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Emerging entrepreneur: Sue and Anthony Moravec.


Sue and Anthony Moravec

Applied Laboratories, Inc.


If you are reading this through contact lenses, the Moravecs, Anthony and Sue, may be helping you to see better.

Applied Laboratories, inc., the Moravecs' 5-year-old Columbus company, does $5.5 million in sales a year by daily packing and distributing 60,000 cans of saline solution contact lens disinfectant. The contract manufacturer and packager expects to reach $50 million in sales over the next five years by expanding past traditional contact-lens care products into metered dose-delivery systems that have other pharmaceutical applications.

Applied has 30 employees and has recently expanded its laboratory to 40,000 square feet. To keep its products from damaging Earth's ozone layer, it uses environmentally friendly nitrogen as a propellent instead of fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons. Says Anthony Moravec, Applied's president: "The production of environmentally safe container systems for dispensing products under pressure is an industry with unlimited growth potential."

In the boardroom, the Moravecs' responsibilities are fairly well-defined. Creative Anthony is the idea man and reasonable Sue makes the schemes work out. Both owners answer customer service calls every day in order to resolve problems immediately.

"Teamwork" is more than a recruiting phrase at Applied. There are no department heads, no titles. Business cards show a name only. Around the factory the highest expectations for cleanliness are the rule and the walls are festooned with posters that read Quality, Quality, Quality!"

Outside of the office, both Moravecs are active in the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of Rotary and involved with school board activities. She is an active participant in the First United Methodist Church and a member of the board of the Columbus Enterprise Development Council, which helps new start-up companies.

The key to entrepreneurial success, Anthony believes, is to "approach every problem as an opportunity and never rest on your laurels." Sue adds this bit of advice: "When you get up in the morning and come to work, expect the unexpected. Expect that there will be no guarantees."
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Title Annotation:Indiana's Entrepreneurs of the Year
Author:Johnson, J. Douglas
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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