Lugo, Arturo Olascoaga; Florido, Marco Antonio Rodriguez; Bonilla, Bayron Alexa Jul 31, 2020 2808
Mum has no recollection of her wedding day or giving birth after a rare brain bug erased her memory; 'It is so hard to describe, but I would look at photos and feel no emotion, as I couldn't remember them being taken. It was like looking at somebody else's life.'. By, Erin Cardiff PA & Victoria Jones Jul 19, 2020 1529
Atypical Manifestations of Cat-Scratch Disease, United States, 2005-2014. Nawroeki, Courtney C.; Max, Ryan J.; Marzec, Natalie S.; Nelson, Christina A. Jul 1, 2020 6021
Anti-NMDAR-Positive Small-Cell Lung Cancer Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis: A Case Report and Literature Review. Sohal, Raman; Adams, Steven H.; Phogat, Vishal; Harish, Abha; Lopez, Carlos Ynigo D.; Williams, Mich Jun 30, 2020 3148
Amide Proton Transfer-Weighted (APTw) Imaging of Intracranial Infection in Children: Initial Experience and Comparison with Gadolinium-Enhanced T1-Weighted Imaging. Zhang, Hong; Tang, Xiaolu; Lv, Yanqiu; Hu, Di; Sun, Jihang; Wang, Yan; Zhou, Jinyuan; Peng, Yun Jun 30, 2020 8076
Fatal Encephalitis Caused by Cristoli Virus, an Emerging Orthobunyavirus, France. Rodriguez, Christophe; Gricourt, Guillaume; Ndebi, Melissa; Demontant, Vanessa; Poiteau, Lila; Burre Jun 1, 2020 2420
Alphavirus Replication: The Role of Cardiac Glycosides and Ion Concentration in Host Cells. Souza-Souza, Kaue F.C.; Goncalves-de-Albuquerque, Cassiano F.; Cirne-Santos, Claudio; Paixao, Izabel May 31, 2020 5359
Brain Death Secondary to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Encephalitis. Rhodes, Steven D.; Teagarden, Alicia M.; Graner, Brian; Lutfi, Riad; John, Chandy C. May 31, 2020 2886
Retrospective Descriptive Analysis of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease (WNND) in Northwest Louisiana. Mada, Pradeep Kumar; Sneed, Philip; Castano, Gabriel; Moore, Maureen; Chandranesan, Andrew Stevenson May 31, 2020 4704
Epitope-Based Peptide Vaccine against Glycoprotein G of Nipah Henipavirus Using Immunoinformatics Approaches. Mohammed, Arwa A.; Shantier, Shaza W.; Mustafa, Mujahed I.; Osman, Hind K.; Elmansi, Hashim E.; Osma May 31, 2020 6907
HSV-1 Encephalitis in an Elderly Man Receiving Ibrutinib for Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia. Wallace, Mark R. Apr 30, 2020 1083
Current Progress on Assessing the Prognosis for Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (NMDAR) Encephalitis. Wang, Hao; Xiao, Zheng Apr 30, 2020 6400
Coronavirus may cause brain issues that lead to 'altered mental status', scientists warn; A 58-year-old woman who tested positive for COVID-19 developed a case of acute necrotising encephalitis (ANE) -a central nervous infection. By, Shivali Best Apr 2, 2020 306
Into a Shaking Limbo: Case Report of a Nonneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis with Faciobrachial Dystonic Seizures and Parkinsonism. Renga, Vijay Mar 31, 2020 1476
Efficacy of Tocilizumab in Limbic Encephalitis with Anti-CASPR2 Antibodies. Benucci, Maurizio; Tramacere, Luciana; Infantino, Maria; Manfredi, Mariangela; Grossi, Valentina; Da Mar 1, 2020 2332
Predicting Severe Enterovirus 71-Infected Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: Cytokines and Chemokines. Zhang, Weijian; Huang, Zhigang; Huang, Mingyuan; Zeng, Jincheng Mar 1, 2020 7870
Peter's long road to recovery; Father-of-two shares 'gruelling' journey after rare brain condition struck. DANIEL BOAL Feb 22, 2020 414
Young woman ends up on psych ward after symptoms mistaken for breakdown; University student Lucy Dawson was in the ward for about four months before she was eventually diagnosed with a medical condition called anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. By, Emily White Feb 9, 2020 699
Rickettsia mongolitimonae Encephalitis, Southern France, 2018. Loarte, Maria Dolores Corbacho; Melenotte, Clea; Cassir, Nadim; Cammilleri, Serge; Dory-Lautrec, Phi Feb 1, 2020 1512
Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials in Raccoon Dogs (Nyctereutes procynoides). Stefanescu, Raluca; Roman, Constantin; Miron, Liviu Dan; Solcan, Gheorghe; Vulpe, Vasile; Hritcu, Lu Report Feb 1, 2020 4097
Encephalitis Diagnostics Market, 2020 - Becton Dickinson, Enzo Biochem, Leica Biosystems &Takara Bio. Jan 24, 2020 224
Multistate Outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus--United States, 2019. (Notes from the Field). Lindsey, Nicole P.; Martin, Stacey W.; Staples, J. Erin; Fischer, Marc Jan 17, 2020 971
Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis: Higher Suspicious Needed for Earlier Diagnosis (Case Report, Literature Review and Diagnostic Criteria). Amugoda, Chanaka; Foroush, Noushin Chini; Akhlaghi, Hamed Report Jan 1, 2020 3930
Intrathecal Infusion of Autologous Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells in Autoimmune Refractory Epilepsy: Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy. Szczepanik, Elzbieta; Mierzewska, Hanna; Antczak-Marach, Dorota; Figiel-Dabrowska, Anna; Terczynska, Jan 1, 2020 8841
Comparison of the Immunogenicity and Safety of Two Pediatric TBE Vaccines Based on the Far Eastern and European Virus Subtypes. Vorovitch, Mikhail F.; Maikova, Galina B.; Chernokhaeva, Liubov L.; Romanenko, Victor V.; Karganova, Jan 1, 2020 7050
Duodenal Neuroendocrine Tumour Presenting as GABA B Receptor Autoimmune Encephalitis. Peddawad, Dhanashree; Singh, Manoj K. Dec 31, 2019 1942
Brainstem and Cerebellar Involvement in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Letchuman, Vijay; Donohoe, Charles D. Dec 31, 2019 2250
Anti NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis in Pakistan: Clinicopathological features and treatment outcomes. Shafain Sheikh, Arsalan Ahmad and Tahir Aziz Ahmed Dec 31, 2019 2270
Co-Diagnostics begins selling newest product that detects the eastern equine encephalitis virus. Dec 11, 2019 150
Infectious Trigger for Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Case Report and Literature Review. Sahar, Najmus; Nurre, Alexander Michael; Simon, Ryan Q. Nov 30, 2019 2196
A Case of Kawasaki Disease Accompanied by Encephalitis and Several Kinds of Arrhythmia during the Acute Phase. Nakagawa, Naomi; Kamada, Masahiro; Ishiguchi, Yukiko; Moritoh, Yuji; Okamoto, Kengo; Itamura, Shinji Nov 30, 2019 2415
Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis in a Patient with Acute Encephalopathy and Hyponatremia. Agarwal, K.A.; Albertolle, M.; Tiru, M. Oct 31, 2019 2858
'Brain virus' ticks in UK for first time; HEALTH. Oct 30, 2019 269
Deadly ticks that can cause brain-damage identified in UK for first time; Insects, which can spread the encephalitis virus and other conditions like Lyme Disease, are becoming more common and can live in animals, such as dogs, and in the undergrowth. Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 250
Deadly ticks that can cause brain-damage identified in UK for first time; Insects, which can spread the encephalitis virus and other conditions like Lyme Disease, are becoming more common and can live in animals, such as dogs, and in the undergrowth. Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 250
Deadly ticks that can cause brain-damage identified in UK for first time; Insects, which can spread the encephalitis virus and other conditions like Lyme Disease, are becoming more common and can live in animals, such as dogs, and in the undergrowth. Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 250
Deadly ticks that can cause brain-damage identified in UK for first time; Insects, which can spread the encephalitis virus and other conditions like Lyme Disease, are becoming more common and can live in animals, such as dogs, and in the undergrowth. Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 249
Deadly ticks that can cause brain-damage identified in UK for first time; Insects, which can spread the encephalitis virus and other conditions like Lyme Disease, are becoming more common and can live in animals, such as dogs, and in the undergrowth. Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 250
Warning as brain illness spread by ticks reaches UK for first time; Here's everything you need to know. Lottie Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 353
Deadly ticks that can cause brain-damage identified in UK for first time; Insects, which can spread the encephalitis virus and other conditions like Lyme Disease, are becoming more common and can live in animals, such as dogs, and in the undergrowth. Brett Gibbons Oct 29, 2019 249
Ticks that can harm the brain found in two parts of England. Oct 29, 2019 397
Bavarian Nordic to initiate phase 1 clinical trial of equine encephalitis virus vaccine under programme funded by US DOD. Oct 9, 2019 242
Bavarian Nordic to initiate phase 1 clinical trial of equine encephalitis virus vaccine under programme funded by US DOD. Oct 9, 2019 238
Economic Burden of West Nile Virus Disease, Quebec, Canada, 2012-2013. Ouhoummane, Najwa; Tchouaket, Eric; Lowe, Anne-Marie; Fortin, Ann; Kairy, Dahlia; Vibien, Anne; Kovi Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 6091
Possible Prognostic Value of Serial Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Powassan Virus Encephalitis. Allgaier, Joshua; Quarles, Ryan; Skiest, Daniel Oct 1, 2019 1758
An Interesting Unknown Combined Pathology in a Patient with Acute Balance Problem. Yetiser, Sertac; Karaman, Kutlay Sep 30, 2019 2009
Flaviviridae Viruses and Oxidative Stress: Implications for Viral Pathogenesis. Zhang, Zhenzhen; Rong, Liang; Li, Yi-Ping Sep 30, 2019 15605
Antibody Testing Reveals Dogs Can Suffer from Same Autoimmune Encephalitis as Humans. Sep 25, 2019 946
Health Highlights: Sept. 23, 2019; Connecticut Sees First Death This Year From Mosquito-Borne EEE. Report Sep 23, 2019 209
20-yr-old Indian girl diagnosed with rare disease in UAE. Dhanusha Gokulan Sep 20, 2019 483
LexaGene develops test for deadly mosquito-borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus. Sep 18, 2019 454
Encephalitis-Pipeline Review: Corticosteroids Administered to Reduce Brain's Inflammation. Sep 11, 2019 642
Two More Cases of EEE Virus Confirmed in Massachusetts; 36 communities now at critical risk, 42 at high risk, 115 at moderate risk for Eastern equine encephalitis. Sep 9, 2019 186
UP: Students conduct awareness campaign about encephalitis in Gorakhpur. Sep 2, 2019 319
Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus Disease in an Elderly Patient with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treated with R-CHOP Therapy: A Case Report. Arslan, Baris; Gunduz, Hasan Murat; Unlu, Nurdan; Cavus, Gokhan; Menemenlioglu, Dilek Report Sep 1, 2019 2102
Anti--Voltage-gated Potassium Channel Limbic Encephalitis with Psychiatric Features: a Case Report. Hee, Jia Min; Low, Sheng Hng Keith; Tan, Shian Ming Sep 1, 2019 1197
Rodent Host Abundance and Climate Variability as Predictors of Tickborne Disease Risk 1 Year in Advance. Tkadlec, Emil; Vaclavik, Tomas; Siroky, Pavel Sep 1, 2019 2671
Massachusetts Communities at 'Critical Risk' for Mosquito-Borne Virus; Dozens of communities at high or moderate risk for Eastern equine encephalitis. Aug 30, 2019 163
Irked Garin asks: Why was encephalitis vaccine license OK'd in just 5 days? Aug 28, 2019 406
Fans headed to Japan urged to take precautions against virus. Aug 27, 2019 519
Virus warning to RWC travellers. Aug 27, 2019 176
World Cup rugby fans warned over Japan virus. Aug 23, 2019 271
Inquirer Read-Along volunteer undergoes surgery for encephalitis. Aug 14, 2019 288
West Nile Virus and Other Domestic Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases--United States, 2018. McDonald, Emily; Martin, Stacey W.; Landry, Kimberly; Gould, Carolyn V.; Lehman, Jennifer; Fischer, Aug 9, 2019 3403
Acute Encephalitis and Myocarditis Associated with Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections. Erdogan, Seher; Yakut, Kahraman; Kalin, Sevinc Aug 1, 2019 1858
New Onset British Accent, Acute Behavioral Changes, and Seizures: A Unique Presentation of NMDAR Encephalitis. Kurukumbi, Mohankumar; Shah, Tulsi S.; Castillo, Jose A.; Nayak, Rahul U.; Madiraju, Jahnnavi Jul 31, 2019 2780
Evaluation of Myelin Radiotracers in the Lysolecithin Rat Model of Focal Demyelination: Beware of Pitfalls! Zhang, Min; Hugon, Gatlle; Bouillot, Caroline; Bolbos, Radu; Langlois, Jean-Baptiste; Billard, Thier Jul 31, 2019 6014
Analysis of Synonymous Codon Usage Bias in Flaviviridae Virus. Yao, Huipeng; Chen, Mengyu; Tang, Zizhong Jul 31, 2019 11235
Encephalitis death toll reaches 120 in Assam: State health minister. Jul 29, 2019 220
Experts Warn of Mosquito-Borne Brain Infection in Florida; Eastern equine encephalitis has been detected in several sentinel chickens. Jul 29, 2019 138
SC refuses to entertain pleas on treatment of children suffering from AES in Bihar. Jul 26, 2019 351
Nitish Kumar avoiding responsibilities over AES, floods in Bihar: Rabri Devi. Jul 14, 2019 343
176 died in Bihar due to Acute Encephalitis this year, 872 cases reported. Jul 12, 2019 373
6 children have died in Gaya hospital, cause could be encephalitis: Doctor. Jul 9, 2019 215
Bihar: Encephalitis death toll climbs to 142 in Muzaffarpur. Jul 8, 2019 298
Woman forgets wedding day after rare health condition. Jul 5, 2019 319
RJD MLAs protest over AES deaths outside Bihar Assembly. Jul 2, 2019 301
Bihar files affidavit in SC, says taking 'all possible steps' to contain AES epidemic. Jul 2, 2019 549
Tejashwi to discuss encephalitis deaths in Bihar Assembly. Jul 1, 2019 268
Interview With Manoj Jha. Interview Jul 1, 2019 921
Encephalitis Deaths : Going Beyond The Litchi Link. Jul 1, 2019 2005
Free meals planned to fight 'brain fever' in India's Bihar state. Jul 1, 2019 498
Herpes encephalitis in an elderly immunocompetent lady - a case report. George, Koruth P.; Jacob, Geena; Pai, Santhichandra; John, Salini Baby Jul 1, 2019 1400
Diagnosis of Chagasic Encephalitis by Sequencing of 28S rRNA Gene. Multani, Ashrit; Meer, Aabed; Smith, Darvin S.; Kheraj, Malika N.; Plowey, Edward D.; Blackburn, Bri Jul 1, 2019 2068
Recurrent Otogenic Intracranial Sepsis: A Key Radiological Finding, Not to Be Missed. Aziz, Mark; Omakobia, Eugene Report Jun 30, 2019 1648
Case Reports of DRESS Syndrome and Symptoms Consistent with DRESS Syndrome Following Treatment with Recently Marketed Monoclonal Antibodies. Palma-Grisi, James C. Di; Vijayagopal, Kesav; Muslimani, Muhammad A. Jun 30, 2019 3949
Bihar encephalitis: Upendra Kushwaha announces 'Nitish Hatao, Bhavishya Bachao' rally. Jun 30, 2019 280
Encephalitis toll rises to 134 in Muzaffarpur. Jun 29, 2019 228
Encephalitis death toll in India crosses 150. Jun 29, 2019 353
Sharp fall in AES, JEV cases this year, says Gorakhpur DM. Jun 28, 2019 340
Doing whatever is needed to be done: Paswan on Encephalitis outbreak. Jun 28, 2019 218
Encephalitis death toll rises to 133 in Muzaffarpur. Jun 28, 2019 265
Nalanda: Child dies due to fever, family alleges Encephalitis cause of death. Jun 27, 2019 307
Bihar encephalitis deaths: Indian Youth Congress, Bihar Congress protest near Harsh Vardhan's residence. Jun 27, 2019 369
AES outbreak: Bihar govt sets up camp in Harivanshpur village to offer 24x7 medical facilities. Jun 27, 2019 345
Encephalitis death toll mounts to 132 in Bihar's Muzaffarpur. Jun 26, 2019 357
Bihar: Police re-investigates 'FIR for protest' matter. Jun 26, 2019 296
Encephalitis death toll mounts to 131 in Bihar's Muzaffarpur. Jun 25, 2019 375
Outbreak of 'brain fever' in India's poorest state leaves 152 children dead; Youngsters in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, India, are dying from encephalitis which occurs when the brain becomes inflamed. Jun 25, 2019 669
SC to hear plea on Muzaffarpur encephalitis outbreak today. Jun 24, 2019 429
Taking all necessary steps to control outbreak of AES in Muzaffarpur, Bihar govt tells SC. Jun 24, 2019 475
Bihar encephalitis deaths: SUCI members protest outside WB Guv's residence, detained. Jun 24, 2019 187
AIIMS Delhi to find out cause of Encephalitis listed in 'unknown category'. Jun 23, 2019 420
RJD student wing protests against Bihar government over encephalitis deaths. Jun 23, 2019 249
AIIMS Delhi to find out what causes Encephalitis. Jun 23, 2019 427
Bihar encephalitis: Senior doctor suspended for negligence. Jun 23, 2019 682
Encephalitis death toll mounts to 129 in Bihar's Muzaffarpur. Jun 23, 2019 201
Health Minister Pandey evades media questions on child deaths in Muzaffarpur. Jun 22, 2019 185
Encephalitis : As death toll mounts, Surjewala attacks BJP-JDU coalition in Bihar. Jun 22, 2019 218
Death toll touches 128 in Muzaffarpur due to encephalitis. Jun 22, 2019 174
Patna: People polish shoes to collect money for AES-affected children. Jun 22, 2019 259
RJD's Manoj Jha gives calling attention notice in RS over outbreak of encephalitis in Muzzafarpur. Jun 21, 2019 143
Conspiracy hatched to defame lychees produced in Bihar: State Agriculture Min. Jun 21, 2019 298
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar evades question on child deaths again. Jun 21, 2019 391
Rajeev Pratap Rudy: Amusing to believe that Litchi is the cause of Encephalitis deaths in Bihar. Jun 21, 2019 231
Encephalitis toll reaches 124 in Bihar. Jun 21, 2019 295
Bihar BJP MPs to donate Rs 25 lakh each for treatment of encephalitis patients. Jun 21, 2019 223
Encephalitis: Death toll in Muzaffarpur touches 117. Jun 20, 2019 243
Muzaffarpur: Prisoners' ward converted into ICU in SKMCH. Jun 20, 2019 426
Encephalitis outbreak: Sharad Yadav blames Nitish govt over failure of arrangements. Jun 20, 2019 230
Pictures: Brain fever outbreak wreaks havoc in India. Jun 20, 2019 353
India: Is Khushi, 3, a victim of poverty or encephalitis? Jun 20, 2019 1430
Special prayers for Muzaffarpur children at Kolkata's Bhootnath temple. Jun 20, 2019 171
Encephalitis outbreak: RJD to skip PM Modi's dinner. Jun 20, 2019 307
8 additional Advanced Life Support ambulances deployed in districts affected by AES: Harsh Vardhan. Jun 20, 2019 582
Encephalitis: Death toll in Muzaffarpur reaches 121. Jun 20, 2019 301
AES outbreak: BJP's CP Thakur writes to PM, suggests setting up of biochemical lab. Jun 20, 2019 375
After encephalitis deaths, Odisha orders testing of litchi fruit. Jun 19, 2019 231
Bihar: AES death toll mounts to 112 in Muzaffarpur. Jun 19, 2019 172
With encephalitis death toll at 112, this govt hospital in Muzaffarpur reeks of apathy. Jun 19, 2019 483
Bihar Encephalitis: More doctors deputed in Muzaffarpur. Jun 19, 2019 242
Bihar Dy CM dodges question on encephalitis, says stick to topic. Jun 19, 2019 384
Odisha: Litchi goes out of market after encephalitis outbreak in Muzaffarpur. Jun 19, 2019 214
Congress slams PM Modi for Bihar encephalitis. Jun 19, 2019 426
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar refuses to answer questions on death due to AES. Jun 19, 2019 242
Disappointed to hear about deaths due to AES, heatwave in Bihar, says Ramdev. Jun 19, 2019 200
No cases of AES in Lucknow, says Superintendent of Civil Hospital. Jun 19, 2019 207
Bihar: People of Harivanshpur village vacate home due to fear of AES. Jun 19, 2019 241
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis death toll mounts to 108. Jun 18, 2019 177
What Is Encephalitis? The Disease That Has Killed 100 Children In India. Jun 18, 2019 343
Centre will make all efforts to help Bihar contain encephalitis: Dr Harsh Vardhan. Jun 18, 2019 249
Over 100 children die of Encephalitis in India. Jun 18, 2019 216
Encephalitis case found in Nalanda. Jun 18, 2019 170
Anger in India as brain fever kills 103 children. Jun 18, 2019 823
More doctors brought from outside for treatment of encephalitis affected patients: Bihar govt. Jun 18, 2019 523
Plea filed in SC for constitution of medical team to treat children suffering from AES in Muzaffarpur. Jun 18, 2019 407
Video: Anger in India as brain fever kills 103 children. Jun 18, 2019 823
Video: Anger in India as brain fever kills 112 children. Jun 18, 2019 874
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis death toll mounts to 96. Jun 17, 2019 207
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis death toll mounts to 100. Jun 17, 2019 232
Muzzafarpur: Case filed against Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan. Jun 17, 2019 293
How many wickets down?: Bihar Health Min asks during meeting on encephalitis. Jun 17, 2019 264
Tejashwi Yadav 'missing' when Bihar battling with encephalitis, heatstroke. Jun 17, 2019 421
Bihar's encephalitis toll rises to 104. Jun 17, 2019 236
NHRC seeks reports from Centre, Bihar govt over rising AES deaths. Jun 17, 2019 356
Randeep Surjewala takes a dig at Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey. Jun 17, 2019 253
Encephalitis: BJP leader accuses Nitish-led Bihar govt for not taking adequate preventive measures. Jun 17, 2019 268
Bihar government to bear treatment expenses of encephalitis patients. Jun 17, 2019 272
High-level multi-disciplinary team for Bihar to deal with encephalitis menace. Jun 17, 2019 549
Encephalitis, heat-wave claim 160 lives in Bihar. Jun 17, 2019 760
Encephalitis outbreak: At least 100 children dead in India. Jun 17, 2019 326
Bihar: Encephalitis death toll rises to 80 in Muzzafarpur. Jun 16, 2019 565
Muzaffarpur Encephalitis deaths: Bihar minister cites shortage of beds as problem to deal with situation. Jun 16, 2019 636
Bihar: Encephalitis death toll rises to 84 in Muzaffarpur. Jun 16, 2019 514
AES deaths: Harsh Vardhan chairs meeting with Aswini Kumar, Bihar health minister. Jun 16, 2019 472
Doctors say better health infrastructure could have contained Encephalitis. Jun 16, 2019 424
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis kills 93, public creates ruckus as Harsh Vardhan visits. Jun 16, 2019 422
Will set up state-of-the-art research centre for encephalitis in Muzaffarpur: Dr Harsh Vardhan. Jun 16, 2019 431
Bihar: Encephalitis toll reaches 93; heatwaves claim 56 lives. Jun 16, 2019 183
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis death toll rises to 66. Jun 15, 2019 167
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis death toll rises to 69. Jun 15, 2019 179
Encephalitis claims 73 lives in Bihar, Health Min assures assistance. Jun 15, 2019 396
Muzzafarpur: Encephalitis toll mounts to 77, CM announces ex gratia. Jun 15, 2019 397
57 children die due to Encephalitis: Bihar Heath Minister. Jun 14, 2019 212
Numbers of cases declining: Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Encephalitis. Jun 14, 2019 200
Muzaffarpur: Encephalitis death toll rises to 62; Schools to remain shut till June 22. Jun 14, 2019 200
Muzaffarpur: 47 children die due to encephalitis; over 130 in hospitals. Jun 13, 2019 170
Bihar: Encephalitis claims 54 children; 132 hospitalised in Muzaffarpur. Jun 13, 2019 201
Muzaffarpur: 31 children die of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in June. Jun 12, 2019 169
Muzaffarpur: 43 chidren die due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. Jun 12, 2019 139
Netizens concerned over Bihar's encephalitis outbreak. Jun 12, 2019 333
What is encephalitis, how did 53 children die in India? Jun 12, 2019 2882
Encephalitis: Indian parents in UAE take precautions while travelling with children. Jun 12, 2019 858
Muzaffarpur: 14 children die of Encephalitis, over a dozen admitted in hospitals. Jun 8, 2019 204
Immunopathology of Fatal Human Variegated Squirrel Bornavirus 1 Encephalitis, Germany, 2011-2013. Tappe, Dennis; Schmidt-Chanasit, Jonas; Rauch, Jessica; Allartz, Petra; Herden, Christiane Jun 1, 2019 5160
Patterns of Abundance, Host Use, and Everglades Virus Infection in Culex (Melanoconion) cedecei Mosquitoes, Florida, USA. Hoyer, Isaiah J.; Acevedo, Carolina; Wiggins, Keenan; Alto, Barry W.; Burkett-Cadena, Nathan D. Jun 1, 2019 6307
Scrub Typhus Complicated by ARDS, Myocarditis, and Encephalitis Imported to Oman from Nepal. Mahdi, Asmaa Sabr; Khalili, Sulien Mubarak Al-; Chung, Chao Chien; Molai, Mariya; Ibrahim, Hashim; E Report May 1, 2019 1494
Management of Central Nervous System Infections, Vientiane, Laos, 2003-2011. Dubot-Peres, Audrey; Mayxay, Mayfong; Phetsouvanh, Rattanaphone; Lee, Sue J.; Rattanavong, Sayaphet; Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2019 10629
Nipah Virus [ne'-pe vi'-res]. Henry, Ronnie Report May 1, 2019 321
Transient Dyschromatopsia, Static Form Agnosia, and Prosopagnosia Observed in a Patient with Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis. Hashimoto, Ritsuo; Tagawa, Asako; Komori, Noriyo; Ogawa, Tomoko; Kato, Hiroyuki Apr 30, 2019 3322
HSV-Encephalitis Reactivation after Cervical Spine Surgery. Heller, Joshua E.; Stricsek, Geoffrey; Thaete, Lauren Apr 30, 2019 2632
Israeli Flight Attendant In A 'Deep Coma' After Contracting Measles. Apr 18, 2019 221
CLINICOETIOLOGICAL PROFILE OF FIRST EPISODE SEIZURE IN CHILDREN 1 MONTH TO 12 YEARS. Sivalingam, Brinda; Srinivasan, Rajasekar; Thilak, Thivia Report Apr 15, 2019 3103
Combination of Clindamycin and Azithromycin as Alternative Treatment for Toxoplasma gondii Encephalitis. Shiojiri, Daisuke; Kinai, Ei; Teruya, Katsuji; Kikuchi, Yoshimi; Oka, Shinichi Apr 1, 2019 1473
CMV Encephalitis/Radiculitis: The Difficulty in Diagnosing in an Intubated Patient. Newcomb, Geoffrey; Mariuz, Peter; Lachant, Daniel Mar 31, 2019 2635
Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Encephalitis as Paraneoplastic Manifestation of Germ-Cells Tumours: A Cases Report and Literature Review. Rita, Claudia Geraldine; Ganan, Israel Nieto; Escrig, Adriano Jimenez; Sayalero, Angela Carrasco Mar 31, 2019 3519
DOH prepares immunization vs encephalitis. Mar 19, 2019 232
Asiri delta brush aktvitesi ant-NMDA (N-metl-D-aspartat) ensefalitnde erken tani ve prognoz icin bir belirtec olabilir mi?: Extreme delta brush activity: Could it be a marker for early diagnosis and prognosis of anti- NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) encephalitis? Tekin, Hande Gazeteci; Gokben, Sarenur; Serdaroglu, Gul Case study Mar 1, 2019 1382
A Challenge between Central Nervous System Infection and Lead Toxicity: Opioid Case Reports from Iran. Shabani, Minoosh; Nasiri, Maryam; Aminzadeh, Zohreh; Hassanian-Moghaddam, Hossein Report Mar 1, 2019 2355
Autoimmune Manifestations in Heterozygote Type I Complement 2 Deficiency: A Child Eventually Diagnosed With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Ekinci, Rabia Miray Kisla; Balci, Sibel; Bisgin, Atil; Atmis, Bahriye; Dogruel, Dilek; Yilmaz, Musta Mar 1, 2019 1804
I was ill, not falling apart; encephalitis victim speaks out Nadine says docs missed serious condition. Feb 25, 2019 261
They tried to section me but I had brain bug; ENCEPHALITIS SUFFERER TELLS OF DELUSIONS IN 'HORRIBLE' EXPERIENCE. Feb 23, 2019 533
Woman has memory wiped by rare brain infection and now needs reminders to eat; Clair Bennett, 29, of Swanley, Kent, now keeps a planner which lists every task she has to complete on a day. Feb 21, 2019 1420
West Nile Virus Infection in Travelers Returning to United Kingdom from South Africa. Parkash, Vivak; Woods, Kate; Kafetzopoulou, Liana; Osborne, Jane; Aarons, Emma; Cartwright, Katharin Feb 1, 2019 1828
Enterovirus A71 Infection and Neurologic Disease, Madrid, Spain, 2016. Taravilla, Carmen Nino; Perez-Sebastian, Isabel; Salido, Alberto Garcia; Serrano, Claudia Varela; Ex Jan 1, 2019 5716
Herpes simplex encephalitis and pseudotumour cerebri due to isotretinoin. Dec 31, 2018 1310
Autoimmune Epilepsy and/or Limbic Encephalitis Can Lead to Changes in Sleep Spindles. Serdaroglu, Esra; Tezer, F. Irsel; Saygi, Serap Report Dec 1, 2018 3866
A Case of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome Confused With Encephalitis/ Ensefalitle Karisan Bir Posterior Reversibl Ensefalopati Sendromu Olgusu. Aksoz, Selcuk; Kaya, Safak; Comoglu, Senol; Baykan, Ali Haydar Report Dec 1, 2018 952
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis: It's Mitochondria, Not Hypochondria. Myhill, Sarah Excerpt Nov 1, 2018 3557
West Nile Virus and Other Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases --United States, 2017. Curren, Emily J.; Lehman, Jennifer; Kolsin, Jonathan; Walker, William L.; Martin, Stacey W.; Staples Oct 19, 2018 3121
Boy Diagnosed With Dangerous Mosquito-Borne Virus. Oct 9, 2018 805
Spatially Associated Coincident and Noncoincident Cases of La Crosse Encephalitis--North Carolina, 2002-2017. Byrd, Brian D.; Williams, Carl J.; Staples, J. Erin; Burkhalter, Kristen L.; Savage, Harry M.; Doyle Oct 5, 2018 1379
Human Pegivirus in Patients with Encephalitis of Unclear Etiology, Poland. Bukowska-Osko, Iwona; Perlejewski, Karol; Pawelczyk, Agnieszka; Rydzanicz, Malgorzata; Pollak, Agnie Oct 1, 2018 6411
Acute Encephalitis with Atypical Presentation of Rubella in Family Cluster, India. Bharadwaj, Sumit D.; Sahay, Rima R.; Yadav, Pragya D.; Dhanawade, Sara; Basu, Atanu; Meena, Virendra Oct 1, 2018 2294
Revisiting Influenza Vaccination Exemption. Ryan, Margaret; Duran, Laurie; Lee, Rachel; Wu, Sengkham Report Oct 1, 2018 1100
Enterovirus A71 Neurologic Disease in Children --Colorado, 2018. Messacar, Kevin; Burakoff, Alexis; Nix, W. Allan; Rogers, Shannon; Oberste, M. Steven; Gerber, Susan Sep 14, 2018 1105
UP govt to establish two research centers in BRD Medical College. Sep 2, 2018 229
Association of Batai Virus Infection and Encephalitis in Harbor Seals, Germany, 2016. Jo, Wendy K.; Pfankuche, Vanessa M.; Lehmbecker, Annika; Martina, Byron; Rubio- Garcia, Ana; Becker, Sep 1, 2018 2687
Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Encephalitis in Children: A Case Report/Cocuklarda Anti-N-metil-D-aspartat Reseptor Ensefaliti: Bir Olgu Sunumu. Rhouda, Hajar; Abboudi, Khadija; Kriouile, Yamna Sep 1, 2018 1051
HIV/AIDS Hastalarinda Toxoplasma gondu IgG Seroprevalansi/Toxoplasma gondu IgG Seroprevalence in Patients with HIV/AIDS. Senoglu, Sevtap; Yesilbag, Zuhal; Aydin, Ozlem Altuntas; Karaosmanoglu, Hayat Kumbasar; Yasar, Kadri Report Sep 1, 2018 3329
Emotion identification, discrimination and expression in encephalitis survivor children. Kumari, Nisha Sep 1, 2018 4397
Hypoglycemic Toxins and Enteroviruses as Causes of Outbreaks of Acute Encephalitis-Like Syndrome in Children, Bac Giang Province, Northern Vietnam. Phan, Nga Thi; Gouilh, Meriadeg Ar; Paireau, Juliette; Do, Loan Phuong; Cheval, Justine; Ngu, Nghia Aug 1, 2018 5392
Isolation of Complete Equine Encephalitis Virus Genome from Human Swab Specimen, Peru. Juarez, Diana; Guevara, Carolina; Wiley, Michael; Torre, Armando; Palacios, Gustavo; Halsey, Eric S. Report Aug 1, 2018 1446
Encephalitis Following Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus/ Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus Sonrasinda Gelisen Ensefalit Olgusu. Buyukdemirci, Ayse; Yuksekkaya, Esra; Cesur, Salih; Kaya-Kilic, Esra; Ataman-Hatipoglu, Cigdem; Kini Report Aug 1, 2018 1996
Gorakhpur hospital gets additional equipment for Encephalitis treatment. Jul 16, 2018 255
Occupation-Associated Fatal Limbic Encephalitis Caused by Variegated Squirrel Bornavirus 1, Germany, 2013. Tappe, Dennis; Schlottau, Kore; Cadar, Daniel; Hoffmann, Bernd; Balke, Lorenz; Bewig, Burkhard; Hoff Jun 1, 2018 6168
Kluver-Bucy Syndrome Following Herpes Simplex Encephalitis/Herpes Simpleks Ensefaliti Sonrasi Gelisen Kluver-Bucy Sendromu Olgusu. Mulhan, Kasim; Senadim, Songul; Soylemez, Elif; Tekin, Betul; Atakli, H. Dilek Case study Jun 1, 2018 1812
Coexistence of Atypical Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Varicella-Zoster Virus Encephalitis/Atipik Ramsay Hunt Sendromu ve Varisella-Zoster Virus Ensefaliti Birlikteligi. Kocer, Bilge; Eren, Ayse Seda; Comoglu, Selim Selcuk Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2018 1039
Acute Ophthalmoplegia; Same Disease, Different Variants: Anti GQ1b Antibody Syndrome. Ayca, Senem; Ergani, Anna Carina; Polat, Muzaffer Clinical report Jun 1, 2018 1191
Fears of new deadly global epidemic after at least 13 die from rare brain virus in India; Scientists have yet to determine why the Nipah virus is spreading - and emergency measures have been put in place to try and contain it. May 28, 2018 448
What is the Nipah Virus? May 21, 2018 159
Stanford University to partner with UP to combat chronic diseases. May 10, 2018 231
History of Mosquitoborne Diseases in the United States and Implications for New Pathogens. Moreno-Madrinan, Max J.; Turell, Michael May 1, 2018 4437
Human Usutu Virus Infection with Atypical Neurologic Presentation, Montpellier, France, 2016. Simonin, Yannick; Sillam, Olivier; Carles, Marie J.; Gutierrez, Serafin; Gil, Patricia; Constant, Or Report May 1, 2018 2419
Cerebrospinal Fluid Immunoglobulins as Potential Biomarkers of Chikungunya Encephalitis. Puccioni-Sohler, Marzia; Farias, Luiz Claudio; Cabral-Castro, Mauro Jorge; Zalis, Mariano G.; Kalil, May 1, 2018 1533
Rally to spread encephalitis awareness. Apr 18, 2018 186
Adityanath initiates programme to combat encephalitis in UP. Apr 3, 2018 206
'Should I eat it?': Tragic last words of teen rugby player before he swallowed slug and became quadriplegic; Sam, from Sydney, quickly fell ill after he accepted the silly challenge and spent 420 days in a coma after he developed eosinophilic meningo-encephalitis. Apr 2, 2018 446
Ebstein Barr Virus Ensefalitiyle Prezente Bir Status Epileptikus Olgusu/Presence of Status Epilepticus with Ebstein Barr Virus Encephalitis. Deniz, Cigdem; Asil, Talip; Bolukcu, Sibel; Zengin, S. Ulgen Clinical report Apr 1, 2018 1824
Bavarian Nordic in encephalitis vaccine collaboration with the US Department of Defense. Mar 20, 2018 177
Bavarian Nordic in encephalitis vaccine collaboration with the US Department of Defense. Mar 20, 2018 181
Bavarian Nordic signs new partnership with US DoD for equine encephalitis virus vaccine. Mar 19, 2018 268
Bavarian Nordic signs new partnership with US DoD for equine encephalitis virus vaccine. Mar 19, 2018 264
Friendship and support are what matters most; Finding the right words when someone has a serious illness can prove very difficult. Here Alison Murdoch, whose husband fell into a coma with encephalitis, gives her advice on ways to show your support. Mar 14, 2018 1040
Friendship and support are what matters most; Finding the right words when someone has a serious illness can prove very difficult. Here Alison Murdoch, whose husband fell into a coma with encephalitis, gives her advice on ways to show your support. Mar 12, 2018 1043
Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndromes: Rare But More Common Than Expected Nine Cases with a Literature Review/Paraneoplastik Norolojik Sendromlar: Nadir Ancak Beklenenden Daha Sik Dokuz Olgu ile Literatur Derlemesi. Erkoyun, Hulya Ulugut; Gundogan, Sevgin; Secil, Yaprak; Beckmann, Yesim; Incesu, Tulay Kurt; Ture, H Report Mar 1, 2018 3958
Mild encephalitis/encephalopathy with a reversible splenial lesion in children. Yildiz, Adalet Elcin; Genc, Hulya Maras; Gurkas, Esra; Unlu, Havva Akmaz; Oncel, Ibrahim Halil; Guve Report Mar 1, 2018 3254
WHAT IS ENCEPHALITIS? Feb 23, 2018 130
We have had numerous scares but he's a fighter; FOUR-YEAR-OLD'S BATTLE WITH BRAIN CONDITION. Feb 23, 2018 571
Utility and Safety of Intrathecal Methotrexate Treatment in Severe Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Encephalitis: A Pilot Study. Yang, Xun-Zhe; Zhu, Hua-Dong; Ren, Hai-Tao; Zhu, Yi-Cheng; Peng, Bin; Cui, Li-Ying; Guan, Hong-Zhi Report Feb 1, 2018 2878
West Nile Virus and Other Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases--United States, 2016. Burakoff, Alexis; Lehman, Jennifer; Fischer, Marc; Staples, J. Erin; Lindsey, Nicole P. Jan 12, 2018 3346
HSV encephalitis. An update/HSV ensefaliti: Bir guncelleme. Report Jan 1, 2018 3174
A Multiagent Alphavirus DNA Vaccine Delivered by Intramuscular Electroporation Elicits Robust and Durable Virus-Specific Immune Responses in Mice and Rabbits and Completely Protects Mice against Lethal Venezuelan, Western, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Aerosol Challenges. Dupuy, Lesley C.; Richards, Michelle J.; Livingston, Brian D.; Hannaman, Drew; Schmaljohn, Connie S. Jan 1, 2018 12248
West Nile Encephalitis, an Unusual Infection in a Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patient. Espinoza-Gutarra, Manuel R.; Cervantez, Sherri L.; Nooruddin, Zohra Jan 1, 2018 2297
Amebic Encephalitis in a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia on Ibrutinib Therapy. Voshtina, Ensi; Huang, Huiya; Raj, Renju; Atallah, Ehab Jan 1, 2018 3371
An Evaluation of Rapidly Progressive Dementia Culminating in a Diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Parmar, Parmvir; Cooper, Curtis L.; Kobewka, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2018 2930
The First Case Report of West Nile Virus-Induced Acute Flaccid Quadriplegia in Canada. Al-Fifi, Yahya Salim Yahya; Kadkhoda, Kamran; Drebot, Mike; Wudel, Beverly; Bow, E.J. Report Jan 1, 2018 2786
A Case Report on Chikungunya Virus-Associated Encephalomyelitis. Khatri, Harsh; Shah, Heli; Roy, Dhara; Tripathi, Kaushalendra Mani Jan 1, 2018 1771
Toxoplasma Encephalitis following Tandem Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Kollu, Vidya; Magalhaes-Silverman, Margarida; Tricot, Guido; Ince, Dilek Jan 1, 2018 2147
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A Case of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Encephalitis from a Medicolegal Point of View. Mancuso, Alessandro Feola Anna; Arcangeli, Mauro Jan 1, 2018 1711
When a Seemingly Harmless Prescription Turns into Toxicity. Azmaiparashvili, Zurab; Lo, Kevin Bryan; Habib, Nawal; Hsieh, Annie Jan 1, 2018 1725
Nivolumab-Induced Encephalitis in Hereditary Leiomyomatosis and Renal Cell Cancer Syndrome. Chaucer, Benjamin; Stone, Abriella; Demanes, Augustus; Seibert, Shawn M. Jan 1, 2018 1500
Perfusion Imaging in Autoimmune Encephalitis. Vallabhaneni, Deepak; Naveed, Muhammad Atif; Mangla, Rajiv; Zidan, Awss; Mehta, Rashi I. Jan 1, 2018 1515
Gastaut-Geschwind Syndrome, Faciobrachial Dystonie Seizure, and Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis. Benhamou, Ori-Michael J.; Tavakkoli, Mohammad; Okan, Hande; Nobler, Mitchell Jan 1, 2018 1748
Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis Associated with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Akin, Onur; Ugurlu, Aylin Kilinc; Akbas, Emine Demet; Doger, Esra; Akbas, Yilmaz; Bideci, Aysun; Yuc Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2017 970
A rare case of neuro-Behcet's disease presenting with limbic encephalitis. Kotan, Dilcan; Sag, Sinem; Gungen, Belma Dogan; Polat, Pinar Case study Dec 1, 2017 1772
A Case of Primary Sjogren's Syndrome Presenting as Mass-Like Encephalitis, With Progression to Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder. Lee, Hyun-Jung; Hae Chang, Sung; Ha Kang, Eun; Jong Lee, Yun; Wook Song, Yeong; Ha, You-Jung Dec 1, 2017 1836
A Case of Primary Sjogren's Syndrome Presenting as Mass-Like Encephalitis, With Progression to Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder. Lee, Hyun-Jung; Chang, Sung Hae; Kang, Eun Ha; Lee, Yun Jong; Song, Yeong Wook; Ha, You-Jung Dec 1, 2017 2101
Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate-Receptor Encephalitis in Young Females/Genc Kadinlarda Anti N-Metil-D-Aspartat-Reseptor Ensefalit. Kumari, Kamlesh; Sahni, Neeru; Kumari, Vimla; Saini, Vikas Dec 1, 2017 1824
Paraneoplastic Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid Receptor Encephalitis. Niu, Chi; Guo, Wei Letter to the editor Nov 20, 2017 823
West Nile Virus in a Pregnant Woman with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Boggs, Karli; McLaughlin, Louise; Moore, Ferney; Montz, Andrew Report Nov 1, 2017 2182
Indice de sospecha: manifestaciones psiquiatricas de la encefalitis por anticuerpos anti-NMDAR en pacientes pediatricos. Gomez Castro, Juan Fernando; Salazar, Omar; Conde, Zenayda Oct 1, 2017 3334
Diagnosis of Fatal Human Case of St. Louis Encephalitis Virus Infection by Metagenomic Sequencing, California, 2016. Chiu, Charles Y.; Coffey, Lark L.; Murkey, Jamie; Symmes, Kelly; Sample, Hannah A.; Wilson, Michael Clinical report Oct 1, 2017 2963
Unrecognized Subclinical Infection with Tickborne Encephalitis Virus, Japan. Yoshii, Kentaro; Kojima, Reiji; Nishiura, Hiroshi Oct 1, 2017 1347
Indian doctor arrested after scores of child deaths at state hospital. Sep 2, 2017 266
Review of Viral Encephalitis Cases Seen at a Tertiary Care Center in Turkey: Focus on Herpes Simplex Type I. Kavaklioglu, Beyza Ciftci; Coban, Eda; Sen, Aysu; Soylemezoglu, Elif; Aldan, Mehmet Ali; Atakli, Dil Report Sep 1, 2017 4907
Group A rotavirus associated with encephalitis in red fox. Busi, Chiara; Martella, Vito; Papetti, Alice; Sabelli, Cristiano; Lelli, Davide; Alborali, G. Loris; Sep 1, 2017 2681
Indication of cross-species transmission of astrovirus associated with encephalitis in sheep and cattle. Boujon, Celine L.; Koch, Michel C.; Wuthrich, Daniel; Werder, Simea; Jakupovic, Dennis; Bruggmann, R Sep 1, 2017 1465
70 childern die in last 4 days at BRD hospital, 15 due to Encephalitis. Aug 31, 2017 397
Gorakhpur: 42 children die in last 48 hours at B.R.D. hospital, seven due to Encephalitis. Aug 30, 2017 295
296 children died at BRD medical college in north India in August. Aug 30, 2017 279
Seven children succumb to encephalitis in Gorakhpur's BRD Medical College. Aug 29, 2017 502
Interview With Naresh Agrawal. Aug 21, 2017 922
All about Encephalitis. Aug 14, 2017 422
Another child succumbs to encephalitis taking death toll to 72. Aug 14, 2017 690
Gorakhpur: Encephalitis snuffs out another life today, death toll crosses 70. Aug 13, 2017 376
Maintain hygiene to avoid acute encephalitis: Yogi Adityanath. Aug 12, 2017 389
UP: 30 children die due to encephalitis in last 48 hours at Gorakhpur hospital. Aug 11, 2017 129
Gorakhpur hospital deaths due to disruption in oxygen supply, govt. asks for report. Aug 11, 2017 180
Scrub typhus as a cause of acute encephalitis syndrome, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Mittal, Mahima; Thangaraj, Jeromie Wesley Vivian; Rose, Winsley; Verghese, Valsan Philip; Kumar, C.P Aug 1, 2017 1624

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