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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (March 1, 2013)

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Anisakiasis and gastroallergic reactions associated with Anisakis pegreffii infection, Italy. Mattiucci, Simonetta; Fazii, Paolo; De Rosa, Alba; Paoletti, Michela; Megna, Angelo Salomone; Glielm 2386
Armillifer armillatus pentastomiasis in African immigrant, Germany. Tappe, Dennis; Haeupler, Alexandra; Schafer, Hansjorg; Racz, Paul; Cramer, Jakob P.; Poppert, Sven Letter to the editor 1180
Attribution of foodborne illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths to food commodities by using outbreak data, United States, 1998-2008. Painter, John A.; Hoekstra, Robert M.; Ayers, Tracy; Tauxe, Robert V.; Braden, Christopher R.; Angul Report 7264
Bordetella hinzii in rodents, Southeast Asia. Jiyipong, Tawisa; Morand, Serge; Jittapalapong, Sathaporn; Raoult, Didier; Rolain, Jean-Marc Letter to the editor 1234
Captain consumption and the collector of souls. Potter, Polyxeni Editorial 1803
Characterization of mycobacterium orygis. van Ingen, Jakko; Brosch, Roland; van Soolingen, Dick Letter to the editor 601
Clinical and therapeutic features of pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial disease, Brazil, 1993-2011. de Mello, Karla Gripp Couto; Mello, Fernanda C. Queiroz; Borga, Liamar; Rolla, Valeria; Duarte, Rafa Report 5073
Cryptococcus gattii, Florida, USA, 2011. Kunadharaju, Rajesh; Choe, Ulyee; Harris, Julie R.; Lockhart, Shawn R.; Greene, John N. Letter to the editor 1333
Effects of vaccine program against pandemic influenza a(H1N1) virus, United States, 2009-2010. Borse, Rebekah H.; Shrestha, Sundar S.; Fiore, Anthony E.; Atkins, Charisma Y.; Singleton, James A.; Report 8343
Emergence and spread of extensively and totally drug-resistant tuberculosis, South Africa. Klopper, Marisa; Warren, Robin Mark; Hayes, Cindy; van Pittius, Nicolaas Claudius Gey; Streicher, El Report 5630
Foodborne disease prevention and broiler chickens with reduced Campylobacter infection. Bahrndorff, Simon; Rangstrup-Christensen, Lena; Nordentoft, Steen; Hald, Birthe Report 4249
Hepatitis E virus mixed infection in immunocompetent patient. Smith, Donald B.; Vanek, Jeff; Wellington, Louise; Johannessen, Ingolfur; Ramalingam, Sandeep; Simmo 2069
Human betacoronavirus 2c EMC/2012-related viruses in bats, Ghana and Europe. Annan, Augustina; Baldwin, Heather J.; Corman, Victor Max; Klose, Stefan M.; Owusu, Michael; Nkrumah Report 2864
Human leptospirosis trends, the Netherlands, 1925-2008. Goris, Marga G.A.; Boer, Kimberly R.; Duarte, Tamara A.T.E.; Kliffen, Suzanne J.; Hartskeerl, Rudy A Report 6374
HUS surveillance notes--Sarah's story. Pollock, Kevin G.J. Report 884
Increasing Pneumocystis pneumonia, England, UK, 2000-2010. Maini, Rishma; Henderson, Katherine L.; Sheridan, Elizabeth A.; Lamagni, Theresa; Nichols, Gordon; D Report 4794
Lack of Norovirus replication and histo-blood group antigen expression in 3-dimensional intestinal epithelial cells. Herbst-Kralovetz, Melissa M.; Radtke, Andrea L.; Lay, Margarita K.; Hjelm, Brooke E.; Bolick, Alice Report 5074
Leptospira [lep'to-spi're] (etymologia). 359
Lymphogranuloma venereum in men screened for pharyngeal and rectal infection, Germany. Haar, Karin; Dudareva-Vizule, Sandra; Wisplinghoff, Hilmar; Wisplinghoff, Fabian; Sailer, Andrea; Ja Report 3945
Measles elimination efforts and 2008-2011 outbreak, France. Antona, Denise; Levy-Bruhl, Daniel; Baudon, Claire; Freymuth, Francois; Lamy, Mathieu; Maine, Cather Report 5292
Melioidosis and hairy cell leukemia in 2 travelers returning from Thailand. Rossi, Benjamin; Epelboin, Lolc; Jaureguiberry, Stephane; Lecso, Maryline; Roos- Weil, Damien; Gabar Letter to the editor 1342
Microsporidial keratoconjunctivitis outbreak among athletes from Hong Kong who visited Singapore, 2012. Lam, Tsz-sum; Wong, Man-ha; Chuang, Shuk-kwan Letter to the editor 1074
Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, Somalia, 2010-2011. Sindani, Ireneaus; Fitzpatrick, Christopher; Falzon, Dennis; Suleiman, Bashir; Arube, Peter; Adam, I Report 2226
Mycobacterial lineages causing pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis, Ethiopia. Firdessa, Rebuma; Berg, Stefan; Hailu, Elena; Schelling, Esther; Gumi, Balako; Erenso, Girume; Gadis Report 2660
Mycobacterium fortuitum Endocarditis associated with cardiac surgery, Serbia. Vukovic, Dragana; Parezanovic, Vojislav; Savic, Branislava; Dakic, Ivana; Laban- Nestorovic, Suzana; Letter to the editor 1537
Mycobacterium kyorinense infection. Ohnishi, Hiroaki; Yonetani, Shota; Matsushima, Satsuki; Wada, Hiroo; Takeshita, Kei; Kuramochi, Dais Letter to the editor 1981
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing type mutation frequency. Werngren, Jim Letter to the editor 1092
Nontuberculous mycobacterial infection after fractionated C[O.sub.2] laser resurfacing. Culton, Donna A.; Lachiewicz, Anne M.; Miller, Becky A.; Miller, Melissa B.; MacKuen, Courteney; Gro 4492
Parallels in amphibian and bat declines from pathogenic fungi. Eskew, Evan A.; Todd, Brian D. 5505
Peritoneal tuberculosis in a pregnant woman from Haiti, United States. Ard, Kevin L.; Chan, Brian T.; Milner, Danny A., Jr.; Farmer, Paul E.; Koenig, Serena P. Letter to the editor 1286
Plague epidemics and lice, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Piarroux, Renaud; Abedi, Aaron Aruna; Shako, Jean-Christophe; Kebela, Benoit; Karhemere, Stomy; Diat Letter to the editor 1196
Prioritizing tuberculosis clusters by genotype for public health action, Washington, USA. Lindquist, Scott; Allen, Sheanne; Field, Kim; Ghosh, Smita; Haddad, Maryam B.; Narita, Masahiro; Ore Report 2274
Recurring influenza B virus infections in seals. Bodewes, Rogier; Morick, Danny; de Mutsert, Gerrie; Osinga, Nynke; Bestebroer, Theo; van der Vliet, Letter to the editor 1323
Reemerging Schmallenberg virus infections, Germany, 2012. Conraths, Franz J.; Kamer, Doris; Teske, Kathrin; Hoffmann, Bernd; Mettenleiter, Thomas C.; Beer, Ma Letter to the editor 1052
Swine influenza in Sri Lanka. Perera, Harsha K.K.; Wickramasinghe, Geethani; Cheung, Chung L.; Nishiura, Hiroshi; Smith, David K.; Report 2618
Treatment outcomes for extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV co-infection. O'Donnell, Max R.; Padayatchi, Nesri; Kvasnovsky, Charlotte; Werner, Lise; Master, Iqbal; Horsburgh, Report 6914
Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection, California, USA, 1993-2008. Metcalfe, John Z.; Porco, Travis C.; Westenhouse, Janice; Damesyn, Mark; Facer, Matt; Hill, Julia; X Report 5694
Tuberculosis outbreak in a primary school, Milan, Italy. Faccini, Marino; Codecasa, Luigi Ruffo; Ciconali, Giorgio; Cammarata, Serafina; Borriello, Catia Ros Report 2078
Unexpected increase of alveolar echincoccosis, Austria, 2011. Schneider, Renate; Aspock, Horst; Auer, Herbert Report 1964
Vibrio cholerae non-O1, non-O139 serogroups and cholera-like diarrhea, Kolkata, India. Dutta, Devarati; Chowdhury, Goutam; Pazhani, Gururaja P.; Guin, Sucharita; Dutta, Sanjucta; Ghosh, S Report 2231
Virulence of pertactin-negative bordetella pertussis isolates from infants, France. Bodilis, Helene; Guiso, Nicole Report 2520

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