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Employment information from the States.

You might want to work in the State where you now live. Maybe you're hoping to relocate instead. As long as you're considering the U.S. job market, you'll want to know what's going on in the State in which you'll seek work.

Even though BLS provides employment projections for the Nation as a whole, projections at the State level can help jobseekers pinpoint what's happening where they might choose to work. Every State creates employment projections, usually with the help of national estimates. Job growth varies from one region to another, depending on local factors and trends. Some States provide projections for smaller geographic areas, too.

State projections differ from national ones in another way. Although BLS projections are released on a regular biennial schedule, timetables for the States vary.

Details about State projections are available from the States' labor market information offices. You can find mailing addresses and telephone numbers for these offices in the blue pages of the telephone book. Links to projections are also available online at
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