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Emma's just magic; Ask the QA& be that the for me. TEAM I watch it if he was the boot.

QWOW! Hasn't Emma Watson grown up!

I was amazed to see photos of her at the premiere for the new Harry Potter film.

Gone is the gawky schoolgirl, replaced by a beautiful young woman.

Can you tell me what Emma plans next, now that the Potter movies are ending? LEN REYNOLDS, Stoke-on-Trent A You're right, Len. Little surprise, then, that Emma is doing modelling work as well as acting.

She's involved with People Tree, a Fairtrade fashion brand, and recently launched their Autumn/Winter range.

But her next big movie will be My Week With Marilyn, in which she plays alongside a top-notch cast.

My Week with Marilyn is based on Colin Clark's The Prince, The Showgirl and Me and My Week with Marilyn - two diary accounts which explore his time on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl and the time he spent with Marilyn Monroe.

Emma plays Lucy, a wardrobe girl who works with Marilyn.

Others in the movie are Michelle Williams (Monroe), Kenneth Branagh (Sir Laurence Olivier), Eddie Redmayne (Clark), Dougray Scott (Arthur Miller), Dame Judi Dench (Sybil Thorndike) and Derek Jacobi (Owen Morshead). KILLED: HELEN FLYNN (Lisa Faulkner, 2002) Junior Case Officer, Section D. Head held in boiling fat and shot by a terrorist.

DANNY HUNTER (David Oyelowo, 2002-2004) Junior Case Officer, Section D. Executed during a terrorist hostage situation.

FIONA CARTER (Olga Sosnovska; 2004-2005) Seconded MI6 Officer. Shot by ex-husband and died in husband Adam's arms.

COLIN WELLS (Rory MacGregor, 2002-2006) Technician and Data Analyst. Hanged by SIS during their attempted coup d'tat.

ZAFAR YOUNIS (Raza Jaffrey, 2004-2007) Junior Case Officer, Section D. Killed after being kidnapped and tortured.

KILLED OFF: Adam Carter ADAM CARTER (Rupert Penry-Jones, 2004-2008) Chief of Section & Senior Case Officer, Section D. Killed by a car bomb.

BEN KAPLAN (Alex Lanipekun, 2007-2008) Junior Case Officer, Section D. Throat cut by FSB mole Connie James.

CONNIE JAMES (Gemma Jones, 2007-2008) Senior Analyst, Section D. Arrested as an FSB mole. Killed while defusing a nuclear bomb.

JO PORTMAN (Miranda Raison, 2005-2009) Junior Case Officer, Section D. Shot by Ros Myers during a terrorist hostage situation.

ROS MYERS (Hermione Norris, 2006-2007, 2008-2009) Chief of Section & Senior Case Officer, Section D. Blown up by a hotel bomb.

LUCAS NORTH (Richard Armitage, 2008-2010) Chief of Section & Senior Case Officer, Section D. Jumped to his death off roof.

SACKED: TESSA PHILLIPS (Jenny Agutter, 2002-2003) Senior Case Officer, Section K. Left the Grid after being discovered by Harry running "ghost" agents.

TOM QUINN (Matthew Macfadyen, 2002-2004) Chief of Section & Senior Case Officer, Section D. Decommissioned after jeopardising a key mission.

ZOE REYNOLDS (Keeley Hawes, 2002-2004) Junior Case Officer, Section D. Hidden in Chile after caught making a mistake on an undercover mission.

MISSING: JED KELLEY (Graeme Mearns, 2002) Administrative Officer. Never seen to leave, but may have moved to a different department.

SAM BUXTON (Shauna Macdonald, 2003-2005) Administrative Officer. Reassigned to GCHQ following a poor reaction to Danny's demise.

QUIT: MALCOLM WYNN-JONES (Hugh Simon, 2002-2009) Technician and Data Analyst, Section D. Retired but made surprise comeback last month.

WHO'LL BE NEXT? SIR HARRY PEARCE (Peter Firth, 2002-present) Head of Section D. Under investigation and told career is over.
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