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Emerging flavours in food.

Current and emerging trends in taste and flavour are resulting in new challenges and new opportunities for the industry. This report will identify, evaluate, and demonstrate these trends, and outline some of the key ensuing market opportunities.

This report: o Identifies the macro drivers that are shaping trends in the food industry and the tastes and flavours that are emerging as a result. o Analyses the top and fastest growing flavours in 2009 across a range of food sectors, and the most popular product claims in each category. o Provides a detailed industry perspective by outlining the regulatory and scientific developments impacting the flavour industry. o Evaluates the key innovations in food flavouring and explores the leading scientific discoveries, company developments, and NPD. o Assesses how macro trends and key industry issues will shape the future development of food and drinks flavours.

Reasons to purchase this report: o Identify the most popular flavours by category and sub-category and gain insight into the future potential of these flavours. o Evaluate growth opportunities within food and drinks flavours and identify the emerging consumer segments and their market potential. o Understanding the main challenges facing the food and drinks flavours industry, and establish how to gain competitive advantage. o Gain insight into the latest scientific and technological innovations driving the flavours industry. o Benchmark your company's new product development pipeline against the emerging flavour trends.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jun 1, 2010
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