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Emord & associates honors leaders in nutrition, integrative medicine, medical science, and journalism.

On September 5 and 6, 2014, the constitutional and administrative law firm Emord & Associates held a spectacular celebration and awards program at the Hyatt Regency Resort on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and in honor of George Washington. The event was titled the "Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala" (see and was attended by over 300 people, inclusive of guests, speakers, and world-class entertainers. Jim Angle, Fox News chief national correspondent (keynote); Bay Buchanan, former treasurer of the United States and Fox News contributor; Kate Obenshain, former chair of the Virginia Republican Party and chief of staff to Senator George Allen; and Tammy Bruce, New York Times best-selling author and radio talk show host, each addressed the audience on September 5; and actor Dean Malissa (Acquarius [2000]; The Real George Washington [2008]; and LaFayette: The Lost Hero [2010]) gave a stirring speech as George Washington "condescended from Heaven."

From nominations received throughout 2013 and 2014, the Emord firm selected the following individuals to receive awards in the following categories:

Excellence in Nutrition Science Award: Dr. Sidney Stohs, Dr. Mary Enig, Dr. Melvyn Grovit, Dr. Adrianne Bendich, Dr. Charles B. Simone, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Robert I-San Lin, Dr. Harry G. Preuss, Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, Richard Elwood, Dr. Jeanne Drisko, Dr. Neal D. Barnard, Dr. Stanley Dudrick, Michael Stroka, and Sally Fallon MoreII

Excellence in Integrative Medicine Award: Dr. Martin P. Gallagher, Dr. Dennis J. Courtney, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, Dr. Julian M. Whitaker, Dr. Warren Levin, Dr. Charles B. Simone, Dr. Aruna Bakhru, Dr. Edmund Chein, Dr. Stanley Dudrick, Dr. Melvyn Grovit, Dr. Robert Verkerk, Dr. Harry G. Preuss, Dr. Alan R. Gaby, Dr. Gina Cushman, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Joya Schoen, Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Sidney Stohs, Dr. Neal D. Barnard, Dr. Jonathan Collin, Dr. John Abramson, Dr. Ronald D. Hoffman, Dr. Michael Schachter, Dr. Andrew Well, Dr. W. Lee Cowden, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Peter R. Holyk, Dr. Garry Gordon, Dr. Russell Jaffe, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Dr. Hyla Cass, Dr. Allan Magaziner, Dr. Bruce Shelton, Dr. Sara Gottfried, and Dr. Robban Sica

Excellence in Medical Research Award: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Dr. Charles B. Simone, Dr. Charles B. Simone II, Dr. Nicole Simone, Dr. Neal D. Barnard, Dr. Harry G. Preuss, Dr. Alan R. Gaby, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, Dr. Melvyn Grovit, Dr. Stanley Dudrick, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Bastyr University, and the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine

First Amendment Hall of Fame Award: Durk Pearson, Sandy Shaw, Dr. Julian M. Whitaker, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, Ray Hamel, Peter Hamel, Gretchen DuBeau, Dr. Alexander Schauss, and Dr. Richard Kleinberger

Free Speech Global Award: Dr. Robert Verkerk

Sacred Fire of Liberty Award: Donald E. Washkewicz, Paul F. Glenn, Hunter Lewis, NOW Foods, Berkley Bedell, William Faloon, Ben Suarez, Dr. Julian M. Whitaker, Julie Whitman Kline, Manoj Bhargava, and Dr. Joseph Mercola

Freedom of Informed Choice Award: Alliance for Natural Health USA, Alliance for Natural Health International, Life Extension Foundation, Institute for Responsible Technology, Bert Schwitters, Citizens Council for Health Freedom, Campaign for Liberty, Dr. John Abramson, Sheila Matthews-Gallo, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mary Jo Siegel, Richard DeSylva, Dr. Jane Orient, Donna Navarro, Barbara Loe Fisher, Twila Brase, and Doris Wood

Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award: Dr. Mark Whitacre, Brian W. Shilhavy, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Jerry Smith, Dr. Charles B. Simone, Dr. Patricia Bragg, Dr. Reginald McDaniel, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, Will Block, Dan Caudill, Dr. Luke Bucci, Corey Anderson, Janet Cherry, Frank Key, Scott Henderson, James Komorowski, Stan Soper, Durk Pearson, Sandy Shaw, Roland Jerch, Val Anderson, Scott Henderson, Christian Wilde, and Elwood Richard

Excellence in Health Journalism Award: James Gormley, William Skinner, Shane Starling, Robert Scott Bell, Dennis J. Courtney, John Rappoport, Bob Swientok, Frankie Boyer, Paul Rothfuss, Elaine Watson, Ron Waldman, Peter Starr, Vaishali, Dr. Ronald D. Hoffman, Deborah A. Ray, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, Dr. Jonathan Collin, Joe Cosgrove, Dennis McCuistian, William Faloon, Mike Adams, Dr. Julian M. Whitaker, and Dr. Neal D. Barnard

Voice of Liberty Award: Ted Anderson, Erskine, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, George Noory, Jeff Rense, John Stossel, Lars Larsen, Jerry Doyle, Robert Scott Bell, Deborah Ray, and Sean Hannity

Fount of Freedom Award: Paul Walter, Wayne Barrett, Peter Schweizer, Kim R. Holmes, Jay Sekulow, Robert OuIds, Ramona Morrison, Rae Capitka, Tim Delmastro, and Cheryl K. Chumley

The two-day gala was emceed by Hollywood actor and producer Terrence McNally and included musical entertainment from gospel music great Alma Randolph; world-renowned tenor Mark Harris; Fresh Air Music Entertainment's Motown revue; and George Mason University's fife and drum corps, string ensemble, and brass quintet.

Over the next several weeks, video footage from the gala will appear on the website and on YouTube.
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