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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (August 1, 2009)

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Avian influenza virus A (H5N1), detected through routine surveillance, in child, Bangladesh. Brooks, W. Abdullah; Alamgir, A.S.M.; Sultana, Rebecca; Islam, M. Saiful; Rahman, Mustafizur; Fry, A Report 2153
Avian Influenza. Mumford, Elizabeth Book review 534
Bordetella pertussis strains with increased toxin production associated with pertussis resurgence. Mooi, Frits R.; van Loo, Inge H.M.; van Gent, Marjolein; He, Qiushui; Bart, Marieke J.; Heuvelman, K 5455
Campylobacter jejuni HS:23 and Guillain-Barre syndrome, Bangladesh. Islam, Zhahirul; van Belkum, Alex; Cody, Alison J.; Tabor, Helen; Jacobs, Bart C.; Talukder, Kaisar Report 1524
Challenges of investigating community outbreaks of cyclosporiasis, British Columbia, Canada. Shah, Lena; MacDougall, Laura; Ellis, Andrea; Ong, Corinne; Shyng, Sion; LeBlanc, Linda 1914
Chronic invasive aspergillosis caused by Aspergillus viridinutans. Vinh, Donald C.; Shea, Yvonne R.; Jones, Pamela A.; Freeman, Alexandra F.; Zelazny, Adrian; Holland, Clinical report 2092
Dengue 1 virus and dengue hemorrhagic fever, French Polynesia, 2001. Hubert, Bruno; Halstead, Scott B. Disease/Disorder overview 3370
Entomologic and virologic investigation of chikungunya, Singapore. Ng, Lee-Ching; Tan, Li-Kiang; Tan, Cheong-Huat; Tan, Sharon S.Y.; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige C.; P 4672
Enzootic sparganosis in Guangdong, People's Republic of China. Li, Ming-Wei; Lin, Hong-Ying; Xie, Wei-Tian; Gao, Ming-Jian; Huang, Zhi-Wei; Wu, Jun-Ping; Li, Chun; Report 890
Epidemiologic study of Vibrio vulnificus infections by using variable number tandem repeats. Broza, Yoav Y.; Danin-Poleg, Yael; Lerner, Larisa; Valinsky, Lea; Broza, Meir; Kashi, Yechezkel 2362
Erratum. Correction notice 105
Extreme drug resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii infections in intensive care units, South Korea. Park, Young Kyoung; Peck, Kyong Ran; Cheong, Hae Suk; Chung, Doo-Ryeon; Song, Jae-Hoon; Ko, Kwan Soo Letter to the editor 1565
Fatal borreliosis in bat caused by relapsing fever spirochete, United Kingdom. Evans, Nicholas J.; Bown, Kevin; Timofte, Dorina; Simpson, Vic R.; Birtles, Richard J. Letter to the editor 1020
For the world does not yet censure those who tread the paths of dreams. Potter, Polyxeni 1204
George Martin Baer (1936-2009). Mahy, Brian W.J. In memoriam 430
Human rabies and rabies in vampire and nonvampire bat species, Southeastern Peru, 2007. Salmon-Mulanovich, Gabriela; Vasquez, Alicia; Albujar, Christian; Guevara, Carolina; Laguna-Torres, Report 2184
Human rhinovirus group C in hospitalized children, Singapore. Tan, Boon-Huan; Loo, Liat-Hui; Lim, Elizabeth Ai-Sim; Seah, Shirley Lay-Kheng; Lin, Raymond T.P.; Te Letter to the editor 1261
Human-to-dog transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Rutland, Bronwyn E.; Weese, J. Scott; Bolin, Carole; Au, Jennifer; Malani, Anurag N. Letter to the editor 1140
Increase in pneumococcus macrolide resistance, United States. Jenkins, Stephen G.; Farrell, David J. Report 3947
Invasive group B streptococcal disease in the elderly, Minnesota, USA, 2003-2007. Kothari, Neelay J.; Morin, Craig A.; Glennen, Anita; Jackson, Delois; Harper, Jane; Schrag, Stephani Report 2367
KI and WU polyomaviruses in patients infected with HIV-1, Italy. Babakir-Mina, Muhammed; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Trento, Elisabetta; Perno, Carlo Federico; Ciotti, Marco Letter to the editor 1337
Legionella pneumophila in rainwater on roads. Sakamoto, Ryota; Ohno, Akira; Nakahara, Toshitaka; Satomura, Kazunari; Iwanaga, Suketaka; Kouyama, Y 2028
Lobomycosis in man and lobomycosis-like disease in bottlenose dolphin, Venezuela. Bermudez, Luis; Van Bressem, Marie-Francoise; Reyes-Jaimes, Oscar; Sayegh, Alejandro J.; Paniz-Mondo 1824
Molecular epidemiology of rabies in Southern People's Republic of China. Tao, Xiao-Yan; Tang, Qing; Li, Hao; Mo, Zhao-Jun; Zhang, Hong; Wang, Ding-Ming; Zhang, Qiang; Song, Report 4364
More diseases tracked by using Google trends. Pelat, Camille; Turbelin, Clement; Bar-Hen, Avner; Flahault, Antoine; Valleron, Alain-Jacques Letter to the editor 901
National outbreak of Acanthamoeba keratitis associated with use of a contact lens solution, United States. Verani, Jennifer R.; Lorick, Suchita A.; Yoder, Jonathan S.; Beach, Michael J.; Braden, Christopher 5192
Nondominant hemisphere encephalitis in patient with signs of viral meningitis, New York, USA. Asnis, Deborah; Niazi, Nadia 663
Past, present, and future of Japanese encephalitis. Hills, Susan L.; Phillips, Deborah C. Letter to the editor 628
Pigs as source for toxigenic Corynebacterium ulcerans. Schuhegger, Regina; Schoerner, Christoph; Dlugaiczyk, Julia; Lichtenfeld, Ina; Trouillier, Alexander Report 1386
Potential malaria reemergence, Northeastern Thailand. Petney, Trevor; Sithithaworn, Paiboon; Satrawaha, Rojchai; Grundy-Warr, Carl; Andrews, Ross; Wang, Y Letter to the editor 1162
Predictors of death after severe Streptococcus pyogenes infection. Lamagni, Theresa L.; Neal, Shona; Keshishian, Catherine; Powell, David; Potz, Nicola; Pebody, Richar 2298
Recurrent zoonotic transmission of Nipah virus into humans, Bangladesh, 2001-2007. Luby, Stephen P.; Hossain, M. Jahangir; Gurley, Emily S.; Ahmed, Be-Nazir; Banu, Shakila; Khan, Sala Report 4534
Reemerging rabies and lack of systemic surveillance in People's Republic of China. Wu, Xianfu; Hu, Rongliang; Zhang, Yongzhen; Dong, Guanmu; Rupprecht, Charles E. 4390
Reproducibility of serologic assays for influenza virus A (H5N1). Stephenson, Iain; Heath, Alan; Major, Diane; Newman, Robert W.; Hoschler, Katja; Junzi, Wang; Katz, Report 6119
Response to imported case of Marburg hemorrhagic fever, the Netherlands. Timen, Aura; Koopmans, Marion P.G.; Vossen, Ann C.T.M.; van Doornum, Gerard J.J.; Gunther, Stephan; Case study 3497
Serologic evidence of frequent human infection with WU and KI polyomaviruses. Nguyen, Nang L.; Le, Binh-Minh; Wang, David Report 4034
Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli, New Mexico, USA, 2004-2007. Lathrop, Sarah; Edge, Karen; Bareta, Joseph 2246
Slave trade and hepatitis B virus genotypes and subgenotypes in Haiti and Africa. Andernach, Iris E.; Nolte, Claudine; Pape, Jean W.; Muller, Claude P. 4725
Spread of Cryptococcus gattii into Pacific Northwest Region of the United States. Datta, Kausik; Bartlett, Karen H.; Baer, Rebecca; Byrnes, Edmond; Galanis, Eleni; Heitman, Joseph; H Report 5214
Strategy to enhance influenza surveillance worldwide. Ortiz, Justin R.; Sotomayor, Viviana; Uez, Osvaldo C.; Oliva, Otavio; Bettels, Deborah; McCarron, Ma Report 5219
Tactics and economics of wildlife oral rabies vaccination, Canada and the United States. Sterner, Ray T.; Meltzer, Martin I.; Shwiff, Stephanie A.; Slate, Dennis 6990
Tick-borne rickettsiosis in traveler returning from Honduras. Chen, Lin H.; Wilson, Mary E. Letter to the editor 1506
Transgenic mice expressing porcine prion protein resistant to classical scrapie but susceptible to sheep bovine spongiform encephalopathy and atypical scrapie. Espinosa, Juan-Carlos; Herva, Maria-Eugenia; Andreoletti, Olivier; Padilla, Danielle; Lacroux, Carol 5453
Upcoming infectious disease activities. Calendar 138
Use of revised international health regulations during influenza A (H1N1) epidemic, 2009. Katz, Rebecca 4640
West Nile virus from blood donors, vertebrates, and mosquitoes, Puerto Rico, 2007. Hunsperger, Elizabeth A.; McElroy, Kate L.; Bessoff, Kovi; Colon, Candimar; Barrera, Roberto; Munoz- Report 1851

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