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Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber products.

Synthetic rubber production is executed by two main technologies, including emulsion and solution polymerization. Synthos offers two groups of emulsion rubber, including emulsion styrene-butadiene rubbers (ESBR), high styrene rubbers (HSR) and one solution rubber, butadiene rubber (NdBR).

Styrene-butadiene rubbers are sold under the Kralex and KER product names. Kralex rubber is produced in the Czech Republic, and KER is produced in Poland.

Styrene-butadiene rubbers are produced by a technology of cold emulsion copolymerization and coagulated by a system of acid and synthetic coagulant, and are stabilized by staining or non-staining antioxidants. Some grades are solid, and some are modified by extender oils, including treated distillate aromatic extract (TDAE) or residual aromatic extract (RAE).

Styrene-butadiene rubbers are suitable for rubber compounds used in the production of tires, conveyor belts, footwear, wire and cable, hose, and various other molded goods.

Non-staining grades of rubber, such as 1502 and 1507, are suitable for compounds used in the production of floor coverings, bicycle tires, footwear, children's toys, wire and cable, hose, and various light-colored molded rubber goods. High styrene rubbers (HSR) are sold under the KER product name, and are produced in Poland. This company promotes an HSR masterbatch containing a non-staining antioxidant, which is produced by mixing ESBR latex and high styrene resin in appropriate proportions.

Butadiene rubber (NdBR) is sold under the trade name Synteca. The manufacturer has participated in the development of an innovative solution polymerization process based on a neodymium catalyst. This product contains approximately 97%+ of eis structure content. It does not contain any plasticizer, and is stabilized with a non-staining antioxidant. Butadiene rubber is used for the production of rubber compounds for car tires and various other rubber technical products. (Harwick Standard Distribution)

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Date:Aug 1, 2017
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