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Targeted to corporate counsel, senior HR professionals and employment law attorneys, "Defending and Preventing Employment Litigation" offers information and guidance on avoiding employee lawsuits, manage outside counsel, contain litigation costs and optimize litigation results. Produced by Aspen Publishers (New York), the loose-leaf volume includes citations to relevant cases, laws, regulations, guidelines and standards and covers such topics as developing internal procedures to help reduce the number of employment lawsuits and determine when to retain outside counsel for a specific employment dispute. It also includes a companion CD the carries the full text of federal and state legislation and regulations. The new volume costs $229.

Blackwell Publishing's (Boston, MA) "Employment Law and Occupational Health: A Practical Handbook" is designed to be a practical guide to best practice for all occupational health practitioners. To be released in October, it examines such occupational health issues as pre-employment, health surveillance, occupational health services and termination of employment, as well as ethical and confidentiality issues, discrimination, data protection, working abroad, pregnancy and maternity leave, workplace policies, drugs and alcohol testing, stress, counseling, and professional conduct rules. It costs $55.
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