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Emirates Metrology Institute to add 'leap second' to UAE Standard Time.

The Emirates Metrology Institute (EMI) has announced that a leap second will be added to UAE standard time just before 4am on July 1 when clocks will read 03.59.60.

The move is to conform with other timing centres around the world and adjust for the slight differences in time between highly accurate atomic clocks and the rotation of the earth.

Leap seconds are added to clocks worldwide to compensate for the slowing of the planet's rotation, affected due to friction caused by ocean tides.

At 23.59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on June 30, the earth will experience a minute that will last 61 seconds -- the extra second is called the leap second.

That is the moment timekeepers adjust high-precision clocks to ensure they are in sync with earth's rotation.The extra second does not affect the public and does not involve time changes to any non-atomic timepieces.

Dr Helal Al Kaabi, executive director of EMI explained: "Our latest move to add a leap second to the UAE standard time follows a decision by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service in January 2015 to add a leap second to Coordinated Universal Time at the end of June this year".

Since the procedure was introduced on January 1, 1972, 25 leap seconds have been needed. The leap second at the end of June 2015 will be the 26th.

More than 400 atomic clocks in 70 institutes form the international time scale, called Coordinated Universal Time or UTC.

The Emirates Metrology Institute's role is to maintain National reference standards, necessary to assure traceability of measurements, to international standards and the International System of Units.

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Date:Jun 29, 2015
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