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Employee Health Benefit Plan Brokerage & Consulting Services.

Tenders are invited for Employee Health Benefit Plan Brokerage & Consulting Services.


The District is seeking a consultant to perform a full range of services as listed below to

design, implement and maintain a health benefits program for the District and its employees.

1. Review, analyze and respond to renewal plan documents to verify validity of data

used by providers and challenge renewal rates.

2. Provide comparison of trend rating to client rating. Provide primary source


3. Analyze factors driving plan costs(i.e. conduct monthly reviews of actual claims vs.

budget and provide results), and recommend opportunities to better manage costs, access and


4. Provide estimated cost savings potential with alternative plan designs and delivery

mechanisms. Develop alternative employee contribution strategies and formulas, as needed.

Communicate emerging practices and trends in benefit management.

5. Prepare plan design and pricing alternatives based on the District s demographic

information with the proposed budget.

6. Provide cost projections and funding analysis to include employer cost and employee

contributions. Benchmark medical plan costs and employee contributions on an annual or as

needed basis. Prepare rate sheets and reports on an as needed basis as requested.

7. Meet and assist staff on an as needed basis to discuss and identify provider issues.

Conduct annual review of business provisions in carrier contracts.

8. Assist with provider issues such as service, billing or other contract issues.

9. Plan and participate in monthly meetings of the Health Benefits Insurance Committee

by one or more consistent benefit consultants. Review, analyze, provide and present consistent

and verifiable monthly reports.

10. Provide a quarterly benefit bulletin to the District to distribute to benefit eligible


11. Advise the District of regulatory changes and administrative requirements of

compliance including but not limited to Medicare, HIPPA, COBRA and ACA

12. Assist the District in adherence to government mandated requirements.

Pre-proposal questions deadline 12:00 p.m. 06/23/14

Pre-proposal questions

responses posted

12:00 p.m. 06/30/14

Tender documents : T22587774.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jun 12, 2014
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