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Emilia's Angel is the devil in disguise; BEST OF THE WEEK FALLEN ANGEL TODAY-TUESDAY, ITV, 9pm.


Playing a cold-hearted killer has been a challenge for actress Emilia Fox... and for her husband.

The star of new three-part drama Fallen Angel couldn't help bringing her work home - much to the discomfort of her other half Jared Harris, son of legendary actor Richard.

She said: "He would say, 'Don't look at me like that!' and 'Please stop playing this character'. I wasn't even aware of what I was doing but when you become involved with a character you think about them all the time."

Emilia, 32, takes the lead role of Rosie Byfield - Angel - in the show, which is produced by Glasgow-based IWC Media and based on a trilogy of books by Andrew Taylor.

Fallen Angel is more of a whydunnit than a whodunnit. Episode one starts off in the present day. Angel is already a murderer and we look back to discover what caused her to become a killer.

Episode two tracks the teenage years that set her on her tragic path and episode three, in which Tigerlily Hutchison plays Angel, follows her childhood experiences.

It meant Emilia, 32, had to play a character through different stages of her life, including those difficult teenage years.

She said: "I took it as a huge compliment being asked to play 17 again. But it took a lot of brilliant work from make-up and costume.

"It was frighteningly easy to remember what it was like with all those hormones rushing round. I was horrendous to live with. I began behaving like a self-obsessed teenager.

"We filmed over the summer months and I felt totally immersed in the project and the character. I had time to develop ideas and include them in various stages of the character development.

"In Andrew's book, Angel, then called Rosie, has obsessive compulsive disorder from when she was a little girl, seemingly as a result of lack of control and lack of attention.

"Rosie becomes Angel and we meet her as a fully fledged psychopath with antisocial behaviour living with a man called Eddie (Mark Benton).

"They've been kidnapping children under the pretence that it's for the good of the children, whereas in fact they both have different motives.

"Eddie's is seemingly suppressed paedophilia. Angel's motives relate to her own upbringing, where her unsatisfactory parenting develops into her own mothering of the kidnapped children. The children become objects of desire."

Fallen Angel boasts a strong cast, including Charles Dance - who starred alongside Emilia in the 1997 version of Rebecca - and Niamh Cusack.

And five-year-old Jade Sharif - EastEnders' Rebecca Fowler - appears as a young girl kidnapped by the deranged Angel.

Emilia is also filming a new series of Silent Witness - in which she plays pathologist Nikki Alexander.

She is also trying to adapt to living in both sides of the Atlantic.

Hubby Jared is based in LA while she is a Londoner - but she is adapting. She said: "Waking up in the sun every day is wonderful."


Emilia plays a child kidnapper and killer in ITV's gritty new drama
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