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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (January 1, 2007)

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Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever virus in Ornithodoros savignyi ticks. de Lamballerie, Xavier 2266
Blood transfusion and spread of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Lower, Johannes 4580
Clinical diagnosis and geographic distribution of leptospirosis, Thailand. Peacock, Sharon P. 1925
Clostridium difficile in discharged inpatients, Germany. Gastmeier, Petra Letter to the editor 349
Clusters of Hantavirus infection, Southern Argentina. Cappa, Stella M. Gonzalez 4988
Cryptococcus gattii dispersal mechanisms, British Columbia, Canada. Bartlett, Karen H. 5188
Cryptococcus gattii risk for tourists visiting Vancouver Island, Canada. Boekhout, Teun Letter to the editor 803
Death rates from Malaria epidemics, Burundi and Ethiopia. Checchi, Francesco 2531
Dengue virus serotype 3, Karachi, Pakistan. Hewson, Roger Letter to the editor 1079
Disease ecology: community structure and pathogen dynamics. Peterson, A. Townsend 391
Elimination of arctic variant rabies in red foxes, Metropolitan Toronto. Muldoon, F. 1854
Emergence of Arctic-like rabies lineage in India. Wandeler, Alexander I. 3946
Epidemics after natural disasters. Connolly, Maire A. 4017
Exploding Totem in art and biology. Potter, Polyxeni Cover story 1111
Gastroenteritis caused by Norovirus GGII.4, the Netherlands, 1994-2005. Koopmans, Marion P.G. 1945
Henipavirus and Tioman virus antibodies in pteropodid bats, Madagascar. Reynes, Jean-Marc 1847
Human bocavirus in febrile children, the Netherlands. Berger, Marjolein Y. Letter to the editor 1335
Human bocavirus infection, People's Republic of China. Hou, Yun-De 2615
Human subcutaneous dirofilariasis, Russia. Simon, Fernando 1497
Indigenous case of disseminated histoplasmosis, Taiwan. Lin, Hsi-Hsun Disease/Disorder overview 1859
Interaction between humans and poultry, rural Cambodia. Vong, Sirenda 1872
Major outbreak of hepatitis A associated with orange juice among tourists, Egypt, 2004. Stark, Klaus 1955
Model for assessing human papillomavirus vaccination strategies. Insinga, Ralph P. 10369
Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter infection mortality rate and length of hospitalization. Srinivasan, Arjun 5125
Ophthalmic surgery in prion diseases. Yamada, Masahito 2370
Panmicrobial oligonucleotide array for diagnosis of infectious diseases. Lipkin, W. Ian 5685
Parvoviruses PARV4/5 in hepatitis C virus-infected patient. Baylis, Sally A. Letter to the editor 1180
Prevalence of G2P[4] and G12P[6] rotavirus, Bangladesh. Azim, Tasnim 5256
Primary Pneumocystis infection in infants hospitalized with acute respiratory tract infection. Lundgren, Jens D. 4883
Questioning aerosol transmission of influenza. Tellier, Raymond Letter to the editor 1343
Rabies encephalitis in malaria-endemic area, Malawi, Africa. Solomon, Tom Disease/Disorder overview 2796
Reemergence of endemic chikungunya, Malaysia. Roslan, Nuruliza 1838
Saint Louis encephalitis virus, Brazil. Nogueira, Mauricio Lacerda Letter to the editor 1665
Salmon aquaculture and transmission of the fish tapeworm. Cabello, Felipe C. 2055
Sapovirus in water, Japan. Omura, Tatsuo 1539
Similar biochemical signatures and prion protein genotypes in atypical scrapie and Nor98 cases, France and Norway. Baron, Thierry 5225
Spread of Cryptococcus gattii in British Columbia, Canada, and detection in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Bartlett, Karen H. 5773
Subtypes of Cryptosporidium parvum in humans and disease risk. Chalmers, Rachel M. 4458
Thermal death point of Baylisascaris procyonis eggs. Shafir, Shira C.; Wang, Wei; Sorvillo, Frank J.; Wise, Matthew E.; Moore, Laurel; Sorvillo, Teresa; 1199
Tickborne relapsing fever diagnosis obscured by Malaria, Togo. Bergstrom, Sven Disease/Disorder overview 4725
Upcoming Infectious Disease Activities. Calendar 124
Vaccine effectiveness estimates, 2004-2005 mumps outbreak, England. Ramsay, Mary E. 4533
Wildlife, exotic pets, and emerging zoonoses (1). Meslin, Francois-Xavier 4631

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