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Emirates Kart Zone.

First of all, go karting, in the summer, outdoors, are you crazy?

To be honest when I booked the session - at 1pm at the end of June - I had stupidly forgotten quite how hot it would be, spending most days in an air conditioned office! And when we arrived and had to change into helmets and all-in-one suits over the top of our clothes, I was certainly kicking myself.

How did you survive?

I actually contemplated moving the session to later in the day but with three male friends in tow who were desperate to race each other, that was out of the question.

As it happened, wearing the suits kept the sun off our skin and we found, made the activity cooler. Also, once you start driving you forget about the heat and the wind whipped up from whizzing around the track means you have a nice breeze anyway.

So, could you go fast?

As a bit of a speed demon I thought I'd relish the chance to drive fast legally but as it happened I wasn't brave enough to put my foot fully down on the accelerator as the karts are really nippy and you have to really trust your skills to utilise them to their full capacity. Even though I drove fast enough for the steering wheel to shake in my hands I was still out-lapped three times in 20 minutes by one of my friends!

What's the track like?

It's great - a decent size and with plenty of twists to test your driving skills and straight sections to allow you to pick up speed.

I've never heard of it, how long has the track been there?

Most people I tell say they weren't aware it was there and all the shop assistants and security guards in Festival City who I approached to ask how to get there didn't know it existed either!

Luckily the customer services girls were able to give me directions.

If you're in the mall, head to Sun and Sand Sports and it's through the doors on the right of the shop behind Toys R Us - next to the skate park (yes, there's a skate park there as well!).

The track has been there for a year and I'm really glad I found it as, living on the Mirdif side of town, it's great to have this facility so close to home as most other attractions are miles away.

Would you do it again?

Definitely. We emerged from our suits feeling like we'd done a session in the gym- so even though we were having fun it was a good workout. The instructors told us that in the evenings the track is filled with youngsters racing, but when we were there we had the whole track to ourselves. What's a little sweat compared to being bumped off the track by a bunch of brats? I know which time of the day I'd choose to go again!

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jul 29, 2010
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