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Employees feel empowered.

Solid expressions of a sense of empowerment were heard by respondents in a Gallup survey conducted last summer for the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC), Milwaukee. Respondents were employees in large and small organizations in the service and industrial sectors. From the total sample of 1,293 adults employed full-time, 693 were identified as team participants.

According to ASQC President Jack West, people who participate in teams and people who work in organizations where there is a quality program in place express stronger feelings of empowerment than those who don't participate. "In some cases the differences are small," West acknowledges, but he says they are "still significant." Survey results show team participants are more likely than nonparticipants to say that one individual can make a difference in their organization. Team participants are also more likely to say that they have been involved in decision making and that their organizations encourage ideas. The table below illustrates team participant responses to one of the survey questions:

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Title Annotation:American Society for Quality Control survey results
Publication:Association Management
Date:Jan 1, 1994
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