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Employees don't trust employers with mobile data, privacy.

Use of personal mobile devices for sharing information on company networks has become commonplace. Most employees, however, don't trust their employers to protect their personal information.

A recent study of about 3,000 employees in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany discovered that only 30% trust their employers to keep personal information private and not use it against them. Those in the UK were most trusting, with 34% saying they completely trust their employer, compared to 31% in the United States and 24% in Germany.

The survey further revealed confusion among the respondents as to what constitutes private information. Nearly 41% felt certain their employer could not see any private information on their mobile device. Only 28% thought the company could see their work e-mail and attachments.

"The reality is that if these devices are used to get corporate email, employers can see work email and attachments on a mobile device as easily as they can on a PC. That's a gulf between expectations and reality," said Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at security firm MobileIron, which sponsored the research.

"It's a new set of technologies, so there's immediately some level of confusion," Rege told The Telegraph. "Another thing is that IT departments are traditionally not very good at communicating; it's not their core competence."

He said the level of distrust among employees is due largely to a lack of transparency within organizations and the absence of clear policies around bringing mobile devices to work.

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