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Emil L. Fackenheim; philosopher, theologian, Jew.


Emil L. Fackenheim; philosopher, theologian, Jew.

Ed. by Sharon Portnoff et al.



339 pages



Supplements to The journal of Jewish thought and philosophy; v.5


Emil Fackenheim was a Reform rabbi and a philosopher. He managed to escape Germany in 1939, immigrating to Canada, where he received his doctorate and led a congregation. For many years he kept his religious and philosophical work separate, but in 1967, he realized that it was necessary to integrate them and to finally delve into the moral and philosophical ramifications of the Holocaust. In this group of essays Portnoff (religious studies, Pomona College) Diamond (Jewish studies, University of Waterloo, Ontario) and Yaffe (philosophy and religious studies, University of North Texas) have selected articles that cover the stages of Fackenheim's life and philosophy.

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