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Enactive Social Knowledge Interview: Administration and Coding Manual.

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This manual describes the procedures for administering and coding the enactive social knowledge interview for preschool children. This interview is comprised of two segments, an enactive procedure and a reflective procedure using line drawings. The purpose of this interview is to assess preschooler's responses to hypothetical social situations. During the enactive segment, using puppets, the interviewer and the subject enact six stories, each of which represents distinct social dilemmas that preschoolers may actually face. The spontaneous response through children generate in response to the enacted dilemma constitutes the child's strategy for each of the six stories. Following the completion of the six enactive social dilemmas, the interviewer and child complete the second portion of the interview by viewing line drawings of the same six social dilemmas.

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Author:Darrell, Meece W.; Jacquelyn, Mize
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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