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Enabling Big Data analytics by replicating Oracle Data to Greenplum.


To enhance your organizational competitiveness and profitability, business users must derive new insights from their data. However, Big Data also means major technical obstacles:

Large volumes of heterogeneous information create technical limitations. Traditional approaches to data warehousing are faltering due to Big Data deluge. As IT professionals try to deliver information to business users in a timely way, they report challenges related to database and system performance, the lack of data standards, data mapping, managing and delivering unstructured data, and more.

Traditional approaches to data integration don't work well. When data integration requires only simple transformations, ETL tools can be overly complicated as well as ineffective at delivering data updates as rapidly as business users require. Alternatively, if data transformations are needed, it is often more efficient to perform that work in powerful databases like EMC Greenplum, rather than in an ETL tool.


EMC Greenplum and Attunity Replicate for Greenplum offer a powerful operational data warehousing solution for organizations faced with Big Data challenges. As the industry-leading platform for in-database analytics, EMC Greenplum enables enterprises to manage, store, and analyze terabytes to petabytes of data. But storage and management are only one part of the Big Data picture. IT teams also need a fast and easy way to load diverse data sources into EMC Greenplum.

Attunity Replicate for Greenplum's change data capture (CDC) technology streams changes from source databases like Oracle to EMC Greenplum with very low impact on the source system. Users gain the following benefits:

* High-performance loads and continuous data capture.

* The intuitive Click-2-Replicate graphical user interface for designing and monitoring replication tasks.

* Support for a wide range of data sources, including mainstream relational databases, like Oracle and SQL Server, and legacy systems.

* Automatic schema generation and implementation of metadata changes on the target.

* Transparent data type transformations between source and target databases.

Attunity Replicate leverages Greenplum's Scatter/Gather StreamingTM technology to remove data loading bottlenecks related to large-scale analytics and data warehousing. Attunity Replicate for Greenplum provides full automation for four tasks: (1) schema generation and data type mapping, (2) full load of source tables from databases like Oracle using high-speed data extraction and loading, (3) incremental load of changes made to source tables, and (4) application of schema changes (DDL) made to the source tables.


Attunity Replicate for Greenplum solves Big Data Challenges for Oracle users:

* Efficient data integration for Big Data analytics. Through change data Through change data capture (CDC), Attunity Replicate for Greenplum changes the processing paradigm and only works with information that has changed in the database. This improves data integration efficiency and increases the power of Big Data analytics.

* Low latency data offloading. Data warehouses built for high-performance analytics can quickly become overwhelmed with Big Data. Attunity Replicate for Greenplum can be used to offload older data from Oracle to EMC Greenplum operational data stores. With CDC, changes are replicated with low latency.

* Minimal impact on source performance. Attunity's zero footprint technology doesn't require any software installation on the source. As a result, the performance impact on sources like Oracle and others is minimal.

* No specialized skills or knowledge necessary. Attunity's user-friendly Click-2-Replicate user interface doesn't require coding, specialized Oracle DBA skills, or in-depth knowledge of the Oracle database structure.


Would you like to learn more about getting the most value from your Big Data? Download "Attunity Replicate for EMC Greenplum: Enabling Big Data Analytics with High Performance Data Replication," a technical white paper. Download today at


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