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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (May 1, 2014)

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Acute lower respiratory tract infections in soldiers, South Korea, April 2011-March 2012. Heo, Jung Yeon; Lee, Ji Eun; Kim, Hye Kang; Choe, Kang-Won 2670
Babesia venatorum infection in child, China. Sun, Yi; Li, Shao-Gang; Jiang, Jia-Fu; Wang, Xin; Zhang, Yuan; Wang, Hong; Cao, Wu-Chun Letter to the editor 1371
Bartonella quintana in body lice from scalp hair of homeless persons, France. Drali, Rezak; Sangare, Abdoul Karim; Boutellis, Amina; Angelakis, Emmanouil; Veracx, Aurelie; Socolo Letter to the editor 1395
Bat flight and zoonotic viruses. O'Shea, Thomas J.; Cryan, Paul M.; Cunningham, Andrew A.; Fooks, Anthony R.; Hayman, David T.S.; Lui Report 4079
Bovine leukemia virus DNA in human breast tissue. Buehring, Gertrude Case; Shen, Hua Min; Jensen, Hanne M.; Choi, K. Yeon; Sun, Dejun; Nuovo, Gerard Report 6707
Carriage rate and effects of vaccination after outbreaks of serogroup C meningococcal disease, Brazil, 2010. Safadi, Marco Aurelio Palazzi; Carvalhanas, Telma Regina Marques Pinto; de Lemos, Ana Paula; Gorla, Clinical report 4350
Chronic wasting disease agents in nonhuman primates. Race, Brent; Meade-White, Kimberly D.; Phillips, Katie; Striebel, James; Race, Richard; Chesebro, Br Report 2665
Ciprofloxacin-resistant Salmonella enterica serotype Kentucky sequence type 198. Rickert-Hartman, Regan; Folster, Jason P. Letter to the editor 954
Composite SCCmec element in single-locus variant (ST217) of epidemic MRSA-15 clone. Vignaroli, Carla; Mancini, Alessio; Varaldo, Pietro E. Letter to the editor 1366
Courage unmasked. Bloom, Sharon Cover story 616
Coxsackievirus A16 encephalitis during obinutuzumab therapy, Belgium, 2013. Eyckmans, Tom; Wollants, Elke; Janssens, Ann; Schoemans, Helene; Lagrou, Katrien; Wauters, Joost; Ma Letter to the editor 1398
Extended-spectrum [beta]-lactamases in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in Gulls, Alaska, USA. Bonnedahl, Jonas; Hernandez, Jorge; Stedt, Johan; Waldenstrom, Jonas; Olsen, Bjorn; Drobni, Mirva Report 1564
Extensively drug-resistant streptococcus pneumoniae, South Korea, 2011-2012. Cho, Sun Young; Baek, Jin Yang; Kang, Cheol-In; Kim, So Hyun; Ha, Young Eun; Chung, Doo Ryeon; Lee, Report 2092
Factors associated with antimicrobial drug use in Medicaid programs. Li, Pengxiang; Metlay, Joshua P.; Marcus, Steven C.; Doshi, Jalpa A. Report 2888
Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis group A.I, United States. Birdsell, Dawn N.; Johansson, Anders; Ohrman, Caroline; Kaufman, Emily; Molins, Claudia; Pearson, Ta Report 2789
Full-genome analysis of avian influenza A(H5N1) virus from a human, North America, 2013. Pabbaraju, Kanti; Tellier, Raymond; Wong, Sallene; Li, Yan; Bastien, Nathalie; Tang, Julian W.; Drew 2382
Human infections with Rickettsia raoultii, China. Jia, Na; Zheng, Yuan-Chun; Ma, Lan; Huo, Qiu-Bo; Ni, Xue-Bing; Jiang, Bao-Gui; Chu, Yan-Li; Jiang, R Report 1827
Human papillomavirus prevalence in oropharyngeal cancer before vaccine introduction, United States. Steinau, Martin; Saraiya, Mona; Goodman, Marc T.; Peters, Edward S.; Watson, Meg; Cleveland, Jennife Report 5838
Influenza A subtype H3 viruses in feral swine, United states, 2011-2012. Feng, Zhixin; Baroch, John A.; Long, Li-Ping; Xu, Yifei; Cunningham, Frederick L.; Pedersen, Kerri; Report 2435
Influenza A(H5N2) virus antibodies in humans after contact with infected poultry, Taiwan, 2012. Wu, Ho-Sheng; Yang, Ji-Rong; Liu, Ming-Tsan; Yang, Chin-Hui; Cheng, Ming-Chu; Chang, Feng-Yee Report 2758
Influenza-associated hospitalizations and deaths, Costa Rica, 2009-2012. Saborio, Guiselle Guzman; Clara, Alexey; Garcia, Antonio; Quesada, Fabio; Palekar, Rakhee; Minaya, P Report 2794
Linezolid-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis, Portugal, 2012. Barros, Mariana; Branquinho, Raquel; Grosso, Filipa; Peixe, Luisa; Novais, Carla Letter to the editor 1975
Molecular characterization of cryptically circulating rabies virus from Ferret Badgers, Taiwan. Chiou, Hue-Ying; Hsieh, Chia-Hung; Jeng, Chian-Ren; Chan, Fang-Tse; Wang, Hurng-Yi; Pang, Victor Fei 5702
Molecular investigation of tularemia outbreaks, Spain, 1997-2008. Ariza-Miguel, Jaime; Johansson, Anders; Fernandez-Natal, Maria Isabel; Martinez-Nistal, Carmen; Ordu 4964
Myasthenia gravis associated with acute hepatitis E infection in immunocompetent woman. Belbezier, Aude; Deroux, Alban; Sarrot-Reynauld, Francoise; Larrat, Sylvie; Bouillet, Laurence Letter to the editor 1203
New variant of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, United States, 2014. Wang, Leyi; Byrum, Beverly; Zhang, Yan Letter to the editor 1076
Novel avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in tree sparrow, Shanghai, China, 2013. Zhao, Baihui; Zhang, Xi; Zhu, Wenfei; Teng, Zheng; Yu, Xuelian; Gao, Ye; Wu, Di; Pei, Enle; Yuan, Zh Report 2120
Outbreaks of Kingella kingae Infections in Daycare Facilities. Yagupsky, Pablo 6476
Papillomavirus: [pap-i-lo-ma-vi-ras]. Henry, Ronnie Report 185
PCR for detection of oseltamivir resistance mutation in influenza A(H7N9) virus. Wang, Wei; Song, Zhigang; Guan, Wencai; Liu, Yi; Zhang, Xiaonan; Xu, Lei; Li, Jianhua; Yuan, Zhengho 1785
Persistence and complex evolution of fluoroquinolone-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae clone. Ben-David, Debby; Schwaber, Mitchell J.; Adler, Amos; Masarwa, Samira; Edgar, Rotem; Navon-Venezia, 4611
Responses to threat of influenza A(H7N9) and support for live poultry markets, Hong Kong, 2013. Wu, Peng; Fang, Vicky J.; Liao, Qiuyan; Ng, Diane M.W.; Wu, Joseph T.; Leung, Gabriel M.; Fielding, 3096
Rickettsia spp. in Seabird Ticks from Western Indian Ocean Islands, 2011-2012. Dietrich, Muriel; Lebarbenchon, Camille; Jaeger, Audrey; Rouzic, Celine Le; Bastien, Matthieu; Lagad Report 2299
Role of transportation in spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection, United States. Lowe, James; Gauger, Phillip; Harmon, Karen; Zhang, Jianqiang; Connor, Joseph; Yeske, Paul; Loula, T 1744
Sarah Elizabeth Stewart. Fulghieri, Carl; Bloom, Sharon Photograph 1096
Schmallenberg virus antibodies in adult cows and maternal antibodies in calves. Elbers, Armin R.W.; Stockhofe, Norbert; van der Poel, Wim H.M. Letter to the editor 1245
Serologic evidence of influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 virus infection in northern sea otters. Li, Zhu-Nan; Ip, Hon S.; Trost, Jessica F.; White, C. LeAnn; Murray, Michael J.; Carney, Paul J.; Su Letter to the editor 1497
Shigella spp. with reduced azithromycin susceptibility, Quebec, Canada, 2012-2013. Gaudreau, Christiane; Barkati, Sapha; Leduc, Jean-Michel; Pilon, Pierre A.; Favreau, Julie; Bekal, S 2347
Staphylococcus aureus carrying mecC gene in animals and urban wastewater, Spain. Porrero, M. Concepcion; Valverde, Aranzazu; Fernandez-Llario, Pedro; Diez-Guerrier, Alberto; Mateos, Report 1496
Streptococcus mitis strains causing severe clinical disease in cancer patients. Shelburne, Samuel A.; Sahasrabhojane, Pranoti; Saldana, Miguel; Yao, Hui; Su, Xiaoping; Horstmann, N Report 5607
Treatment practices, outcomes, and costs of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, united states, 2005-2007. Marks, Suzanne M.; Flood, Jennifer; Seaworth, Barbara; Hirsch-Moverman, Yael; Armstrong, Lori; Mase, 6663
Trends in infectious disease mortality rates, Spain, 1980-2011. Lopez-Cuadrado, Teresa; Llacer, Alicia; Palmera-Suarez, Rocio; Gomez-Barroso, Diana; Savulescu, Came 4926
Unique strain of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever Virus, Mali. Zivcec, Marko; Malga, Ousmane; Kelly, Ashley; Feldmann, Friederike; Sogoba, Nafomon; Schwan, Tom G.; Letter to the editor 1448

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