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Encentuate and Carefx Collaborate on Healthcare Solution to Provide Secure Access to Clinical Information; Enterprise Access Security and Context Management Enable Secure and Easy Access to ePHI.

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- Encentuate Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Access Security solutions, today announced a strategic marketing and technology integration partnership with Carefx Corp., the leading provider in healthcare clinical context management and Web integration software. The Encentuate TCI Solution for Healthcare combines sign-on and sign-off automation, authentication management and user-centric audit tracking and reporting while the Carefx Fusionfx Context Management suite provides consolidated access to information stored in disparate applications and databases. The companies' combined solution increases access security while making it easier and faster for clinicians to access vital patient information with a unified view of patient, encounter and event information from multiple applications.

As a result of the partnership, Carefx will create a link from the Encentuate TCI Solution for Healthcare into its Fusionfx suite, which implements the Health Level 7 (HL-7) Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) standards for interoperability. The CCOW standards allow clinicians to share information about patients at the point of care through a unified view of information stored in separate and disparate healthcare applications.

"The healthcare industry is accelerating its adoption of solutions that will increase fast access to electronic patient information in order to provide better quality patient care. At the same time, they are being required to secure and track access in order to meet compliance requirements," said Peng T. Ong, founder, chairman and CEO of Encentuate. "Through this partnership, Encentuate and Carefx are combining their expertise to optimize access to patient information. Encentuate provides fast access to ePHI through secure sign-on and sign-off automation and convenient authentication methods specifically tuned to support the range of workflows found in the complex hospital environment. Carefx provides the ability to unify disparate patient information and provide a single information view. The combination of our two offerings presents a compelling solution for hospitals as we eliminate technology barriers and provide fast and convenient information access for healthcare workers."

"Enterprise Access Security and Context Management are critical components to helping clinicians work more effectively in a hospital's complex work environment," said Andrew J. Hurd, Carefx Corp.'s chief executive officer. "Carefx and Encentuate offer best-of-breed solutions that when combined offer a complete solution that supports a myriad of applications, works with hospitals' existing infrastructures, and addresses a variety of industry concerns, such as cost, security and compliance. Together they deliver true integration and interoperability, synchronize user, patient and encounter information, enhance workflow and remove password vulnerabilities. The results are much more efficient, user-friendly and secure access to patient information."

Carefx Fusionfx suite, which includes Context Manager and Context Channel, acts as a conduit for passing user authentication from SSO products to CCOW-enabled applications. The suite coordinates many different healthcare applications on a single desktop, creating a user-driven, patient-centered information workspace. The flexible solution integrates with existing LDAP infrastructures without requiring a different directory and allows customers to choose the most appropriate technology for their environments by supporting a number of software and hardware platforms.

About Carefx Corp.

Carefx Corp. develops, markets and deploys products that enable the interoperability of disparate software applications, empowering healthcare providers with consolidated access to critical data that is required in delivering informed, quality care. Carefx enables healthcare organizations to leverage existing IT applications and infrastructure, which drives down costs, increases clinical productivity and improves patient care. For more information about Carefx visit

About Encentuate

Encentuate ( provides Enterprise Access Security solutions that help enterprises simplify, strengthen and track access to their digital assets and physical infrastructure. With Encentuate, companies can strengthen their digital security, enhance user productivity as they access information, and accomplish this without requiring extensive IT resources. Encentuate is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif. and has offices across North America, in the United Kingdom and Singapore. Encentuate's customers span a range of industries, including healthcare, biotechnology, government and financial services. In 2005, Encentuate was recognized by SC Magazine as a finalist for "best access control" product and "best identity management solution."
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Date:Jul 6, 2005
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