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Border wall plans spur effort to help Texas landowners with eminent domain. Apr 19, 2017 534
Pipelines, eminent domain, and damages to the remainder: a Texas lawsuit trilogy. Lipscomb, Joseph B.; Kimball, J.R. Jan 1, 2017 7506
Appraisal that adhered to standard methods of appraisal prevailed over a weighted-average approach. Jan 1, 2017 580
The Only National Conference on Eminent Domain Returns for its 34th Year. Conference news Nov 14, 2016 676
Eminent Domain Counsel. Oct 19, 2016 191
Mark Bentley Joins Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns. Oct 17, 2016 319
Italy : PA. Court ruling lilkely to boost energy law business. Oct 5, 2016 334
Consultant To Perform A Blight Study. Sep 12, 2016 130
What's wrong with the redistribution of wealth? Scaliger, Charles Sep 5, 2016 920
Ukraine : The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Fund isn't just compensation of the primary loan, but also providing technical solutions. Aug 11, 2016 233
Rural Texas County Tries to Derail High-Speed Train. Aug 9, 2016 707
Freedom of information: free legal research sites can lead appraisers to valuable information--and Area 51. Christensen, Peter T. Jun 22, 2016 840
Premium pricing: the value of transit premium is key when assessing project benefits in eminent domain actions. Kuhn, Bradford B. Jun 22, 2016 1579
Introducing the moral foundations of capitalism in undergraduate business law and ethics courses using Kelo v. City of New London. Dove, Laura Rae Jun 22, 2016 3314
Taking a closer look at just compensation: state regulation of groundwater withdrawals as an appropriate use of their police powers. Seaton, Kathryn Jun 19, 2016 8675
Lawmaker Revives Eminent Domain Question for Dallas-Houston Bullet Train Project. Jun 17, 2016 609
Carlos Kelly Appointed to Tenth Term on Florida Bar Eminent Domain Committee. May 25, 2016 346
City may use eminent domain laws [br][br]. May 15, 2016 615
Law Schools at UT-Austin and University of Houston Offer First Courses on Eminent Domain Law. May 10, 2016 596
Texas Lawmakers Mull Boosting Eminent Domain Protections. Mar 29, 2016 938
Property owner may be entitled to compensation for both the fair market value of the property and business losses in a taking. Case overview Mar 22, 2016 815
Appraisal of underground natural gas storage rights in depleted reservoirs. Shaner, Bernie Mar 22, 2016 4965
Complex real property negotiations and litigation support contract. Mar 16, 2016 242
Irate homeowner sues Virginia to keep road out. Mar 4, 2016 615
Profiles of victims: through no fault of their own, farmers, ranchers, and landholders are finding themselves jailed, fined, or otherwise penalized by government--with nothing they can do about it. Jasper, William F. Feb 22, 2016 4124
Disconnect for Ted Cruz Between Pipeline Stance and Attack on Trump. Jan 28, 2016 1381
Takings irony: less tax revenue. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Jan 18, 2016 184
$3,375,000 Recovered for Attorneys Fee in Condemnation Case. Dec 16, 2015 462
LADWP Eminent Domain and Real Estate Advice and Litigation Matters. Dec 15, 2015 138
ALI CLE to Present 33rd Annual Course on Current Developments in Eminent Domain Law. Dec 14, 2015 624
Liberty Institute: Houston Housing Authority Calls Off Eminent Domain Proceedings Against African-American Church. Nov 2, 2015 683
The village is considering using its power of eminent domain to eradicate the substandard housing existing at the vacant residence located at the subject area. the successful proposer must be able to. Nov 1, 2015 135
Firm of Land Use and Eminent Domain Attorneys Selected APA Annual Section Sponsor. Oct 22, 2015 389
United States : Christie Administration Files Eminent Domain Action Against Margate To Secure Easements Needed For Coastal Protection Project. Oct 9, 2015 927
Presettlement appraisal admissible in eminent domain proceeding as evidence of value. Sep 22, 2015 460
Parcel of land can be divided and valued as separate economic units in eminent domain proceeding. Sep 22, 2015 703
Future use of permanent easement is not relevant to determination of fair market value of easement. Sep 22, 2015 514
Judicial missteps, legislative dysfunction, and the public trust doctrine: can two wrongs make it right? Lazarus, Richard J. Sep 22, 2015 12089
Agency taking property for public use may rely on appraisal of fair market value to assess just compensation. Sep 22, 2015 458
Resources for real estate analysts and valuers: new Lum Library acquisitions and eminent domain resources. Swango, Dan L. Bibliography Sep 22, 2015 3961
Tampa Eminent Domain Lawyer Announces Updates to His Firm's Website. Aug 29, 2015 418
Tampa Eminent Domain Attorney Garners Multiple Recognitions for Excellence and Ethics. Aug 1, 2015 394
Just compensation does not include compensation for damages to business located on condemned property. Jun 22, 2015 633
Property's highest and best use can be use in connection with adjoining properties. Jun 22, 2015 486
Project influence doctrine applies where property has always been contemplated for condemnation. Jun 22, 2015 611
In eminent domain proceeding, exclusion of prenegotiation appraisal and examination of appraiser is reversible error. Jun 22, 2015 580
The Kelo case: taking liberty with the takings clause: ten years ago court justices deemed it OK to use eminent domain to take property from one American and give it to another if such a move would aid the city in almost any way. Kenny, Jack Jun 8, 2015 3251
Siblings battle eminent domain in Colo. May 22, 2015 1104
Fort Myers Attorney Carlos Kelly Appointed to Nineth Term on Florida Bar Eminent Domain Committee. May 2, 2015 350
Analysis: Lawmakers Contradict Themselves on Debt and Domain. Apr 10, 2015 906
Senate Bill Targeting Bullet Train Project Advances. Apr 8, 2015 1217
"Your raisins or your life": the harrowing of the takings clause in Horne v. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Lane, William K., III Mar 22, 2015 7628
What the public trust doctrine can teach us about the police power, Penn Central, and the public interest in natural resource regulation: a tribute to Joe Sax. Craig, Robin Kundis Mar 22, 2015 19961
Part & parcel: defining the larger parcel in eminent domain and regulatory takings cases. Kuhn, Bradford B. Mar 22, 2015 2009
Mesothelioma Victims Center Urges Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians with Mesothelioma to Call to Learn More About Finding the Best Possible Lawyers in Order to Receive Just Compensation. Mar 9, 2015 1000
Texas permit rules post-Denbury Green. Mathews, Mark A. Mar 1, 2015 1493
Attorneys with expertise in one or more aspects of municipal law including but not limited to: appeals, civil rights, construction, contracts, elections, eminent domain, employment, environmental law,. Feb 26, 2015 101
Eminent domain. Feb 9, 2015 245
United States : Vera Neinast Talks Eminent Domain and Energy Infrastructure with SNL Financial. Jan 28, 2015 309
Eminent domain. Jan 26, 2015 282
Provision of Eminent Domain Litigation Services. Jan 21, 2015 127
ALI CLE's Popular Land Use Institute to Feature Keynote on Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Law. Nov 6, 2014 549
Taqeem engages with RICS on valuation standards. Oct 16, 2014 315
Taking' medical care from hospitals: the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act infringes the Fifth Amendment. Morreim, Haavi Sep 22, 2014 5028
New in TribTalk: Tillman on Eminent Domain; Harris on Art and Oil. Sep 22, 2014 120
Third-class non-charter cities do not have the power to use eminent domain to eliminate blight. Sep 22, 2014 332
da Vinci Lawsuit Settlement Funding Amounts Increased at Legal-Bay Funding. Sep 2, 2014 807
Pipeline Proposal Prompts Eminent Domain Debate. Aug 1, 2014 744
The Mesothelioma Victims Center Works to Ensure Victims Receive Just Compensation. Jun 25, 2014 970
Highest and best use of property containing crash site of Flight 93 is as private memorial. Weinberger, Alan M. Jun 22, 2014 837
When valuing partial taking, appraiser must consider contributory value of improvements on remainder in valuing part taken. Weinberger, Alan M. Jun 22, 2014 764
Pipeline Companies Paying More to Cross Private Land. Jun 18, 2014 1181
Wind farm opponents and property rights: the effort to stop certain energy projects has now taken a destructive turn. Bouthillier, Allen Mar 21, 2014 481
Condemnation of pipeline easements: the landowner's perspective. Kebodeaux, Keith Mar 1, 2014 6021
In Delaware, amount reasonably believed to be just compensation must account for change in highest and best use of property. Jan 1, 2014 481
Right of townhome association to collect assessments not compensable under Takings Clause of Fifth Amendment. Jan 1, 2014 515
Offers to confess judgment may only be made in actions for recovery of money and are invalid in condemnation proceedings. Jan 1, 2014 398
Shifting the date of value for public agency acquisition appraisal assignments. Kuhn, Brad; Duran-Brown, Bernadette Abstract Jan 1, 2014 3425
Taking notes: the eminent-domain controversy just keeps migrating to city after city. The latest stop on the tour: Richmond, California.. Sheridan, Terry Nov 1, 2013 2502
NC Law Firm Responds to Road Widening that Will Displace more than 100 Ashe County Residents. Oct 23, 2013 566
LETTERS IN THE EDITOR'S MAILBAG. Letter to the editor Oct 12, 2013 1149
CU supports eminent domain mortgage grab. Oct 2, 2013 167
The brooding omnipresence of regulatory takings: urban origins and effects. Wolf, Michael Allan Oct 1, 2013 10662
NC Law Firm Reaches out to Gastonia Residents Whose Property Will be Taken. Sep 30, 2013 616
City leverages eminent domain. Morrison, David Sep 25, 2013 807
Local Law Firm Tries to Help Rocky Mount Residents Displaced by Country Club Rd Widening. Sep 24, 2013 624
NC Law Firm Offers Help to Jones and Onslow County Residents Affected by US 17 Road Improvements. Sep 23, 2013 662
Statute authorizing award of "heritage value" in condemnation proceeding does not violate state constitution. Sep 22, 2013 1317
Preserving perpetuity? Exploring the challenges of perpetual preservation in an ever-changing world. Phelps, Jess R. Sep 22, 2013 23666
NC Law Firm Offers Help to Harnett County Homeowners Displaced by Ray Road Widening. Sep 12, 2013 734
NLC Questions the Use of Eminent Domain to Prevent Home Foreclosures. Sep 12, 2013 461
Rep. Campbell reintroduces bill to combat eminent domain threat. Sep 1, 2013 296
Structured Finance Industry Group Challenges Use of Eminent Domain to Seize Mortgage Loans. Aug 30, 2013 738
NC Law Firm Helps Property Owners Affected by the Troy Bypass. Aug 19, 2013 771
Rebirth of downtown: using eminent domain tool; City officials threatening to take Midtown Mall from owner. Sutner, Shaun Aug 11, 2013 1621
Eminent domain. Aug 1, 2013 213
Eminent domain imminent. Jul 29, 2013 204
Horse Pen Creek Widening Leaves Property Owners With Questions, Concerns of Lost Value. Jul 17, 2013 747
Audio: Pipeline Cases Cast Light on Evolving Eminent Domain Laws. Jul 17, 2013 133
NC Eminent Domain Law Firm to Host No-Cost Seminar for Wilkes County Residents Whose Land Will Soon be Taken. Jul 8, 2013 641
Expropriating land: a balancing act. Bowal, Peter; Somers, Rohan Jul 1, 2013 1227
Annual payments may form part of just compensation in easement condemnation cases. Weinberger, Alan M. Jun 22, 2013 586
Medina Leading Coalition Targeting Pipeline Expansion. Jun 17, 2013 918
Durham Law Firm to Host Public Seminar for People Losing Their Land in 'Alston Avenue' and 'East End Connector' Projects. May 22, 2013 773
Fort Myers Attorney Carlos Kelly Appointed to Seventh Term on Florida Bar Eminent Domain Committee. May 2, 2013 336
Rethinking the federal eminent domain power. Baude, William May 1, 2013 13631
Rethinking the federal eminent domain power. Baude, William May 1, 2013 24569
preparation of valuation reports by an independent valuer determining equitable monetary compensation for property and portions of property. Apr 9, 2013 213
With Billion-Dollar Blue Line on Fast Track, Property Owners Look for Path to a Fair Deal. Apr 2, 2013 744
NCDOT Acquires Land for Camden Road Expansion, Leaving Property Owners with Questions. Mar 19, 2013 630
Deal Sikes & Associates Undertakes Massive Right-of-Way Acquisition and Appraisal Program for METRO Light Rail Transit Construction in Houston. Feb 19, 2013 341
NC Eminent Domain Law Firm Offering Free Case Evaluations for Property Owners Affected by Simmons Branch Culvert Improvement Project. Feb 6, 2013 561
Regulatory takings. Rix, Gregory S.; Moore, S.W. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2013 367
NCDOT Moves to Acquire Land for Controversial 'Connector,' Leaving Property Owners with Questions. Jan 17, 2013 664
Buying blight: eminent domain abuse. Ross, John Brief article Jan 13, 2013 246
New Virginia Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment Restates Landowners Remedies. Jan 3, 2013 276
US Supreme Court takes another look at takings. Rayl, Rick; Rubin, Ben Jan 1, 2013 3400
Sit tight; Eminent domain the wrong move. Editorial Dec 20, 2012 559
Controversial Northern Beltway Goes for Land, Leaves Property Owners with Questions. Dec 3, 2012 630
Greensboro's Massive Urban Loop Raises Serious Questions for Property Owners. Oct 29, 2012 556
Deal Sikes & Associates: $1 Billion Grand Parkway Expansion Will Claim up to 600 Parcels of Private Property in North Houston. Oct 23, 2012 408
Rep. Campbell introduces bill to block use of eminent-domain seizures. Oct 1, 2012 614
Eminently controversial: the legal theories behind using eminent domain on underwater mortgages are complex and abstract. Yet many say the idea could cause genuine damage in the real world. Sheridan, Terry Oct 1, 2012 3269
Durham Property Owners Wrestle w/ Tough Questions at Eminent Domain Seminar on East End Connector. Sep 26, 2012 698
Eminent Domain Proposal For Mortgages Provokes Government Showdown. Sep 20, 2012 322
Alarmed Durham Property Owners Offered Crash Course in Negotiating Eminent Domain Cases, Sept. 20 (Media Invited). Sep 18, 2012 654
Texas Sees Growing List of Property-Rights Cases. Sep 6, 2012 1017
Property Owners Affected by Goldsboro Bypass in Wayne County May Be Able to Pursue Additional Compensation for Their Seized Property. Aug 15, 2012 484
FHFA Could Block Attempts To Use Eminent Domain To Seize US Mortgages. Aug 9, 2012 287
Installment interest from settlement with state is tax-exempt. Reichert, Charles J. Aug 1, 2012 553
IRR Opens New Birmingham, Alabama Office. Jul 9, 2012 590
Fitch: Eminent Domain Would Increase RMBS Risk. Jul 9, 2012 556
When court orders distribution of award from eminent domain proceeding, it may only award funds to parties in interest from that eminent domain proceeding. Jun 22, 2012 536
If there is significant time lapse between valuation date and actual date of taking, the court-determined valuation may no longer constitute just compensation. Jun 22, 2012 695
Transit corridor valuation: issues and methods. Hunsperger, Wayne L.; McGuire, Amy; Throupe, Ron Report Jun 22, 2012 7978
The effect of RLUIPA's land use provisions on local governments. Weinstein, Alan C. May 1, 2012 13065
Fort Myers Attorney Carlos Kelly Appointed to Sixth Term on Florida Bar Eminent Domain Committee. Apr 15, 2012 301
Judicial compulsion and the public fisc - a historical overview. Cuccinelli, Kenneth T., II; Getchell, E. Duncan, Jr.; Russell, Wesley G., Jr. Mar 22, 2012 7064
Native American tribe's sovereign immunity not implicated in eminent domain action against land acquired on open market. Mar 22, 2012 479
Landowner who fails to provide evidence of fair market value at trial not entitled to reconsideration of just compensation award. Mar 22, 2012 471
The economics of takings. Somin, Ilya Book review Mar 22, 2012 2653
Fresh bid to crack domain rules. Trefethen, Sarah Mar 21, 2012 523
Anti-eminent domain bill passes House; Senate consideration possible. Wallace, Mike Mar 5, 2012 558
Keystone Pipeline Sparks Property Rights Backlash. Feb 17, 2012 1729
Messing with a nexus: appraisers rely determinations cases, but how values without on individualized in eminent domain can they develop all the information? Rasmussen, Wayne Jan 1, 2012 762
Closing highway interchange constitutes compensable taking if right of access had been used to mitigate damages in prior condemnation. Jan 1, 2012 451
Judgment on prior eminent domain action does not preclude landowner's inverse condemnation claim. Jan 1, 2012 444
Compound interest on damages is required to fairly and justly compensate landowner in lengthy eminent domain proceeding. Jan 1, 2012 451
Texas Court makes proving common-carrier status more difficult: attorneys warn, "you'd better do more than check the box". Byrd, Patrick R.; Pringle, Lara D. Jan 1, 2012 1611
The political economy of the original constitution. White, G. Edward Jan 1, 2012 8798
Eminent domain goes bust. Root, Damon Dec 28, 2011 389
The admissibility of dedication requirements in condemnation cases: No Longer the Road Less Traveled. Herman, Debra; Martinez-Esteve, Jorge Nov 1, 2011 3561
Free Bus Accident Case Evaluation Offered at the LA Personal Injury Law Firm, Grayson & Grayson. Oct 21, 2011 640
Lake district members assured on eminent domain. Oct 6, 2011 365
Best Lawyers in America[R] Honors Durham Attorney Ferguson in Class of 2012. Oct 5, 2011 658
Eminent-domain dispute could be costly to abutters; Appeals Court ruling could compound interest owed. Sep 29, 2011 581
Under Cover of Darkness. Borden, George Poem Sep 22, 2011 218
Owner's intentional landlocking of a property does not bar subsequent private condemnation action. Sep 22, 2011 632
Valuation of property for just compensation award is not limited to current use of the property; probable future uses may also be considered. Sep 22, 2011 669
Indian tribal sovereignty - current issues. Schraver, David M.; Tennant, David H. Sep 22, 2011 20660
The great basketball swindle: a riveting new documentary takes on New York's shameful eminent domain abuse. Root, Damon W. Movie review Sep 9, 2011 1065
Compensation for land expropriation will be based on market prices. Liu, Philip Brief article Aug 24, 2011 266
Fort Myers Attorney Carlos Kelly Presents at the Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents Annual Conference. Conference news Jun 25, 2011 337
Intent may be inferred in inverse condemnation case if the natural and ordinary consequence of government action was substantial interference with property rights. Weinberger, Alan M. Case overview Jun 22, 2011 726
A 64% loss is not a sufficient diminution in value to demonstrate a de facto taking. Weinberger, Alan M. Case overview Jun 22, 2011 473
Revisiting the valuation of timberland--terminology, methods, and case studies. Kobriger, Kim M.; Boone, Cameron; Weiss, James; Chambers, Andrew Report Jun 22, 2011 6609
Parker McDonald Says New Texas "Loser Pays" Legislation Can Help Some Injured Parties by Speeding Compensation in Cases of Merit. Jun 13, 2011 403
Condo rash: eminent domain abuse. Root, Damon Brief article Jun 4, 2011 201
Texas Realtors Commend Gov. Perry's Action to Protect Property Owners' Rights. Jun 1, 2011 577
Property rights: lessen the impacts of eminent domain. Checketts, Thomas Jun 1, 2011 833
Conservative Leaders and Property Rights Advocates Call on GOP Legislators to Abandon Defense of Redevelopment Agencies. May 24, 2011 737
Taking New York: opportunities, challenges & dangers posed by the use of eminent domain in New York: a symposium presented by the Fordham Urban Law Journal. Murphy, Sarah; Mathey, Sean May 1, 2011 683
The problem with pretext. Blais, Lynn E. May 1, 2011 9822
Gallenthin v. Kaur: a comparative analysis of how the New Jersey and New York courts approach judicial review of the exercise of eminent domain for redevelopment. Chen, Ronald K. May 1, 2011 16565
Public use in the dirigiste tradition: private and public benefit in an era of agglomeration. Eagle, Steven J. May 1, 2011 28861
Reclaiming the promise of the judicial branch: toward a more meaningful standard of judicial review as applied to New York eminent domain law. Franzese, Paula May 1, 2011 11499
The use and abuse of blight in eminent domain. Gold, Martin E.; Sagalyn, Lynne B. May 1, 2011 24746
Condemning the decisions of the past: eminent domain and democratic accountability. Serkin, Christopher May 1, 2011 7559
Let there be blight: blight condemnations in New York after Goldstein and Kaur. Somin, Ilya May 1, 2011 11920
House Tentatively Passes Eminent Domain. Apr 13, 2011 326
Montana Representative Pulls Landowner Compensation Bill After Utility Industries Amend it Beyond its Intent. Mar 30, 2011 701
Just compensation determined by what owner has lost, not what condemnor has gained. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2011 596
An integrated justice model of wrongful convictions. Zalman, Marvin Mar 22, 2011 26701
Property Rights Activists Applaud Audit of CA Redevelopment Agencies. Jan 31, 2011 398
Grading Barack Obama: Libertarian legal scholar Richard Epstein on his former University of Chicago colleague. Gillespie, Nick Interview Jan 13, 2011 3545
Recent court decisions. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2011 4937
Flood zone revisions and economic loss: an example from Florida. Cole, William; Stephan, Bruce; Chouinard, Nathan; Finch, J. Howard; Weeks, H. Shelton Abstract Jan 1, 2011 7257
Rights of commercial tenants in eminent domain. Reynolds, George, IV Cover story Jan 1, 2011 4391
Lessons learned, lessons lost: immigration enforcement's failed experiment with penal severity. Miller, Teresa A. Nov 1, 2010 13441
Regulatory takings and the environment; the impact of property rights litigation. Book review Nov 1, 2010 180
Property rights; eminent domain and regulatory takings re-examined. Book review Nov 1, 2010 175
Lawyers hit CSX eminent domain strategy. Oct 21, 2010 770
CSX targets more properties; Rail company seeks freight-yard land. Oct 18, 2010 593
New York's fight over blight: the role of economic underutilization in Kaur. Piper, Kaitlyn L. Oct 1, 2010 20507
Gone with the wind? The potential tragedy of the common wind. Lifshitz-Goldberg, Yael Sep 22, 2010 17068
State of New York Files Notice of Appeal in Condemnation Case. Sep 13, 2010 715
Court of Claims Enters Judgment in Condemnation Case. Aug 24, 2010 863
CSX to file for eminent domain; Petition sought for process within a week. Aug 11, 2010 586
CSX seeks property; Company considering eminent domain. Aug 7, 2010 777
Property law; rules, policies, and practices, 5th ed. (electronic version included). Book review Aug 1, 2010 262
Court of Claims Issues Favorable Opinion in Condemnation Litigation. Jun 30, 2010 915
Evidence of advantageous potential future use relevant to determining the present market value of condemned property. Weinberger, Alan M. Jun 22, 2010 380
Square pegs, round holes, easy targets: valuing special-use property in eminent domain. Murphy, John C.; Madueno, Emily L. Jun 22, 2010 6378
Daubert and qualification of the appraisal expert witness. Hoyt, Richard W.; Aalberts, Robert J.; Poon, Percy Report Jun 22, 2010 5388
Unpermitted protest. Balko, Radley Brief article Jun 11, 2010 214
"Just words": common law and the enforcement of state constitutional social and economic rights. Hershkoff, Helen Jun 1, 2010 33673
Subconstitutionalism. Ginsburg, Tom; Posner, Eric A. Jun 1, 2010 20232
How state supreme courts take consequences into account: toward a state-centered understanding of state constitutionalism. Devins, Neal Jun 1, 2010 33027
Eminent domain holdouts facing eviction at Willoughby Square Park. May 11, 2010 107
Regulatory takings, 4th ed. Book review May 1, 2010 108
Evicted; property rights and eminent domain in America. Book review May 1, 2010 205
The next step: top court backs Nashua takeover of Pennichuck--at a price. Brief article Apr 9, 2010 338
Eminent domain due process. Hudson, D. Zachary Apr 1, 2010 20416
Can urban university expansion and sustainable development co-exist? A case study in progress on Columbia University. Hirokawa, Keith H.; Salkin, Patricia E. Apr 1, 2010 27942
The true cost of economic rights jurisprudence. McCann, Max Apr 1, 2010 21719
Nutrient pollution from land applications of manure: discerning a remedy for pollution. Centner, Terence J. Mar 22, 2010 15684
An update on property rights compensation law for appraisers. Allen, Marcus T.; Carter, Charles C. Mar 22, 2010 7464
Does the state create the market - and should it pursue efficiency? Sandefur, Timothy Mar 22, 2010 12874
Punishment and student speech: straining the reach of the First Amendment. Ianelli, James F. Mar 22, 2010 8684
Rick Friess Joins Litigation Practice Group at Allen Matkins. Mar 22, 2010 555
LI town riled over eminent domain, East Village cathedral up for landmarking ... and more. Mar 9, 2010 126
Denied recoveries unconstitutional. Smith, Maurice R. Feb 24, 2010 516
Might makes blight: eminent domain gone bad. Root, Damon W. Brief article Feb 17, 2010 207
State legislators take aim at eminent domain. Feb 5, 2010 181
Basketball boondoggle: eminent domain in Brooklyn. Root, Damon Brief article Feb 1, 2010 183
MTA ordered to pay Riese court costs. Jan 27, 2010 254
Freddy's Bar plans sit-in over Atlantic Yards eminent domain seizure. Jan 11, 2010 138
Regulatory powers vs. investment protection under NAFTA's Chapter 1110: Metalclad, Methanex, and Glamis Gold. Elcombe, Joshua Jan 1, 2010 13480
Rand, Rothbard, and rights reconsidered. Touchstone, Kathleen Essay Jan 1, 2010 13194
An empirical analysis of section 1983 qualified immunity actions and implications of Pearson v. Callahan. Sobolski, Greg; Steinberg, Matt Jan 1, 2010 15994
Reviving necessity in eminent domain. Bird, Robert C. Jan 1, 2010 17634
Takings law made hard: a novel property rights challenge is a constitutional morass. Epstein, Richard A. Dec 22, 2009 3999
Columbia will appeal verdict. Majeski, John Dec 9, 2009 366
Ratner wins latest round in Atlantic Yards saga. Majeski, John Dec 2, 2009 479
Property rights and land policies. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 172
Condemning religion: RLUIPA and the politics of eminent domain. Serkin, Christopher; Tebbe, Nelson Nov 1, 2009 24719
The zoning diet: using restrictive zoning to shrink American waistlines. Spacht, Allyson C. Nov 1, 2009 12066
Kucinich advises seizing churches. Brief article Oct 2, 2009 161
Tenant does not need written lease to seek compensation for loss of business goodwill caused by condemnation. Sep 22, 2009 445
The Trojan horse of electric power transmission line siting authority. Rossi, Jim Sep 22, 2009 17461
Tiki Barber closes deal on $4.8M apartment, Broadway Triangle eminent domain conflict rages on ... and more. Sep 9, 2009 232
Just compensation? Testing the Takings Clause. Balko, Radley Brief article Aug 1, 2009 207
Property rights and eminent domain. (reprint, 1987). Book review Aug 1, 2009 101
Relocation, relocation, relocation. Warshawer, Gabby Jul 31, 2009 1085
Federal question jurisdiction and Justice Holmes. Woolhandler, Ann; Collins, Michael G. Jul 1, 2009 19452
"If an (endangered) tree falls in the forest, and no one is around ....": resolving the divergence between standing requirements and congressional intent in environmental legislation. Carter, Preston Jul 1, 2009 20399
Senate grills Judge Sotomayor on controversial property rights legislation. Jun 22, 2009 414
Advertising income is relevant in assessing compensation for billboard property. Jun 22, 2009 321
Special statutory elements of compensation must be determined in initial condemnation proceedings. Jun 22, 2009 419
Expert testimony: regression analysis and other systematic methodologies. Colwell, Peter F.; Heller, John A.; Trefzger, Joseph W. Case overview Jun 22, 2009 7969
SouthWest Water Company Receives $60 Million in Settlement of New Mexico Eminent Domain Proceedings. May 11, 2009 216
Eminent domain: identifying issues in damages for the general practitioner. Kelly, Carlos A. May 1, 2009 3921
Slapp silly: developers vs. free speech. Sullum, Jacob Apr 1, 2009 358
Public outcry: Kelo v. City of New London - a proposed solution. Woodyard, William; Boggs, Glenn Mar 22, 2009 9842
Lewis Realty Advisors, the Nation's Leading Eminent Domain Advisor, Predicts Spike in Demand for Eminent Domain Expertise. Jan 28, 2009 464
Returning to the PruneYard: the unconstitutionality of state-sanctioned trespass in the name of speech. Sisk, Gregory C. Jan 1, 2009 10355
Eminent domain tensions die down. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 273
City's undue delay in condemning property can constitute inverse condemnation. Jan 1, 2009 436
LexisNexis (New York), through its Mealey's unit, has begun the publication of "LexisNexis Real Estate Report," a monthly electronic and print newsletter that covers all relevant legal topics pertinent to the field of real estate. Nov 17, 2008 133
Lewis Realty Advisors Announces Formation of Acquisition Counseling Network to Serve Public Agencies. Nov 14, 2008 526
Power play. Oct 13, 2008 317
Auburn settles court case on land-taking; Town pays $225,000 more for 36 acres once marked for new high school. Oct 10, 2008 412
FasTracks to private property: RTD and land owners are battling over eminent domain as the transit project gains momentum. Cole, Rebecca Oct 1, 2008 2963
Mealey's launches monthly on real estate law. Oct 1, 2008 167
Property rights apologia. Sandefur, Timothy Sep 22, 2008 755
Report details local voting on eminent domain and big box development. Hayes, Vidella H. Aug 18, 2008 675
Protecting property; Senate should endorse curb on eminent domain. Editorial Jul 14, 2008 191
The frontier of eminent domain: why aren't Kelo activists also incensed over natural resource development takings? Klass, Alexandra B. Jun 22, 2008 5109
Noncharter cities have power to exercise eminent domain for private redevelopment. Weinberger, Alan M. Jun 22, 2008 515
CCAGW Applauds Eminent Domain Petition Drive. Jun 18, 2008 449
Curb Kelo; House advances constraints on eminent domain. Editorial Jun 17, 2008 374
C.A.R. Supports "Yes" Vote on Prop. 98 to Protect Homeowners from Unjust Eminent Domain Takings. May 13, 2008 526
Research and Markets: New Publication Explores Issues of Private Property, Community Development, and Eminent Domain in the Aftermath of the Kelo Case. Apr 1, 2008 415
Destination: freeport Texas. Leef, George C. Mar 22, 2008 1689
State action immunity, municipalities, and the unique case of eminent domain. Motto, Joseph L. Mar 22, 2008 11127
Landowner can prevent condemnation by showing that legislature's stated reason for the taking is pretextual and serves no public purpose. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2008 649
Expropriation appraisal review. Sevelka, Tony Mar 22, 2008 9971
Daubert and the appraisal expert witness revisited. Hoyt, Richard W.; Aalberts, Robert J. Mar 22, 2008 7331
Public use & public benefit: the battle for upstate New York. Manfredo, Robert F. Mar 22, 2008 10875 Reports Eminent Domain Reform Ballot Measures Debated in Sacramento. Mar 7, 2008 357
Court sides with Atlantic Yards on eminent domain decision. Majeski, John Feb 13, 2008 539
Ratner's other battle. Ferris, Marc Feb 5, 2008 889
Forest City Statement on Victory for Atlantic Yards Project in Federal Eminent Domain Case. Feb 1, 2008 420
Private bridge plan raises eminent domain concern. Jan 18, 2008 348
Official seeks super majority in land vote. Jan 9, 2008 619
State sovereign immunity and intellectual property: an evaluation of the trademark remedy Clarification Act's attempt to subject states to suit in federal court for trademark infringements under the Lanham Act. Fessler, Jennifer L. Correction notice Jan 1, 2008 11399
Eminent domain amendment fails in senate: under the Craig amendment, ... if a state or local government were to use the power of eminent domain for these public purposes, even if such action was completely in accordance with the Supreme Court's decision in Kelo, its own statutes, ordinances, and regulations, the state or local government could lose all federal funding for a period of five years. Berndt, Carolyn Brief article Dec 17, 2007 212
Understanding the complexities of eminent domain laws. Dec 12, 2007 1210
"LexisNexis Real Estate Report". Dec 1, 2007 145
Assemblyman Mark Leno Joins Poverty Rights, Tenant Advocacy, Environmental and Labor Leaders to Discuss Efforts to Derail Misguided Eminent Domain Ballot Initiative. Nov 13, 2007 185
The Pickens water play. Wheat, Andrew Nov 1, 2007 1348
ACWA Votes to Oppose Eminent Domain Proposal. Sep 28, 2007 263
Economic factors alone are insufficient to support a determination of blight. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2007 495
Property cannot be condemned as blighted solely because it is not fully productive. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2007 494
Value implications of current trends in road access management. Hoell, Sue L. Sep 22, 2007 4959
Arena clears land hurdle. Sep 8, 2007 913
UO's arena game plan may call for use of condemnation. Sep 6, 2007 843
CAGW Publishes Report on Property Rights. Sep 5, 2007 316
Columbia University says no to use of eminent domain at its expansion site. Jul 18, 2007 569
Eminent domain vote delayed. Jul 10, 2007 744

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