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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (January 1, 2021)

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A Final Voyage Framed by Balance and Contrast. Breedlove, Byron Biography 1389
Absence of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission from Children in Isolation to Guardians, South Korea. Lee, Eun Joo; Kim, Dong Hyun; Chang, Sung Hee; Suh, Sun Bok; Lee, Jina; Lee, Hyunju; Han, Mi Seon Report 1955
Aspergillosis Complicating Severe Coronavirus Disease. Marr, Kieren A.; Platt, Andrew; Tornheim, Jeffrey A.; Zhang, Sean X.; Datta, Kausik; Cardozo, Celia; Report 5346
Attitudes about COVID-19 Lockdown among General Population, France, March 2020. Peretti-Watel, Patrick; Seror, Valerie; Cortaredona, Sebastien; Launay, Odile; Raude, Jocelyn; Verge Report 2021
Attribution of Illnesses Transmitted by Food and Water to Comprehensive Transmission Pathways Using Structured Expert Judgment, United States. Beshearse, Elizabeth; Bruce, Beau B.; Nane, Gabriela F.; Cooke, Roger M.; Aspinall, Willy; Hald, Tin Report 10147
Cellular Immunity in COVID-19 Convalescents with PCR-Confirmed Infection but with Undetectable SARS-CoV-2-Specific IgG. Schwarzkopf, Sina; Krawczyk, Adalbert; Knop, Dietmar; Klump, Hannes; Heinold, Andreas; Heinemann, Fa Report 5801
Comparative Omics Analysis of Historic and Recent Isolates of Bordetella pertussis and Effects of Genome Rearrangements on Evolution. Dienstbier, Ana; Amman, Fabian; Petrackova, Denisa; Stipl, Daniel; Capek, Jan; Zavadilova, Jana; Fab Report 6894
Coronavirus Disease among Workers in Food Processing, Food Manufacturing, and Agriculture Workplaces. Report 4329
Delineating and Analyzing Locality-Level Determinants of Cholera, Haiti. Griffiths, Karolina; Moise, Kenny; Piarroux, Martine; Gaudart, Jean; Beaulieu, Samuel; Bulit, Greg; Report 6999
Detection of Norovirus Variant GII.4 Hong Kong in Asia and Europe, 2017-2019. Chan, Martin Chi-Wai; Roy, Sunando; Bonifacio, Joseph; Zhang, Lin-Yao; Chhabra, Preeti; Chan, Jenny Report 3171
Developing Endemicity of Schistosomiasis, Corsica, France. Rothe, Camilla; Zimmer, Thorbjorn; Schunk, Mirjam; Wallrauch, Claudia; Helfrich, Kerstin; Gultekin, Clinical report 1384
Differential Yellow Fever Susceptibility in New World Nonhuman Primates, Comparison with Humans, and Implications for Surveillance. de Azevedo Fernandes, Natalia C.C.; Guerra, Juliana M.; Diaz-Delgado, Josue; Cunha, Mariana S.; del Report 6520
Earning CME Credit. 1122
Economic Burden of Legionnaires' Disease, United States, 2014. Baker-Goering, Madeleine; Roy, Kakoli; Edens, Chris; Collier, Sarah Report 1932
Emerging Human Metapneumovirus Gene Duplication Variants in Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Infection, China, 2017-2019. Xie, Zhibo; Xu, Jin; Ren, Yunhui; Cui, Aili; Wang, Huiling; Song, Jinhua; Zhang, Qiang; Hu, Manli; X Report 2038
Estimate of Burden and Direct Healthcare Cost of Infectious Waterborne Disease in the United States. Collier, Sarah A.; Deng, Li; Adam, Elizabeth A.; Benedict, Katharine M.; Beshearse, Elizabeth M.; Bl Report 8207
Estimating the Force of Infection for Dengue Virus Using Repeated Serosurveys, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Lim, Jacqueline K.; Carabali, Mabel; Edwards, Tansy; Barro, Ahmed; Lee, Jung-Seok; Dahourou, Desire; Report 7607
Etiology of Severe Acute Respiratory Infections, Bangladesh, 2017. Rahaman, R.; Alroy, Karen A.; Van Beneden, Chris A.; Friedman, Michael S.; Kennedy, Erin D.; Rahman, Report 1629
Fatal 3-Nitropropionic Acid Poisoning after Consuming Coconut Water. Birkelund, Thomas; Johansen, Rakel F.; Illum, Dorte G.; Dyrskog, Stig Eric; Ostergaard, Jakob A.; Fa Report 2016
Fatal Case of Chronic Jamestown Canyon Virus Encephalitis Diagnosed by Metagenomic Sequencing in Patient Receiving Rituximab. Solomon, Isaac H.; Ganesh, Vjay S.; Yu, Guixia; Deng, Xian Ding; Wilson, Michael R.; Miller, Steve; Clinical report 2873
Geographic Range of Recreational Water--Associated Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis, United States, 1978-2018. Gharpure, Radhika; Gleason, Michelle; Salah, Zainab; Blackstock, Anna J.; Hess-Homeier, David; Yoder Report 1986
Hannibal's Ophthalmia--A New Answer to An Ancient Question. Denholm, Justin T.; Hunt, Patrick N. Report 2036
Hospitalization for Invasive Pneumococcal Diseases in Young Children before Use of 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine, Suzhou, China. Chen, Kaile; Zhang, Xiyan; Tao, Yunzhen; Wang, Yunzhong; Xue, Jian; Liu, Changpeng; Feng, Shuang; Ya Report 4876
Human Diversity of Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors and Human Leukocyte Antigen Class I Alleles and Ebola Virus Disease Outcomes. Wawina-Bokalanga, Tony; Vanmechelen, Bert; Lhermitte, Valentine; Marti-Carreras, Joan; Vergote, Vale Report 6300
IgG Seroconversion and Pathophysiology in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection. Report 4436
Impact of a Nationwide Lockdown on SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility, Italy. Guzzetta, Giorgio; Riccardo, Flavia; Marziano, Valentina; Poletti, Piero; Trentini, Filippo; Bella, Report 2308
Impact of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination, Rwanda and Bhutan. Baussano, Iacopo; Sayinzoga, Felix; Tshomo, Ugyen; Tenet, Vanessa; Vorsters, Alex; Heideman, Daniell Report 7104
In Vivo Observation of Cutaneous Larva Migrans by Fluorescence-Advanced Videodermatoscopy. Ramondetta, Alice; Ribero, Simone; Quaglino, Pietro; Broganelli, Paolo Clinical report 1550
Increase in Kelch 13 Polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum, Southern Rwanda. Bergmann, Clara; van Loon, Welmoed; Habarugira, Felix; Tacoli, Costanza; Jager, Julia C.; Savelsberg Report 2223
Intrafamilial Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 Associated with Cellular Immune Response without Seroconversion, France. Gallais, Floriane; Velay, Aurelie; Nazon, Charlotte; Wendling, Marie-Josee; Partisani, Marialuisa; S Report 5149
Invasive Fusariosis in Nonneutropenic Patients, Spain, 2000-2015. Perez-Nadales, Elena; Alastruey-Izquierdo, Ana; Linares-Sicilia, Maria Jose; Soto-Debran, Juan Carlo Report 7900
Large-Scale Isolation Facilities and Potential for Secondary Infectious Disease Outbreak. Lim, Shi Yu Derek; Tey, Hong Liang Letter to the editor 600
Large-Scale Testing of Asymptomatic Healthcare Personnel for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. Hogan, Catherine A.; Gombar, Saurabh; Wang, Hannah; Roltgen, Katharina; Shi, Run-Zhang; Holubar, Mar Report 2810
Limited Specificity of Serologic Tests for SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Detection, Benin. Yadouleton, Anges; Sander, Anna-Lena; Moreira-Soto, Andres; Tchibozo, Carine; Hounkanrin, Gildas; Ba Report 3141
Listeriosis Caused by Persistence of Listeria monocytogenes Serotype 4b Sequence Type 6 in Cheese Production Environment. Nuesch-Inderbinen, Magdalena; Bloemberg, Guido V.; Muller, Andrea; Stevens, Marc J.A.; Cernela, Nico Report 2462
Nonpolio Enterovirus Activity during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Taiwan, 2020. Kuo, Shu-Chen; Tsou, Hsiao-Hui; Wu, Hsiao-Yu; Hsu, Ya-Ting; Lee, Fang-Jing; Shih, Shu-Man; Hsiung, C Report 1577
Nosocomial Coronavirus Disease Outbreak Containment, Hanoi, Vietnam, March-April 2020. Do, Cuong Duy; Nong, Vuong Minh; Van Ngo, An; Doan, Tra Thu; Nguyen, Tuan Quang; Truong, Phuong Thai Report 5414
Novel 6-Month Treatment for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, United States. Haley, Connie A.; Macias, Patricia; Jasuja, Supriya; Jones, Betsy A.; Rowlinson, Marie-Claire; Jaimo Clinical report 1682
Ocular Filariasis in Human Caused by Breinlia (Johnstonema) annulipapillata Nematode, Australia. Koehler, Anson V.; Robson, Jennifer M.B.; Spratt, David M.; Hann, Joshua; Beveridge, Ian; Walsh, Mic Clinical report 2192
Optimization of Notification Criteria for Shiga Toxin--Producing Escherichia coli Surveillance, the Netherlands. Friesema, Ingrid H.M.; Kuiling, Sjoerd; Igloi, Zsofia; Franz, Eelco Report 2361
Performance of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests for Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Prospectively Pooled Specimens. Wang, Hannah; Hogan, Catherine A.; Miller, Jacob A.; Sahoo, Malaya K.; Huang, ChunHong; Mfuh, Kenji Report 7184
Petri Dish [pe'tre 'dish]. Mahajan, Monika Definition 375
Post--13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Dynamics in Young Children of Serotypes Included in Candidate Extended-Spectrum Conjugate Vaccines. Ben-Shimol, Shalom; Givon-Lavi, Noga; Kotler, Leore; van der Beek, Bart Adriaan; Greenberg, David; D Report 6498
Postmortem Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in Nasopharyngeal Mucosa. Heinrich, Fabian; Meissner, Kira; Langenwalder, Felicia; Puschel, Klaus; Norz, Dominik; Hoffmann, Ar Report 1939
Precise Species Identification by Whole-Genome Sequencing of Enterobacter Bloodstream Infection, China. Wu, Wenjing; Wei, Li; Feng, Yu; Xie, Yi; Zong, Zhiyong Report 6778
Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2, Verona, Italy, April-May 2020. Guerriero, Massimo; Bisoffi, Zeno; Poli, Albino; Micheletto, Claudio; Conti, Antonio; Pomari, Carlo Report 2536
Racial and Workplace Disparities in Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Feehan, Amy K.; Velasco, Cruz; Fort, Daniel; Burton, Jeffrey H.; Price-Haywood, Eboni G.; Katzmarzyk Report 2193
Recency-Weighted Statistical Modeling Approach to Attribute Illnesses Caused by 4 Pathogens to Food Sources Using Outbreak Data, United States. Batz, Michael B.; Richardson, LaTonia C.; Bazaco, Michael C.; Parker, Cary Chen; Chirtel, Stuart J.; Report 5725
Relapsing Fever Group Borreliae in Human-Biting Soft Ticks, Brazil. Munoz-Leal, Sebastian; Faccini-Martinez, Alvaro A.; Teixeira, Bruno M.; Martins, Maria Marlene; Serp Report 1639
Relative Bradycardia in Patients with Mild-to-Moderate Coronavirus Disease, Japan. Yan, Gabriel; Ang, Alicia; Tham, Sai Meng; Ng, Alvin; Chew, Ka Lip Letter to the editor 481
Rising Ethnic Inequalities in Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease, New Zealand, 2000-2018. Bennett, Julie; Zhang, Jane; Leung, William; Jack, Susan; Oliver, Jane; Webb, Rachel; Wilson, Nigel; Report 7043
Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Healthcare Workers, Turin, Italy. Calcagno, Andrea; Ghisetti, Valeria; Emanuele, Teresa; Trunfio, Mattia; Faraoni, Silvia; Boglione, L Report 1811
SARS-CoV-2 Cluster in Nursery, Poland. Okarska-Napierata, Magdalena; Mandziuk, Joanna; Kuchar, Ernest Report 1459
Seventh Pandemic Vibrio cholerae O1 Sublineages, Central African Republic. Breurec, Sebastien; Franck, Thierry; Njamkepo, Elisabeth; Mbecko, Jean-Robert; Rauzier, Jean; Sanke- Report 2661
Severe Human Bocavirus--Associated Pneumonia in Adults at a Referral Hospital, Seoul, South Korea. Choi, Sang-Ho; Huh, Jin Won; Hong, Sang-Bum; Jung, Jiwon; Kim, Min Jae; Chong, Yong Pil; Kim, Sung-H Report 2027
Superspreading Event of SARS-CoV-2 Infection at a Bar, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Van Vinh Chau, Nguyen; Hong, Nguyen Thi Thu; Ngoc, Nghiem My; Thanh, Tran Tan; Khanh, Phan Nguyen Qu Report 2255
Susceptibility of Domestic Swine to Experimental Infection with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. Pickering, Brad S.; Smith, Greg; Pinette, Mathieu M.; Embury-Hyatt, Carissa; Moffat, Estella; Marsza Report 6096
Territorywide Study of Early Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, Hong Kong, China. Leung, Kenneth Siu-Sing; Ng, Timothy Ting-Leung; Wu, Alan Ka-Lun; Yau, Miranda Chong-Yee; Lao, Hiu-Y Report 5856
Viral Metagenomic Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid from Patients with Acute Central Nervous System Infections of Unknown Origin, Vietnam. Anh, Nguyen To; Nhu, Le Nguyen Truc; Hong, Nguyen Thi Thu; Phuc, Tran My; Tam, Pham Thi Thanh; Huong Report 5229
Waning Antibody Responses in Asymptomatic and Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Choe, Pyoeng Gyun; Kang, Chang Kyung; Suh, Hyeon Jeong; Jung, Jongtak; Song, Kyoung-Ho; Bang, Ji Hwa Report 1341

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