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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (November 1, 2005)

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Title Author Type Words
Adventitious viruses and smallpox vaccine. Chastel, Claude Letter to the Editor 303
African tick-bite fever in French travelers. Raoult, Didier Letter to the Editor 1361
African Trypanosomiasis Gambiense, Italy. Viale, Pierluigi 2325
Anaplasma phagocytophilum-infected ticks, Japan. Masuzawa, Toshiyuki 2167
Assays to detect West Nile virus in dead birds. Campbell, Scott 2548
Australian public and smallpox. Lowe, John B. 2250
Bartonella quintana and Rickettsia felis in Gabon. Raoult, Didier 1970
Borrelia spielmanii erythema migrans, Hungary. Lakos, Andras Letter to the Editor 1151
Cervical human papillomavirus screening among older women. Jenkins, David 5289
Coltiviruses and seadornaviruses in North America, Europe, and Asia. de Lamballerie, Xavier 4799
Cryptococcus gattii in AIDS patients, Southern California. Chaturvedi, Vishnu 4861
Ehrlichia ruminantium, Sudan. Tamura, Yutaka Letter to the Editor 1254
Emergence of Toscana virus in Europe. de Lamballerie, Xavier 5035
Evaluation of West Nile virus education campaign. Fox, Michael H. 2001
Family clustering of avian influenza A (HSN1). Chunsuttiwat, Supamit Letter to the Editor 1702
Fluoroquinolone use in food animals. Angulo, Frederick J. Letter to the Editor 2211
Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1, Thailand, 2004. Stegeman, Arjan 5917
Imported tickborne relapsing fever, France. Postic, Daniele Letter to the Editor 1138
Long-term death rates, West Nile virus epidemic, Israel, 2000. Chowers, Michal Y. 2837
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Taiwan. Hiramatsu, Keichii 2076
Microbe: Are We Ready for the Next Plague? Jahrling, Peter B. Book Review 602
Neonatal Moraxella osloensis ophthalmia. Wald, Ellen Letter to the Editor 1063
Neutralizing antibody response and SARS severity. Yang, Jyh-Yuan 6256
Norovirus outbreaks from drinking water. von Bonsdorff, Carl-Henrik 4330
Phoenix and fowl: birds of a feather. Potter, Polyxeni Cover Story 981
Profiling Mycobacterium ulcerans with hsp65. Portaels, Francoise Letter to the Editor 1218
Quarantine stressing voluntary compliance. Giles, Gregory 1465
Respiratory infections during SARS outbreak, Hong Kong, 2003. Lim, Wilina W.L. 2757
Rift Valley fever in small ruminants, Senegal, 2003. Mondet, Bernard 5152
Salmonella Paratyphi A rates, Asia. Clemens, John D. 1993
Slow epidemic of lymphogranuloma venereum L2b strain. Morre, Servaas A. 1517
Social factors associated with AIDS and SARS. Galea, Sandro 2312
Spelling of emerging pathogens. Millar, B. Cherie Letter to the Editor 945
Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia, Europe. Grundmann, Hajo 1265
The AIDS Pandemic: Impact on Science and Society. Stephens, Jeffrey L. Book Review 350
Tick-Borne Diseases of Humans. Smith, Robert P. Book Review 541
Tickborne pathogen detection, Western Siberia, Russia. Morozova, Olga V. 5515
Tickborne relapsing fever in Israel. Schwartz, Eli 1591
Toscana virus in Spain. Tenorio, Antonio 4677
Typing African relapsing fever spirochetes. Cutler, Sally Jane 5648
Vibrio cholerae pathogenic clones. Reeves, Peter R. 2280
West Nile virus epidemic, Northeast Ohio, 2002. Marfin, Anthony A. 2477

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