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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (June 1, 2007)

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"What did I do to be so black and blue?" (1). Potter, Polyxeni Cover story 1271
Age and clinical dengue illness. Coleman, Paul G. 1454
Antimicrobial drug--resistant Escherichia coli from humans and poultry products, Minnesota and Wisconsin, 2002-2004. Belongia, Edward A. 6528
Atlas of Human Parasitology, 5th Edition. Styles, Twitty J. 282
Bartonella DNA in loggerhead sea turtles. Breitschwerdt, Edward B. Letter to the editor 1178
Bartonella species in blood of immunocompetent persons with animal and arthropod contact. Woods, Christopher W. 2459
Battle of the Genomes: The Struggle for Survival in a Microbial World. Gwinn, Marta 553
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and spatial analysis of the feed industry. Ducrot, Christian 4467
Coronaviruses in children, Greece. Drosten, Christian Letter to the editor 1604
Determining risk factors for infection with influenza A (H5N1). Horby, Peter Letter to the editor 848
Economic evaluation and catheter-related bloodstream infections. Graves, Nicholas 6517
Emergence of serotype G12 rotaviruses, Hungary. Szucs, Gyorgy 2535
Endemic human monkeypox, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2001-2004. Meyer, Hermann 2201
European hedgehogs as hosts for Borrelia spp., Germany. Taraschewski, Horst Letter to the editor 1211
Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives. Higgins, Charles 448
Full recovery from Baylisascaris procyonis eosinophilic meningitis. Begue, Rodolfo E. 1972
Human alveolar echinococcosis after fox population increase, Switzerland. Deplazes, Peter 3326
Human Oestrus sp. infection, Canary Islands. Perez-Arellano, Jose-Luis Letter to the editor 1428
Ilheus virus isolate from a human, Ecuador. Kochel, Tadeusz J. Letter to the editor 1196
Imported cutaneous melioidosis in traveler, Belgium. Malvy, Denis Letter to the editor 1025
Incidence and cost of rotavirus hospitalizations in Denmark. Paerregaard, Anders 3780
Invasive cryptococcosis and adalimumab treatment. Farinas, M. Carmen Letter to the editor 1276
Isolation and characterization of novel human parechovirus from clinical samples. Fujii, Masahiro 5253
Levels of abnormal prion protein in deer and elk with chronic wasting disease. Race, Richard E. 4645
Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for influenza A (H5N1) virus. Poon, Leo L.M. 2042
Melioidosis outbreak after typhoon, southern Taiwan. Yin-Ching, Chuang 1640
Meningitis serogroup W135 outbreak, Burkina Faso, 2002. Caugant, Dominique A. 2370
Minority-variant pfcrt K76T mutations and chloroquine resistance, Malawi. Meshnick, Steven R. 3548
Molecular characteristics and epidemiology of meningococcal carriage, Burkina Faso, 2003. Nicolas, Pierre 5365
Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii. Kalavsky, Erich Letter to the editor 612
Murine typhus in children, South Texas (1). Rocha, Lisa 1774
Norovirus infection in children with acute gastroenteritis, Madagascar, 2004-2005. Hart, C. Anthony 2254
Nosocomial buffalopoxvirus infection, Karachi, Pakistan. Hasan, Rumina 1516
Plasmodium malariae in Haitian refugees, Jamaica. Sutherland, Colin J. 1802
Prions: The New Biology of Proteins. Belay, Ermias D. 521
Reemergence of Oropouche fever, Northern Brazil. Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa 2605
Risk factors for imported fatal Plasmodium falciparum malaria, France, 1996-2003. Durand, Remy 4610
Serogroup X in meningococcal disease, Western Kenya. Caugant, Dominique A. Letter to the editor 1059
Strategies to reduce person-to-person transmission during widespread Escherichia coli O157:H7 outbreak. Colford, John M., Jr. 4802
Tickborne encephalitis in naturally exposed monkey (Macaca sylvanus). Hotzel, Helmut 1976
Upcoming infectious disease activities. Calendar 200
West Nile virus viremia in eastern chipmunks (Tamias striatus) sufficient for infecting different mosquitoes. Rowley, Wayne A. 5484
Wound botulism in injection drug users. Seifert, Harald Letter to the editor 1208

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