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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (November 1, 2004)

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Barriers to infectious disease care among lesbians. Marrazzo, Jeanne M. 3749
Battling 21st-century scourges with a 14th-century toolbox (1). Simone, Pattie 904
Burkholderia cenocepacia vaginal infection in patient with smoldering myeloma and chronic hepatitis C. Nicoletti, Mauro 2002
Cholera in Mozambique, variant of Vibrio cholerae. Chaignat, Claire-Lise Letter to the Editor 1236
Commercial logging and HIV epidemic, rural Equatorial Africa. Delaporte, Eric 3278
Contribution of sex-linked biology and gender roles to disparities with trachoma. West, Sheila K. 4018
Correction, vol. 10, no. 10. Correction Notice 158
Decreased levofloxacin susceptibility in Haemophilus influenzae in children, Hong Kong. Chiu, Susan S. 2492
Disproportionate impact of sexually transmitted diseases on women. Padian, Nancy Brief Article 260
Emerging issues for the public health laboratory (2). Warnock, David 788
Enhanced identification of postoperative infections among inpatients. Platt, Richard 4825
Enhanced identification of postoperative infections among outpatients. Platt, Richard 4951
Evaluating human papillomavirus vaccination programs. Sanders, Gillian D. 5685
Gender and monitoring the response to HIV/AIDS pandemic. DeLay, Paul 2704
Globalization and infectious diseases in women. Bellamy, Carol 1869
Healthcare settings as amplifiers of infectious disease (2). Tappert, Michael L. 697
Hepatitis B in women: domestically and internationally. Subiadur, Julie 766
Histopathologic improvement with lymphedema management, Leogane, Haiti. Addiss, David G. 6009
Human infection caused by Clostridium hathewayi. Zhang, Kunyan 1525
Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer. Barr, Eliav 839
Impact of HIV on women in the United States. Dannemiller, Tracy 1185
Impact of HIV on women internationally. Williamson, Nancy 643
Infectious etiologies of chronic diseases: focus on women. Rasmussen, Sonja 1055
International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases. Feinman, Lori 740
International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases. Slaughter, Larisa 1049
Leptotrichia amnionii and the female reproductive tract. La Scola, Bernard Letter to the Editor 1201
Mathematical modeling and public policy: responding to health crises (1). Levin, Bruce 381
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. (1). Pearson, Michele L. 630
National Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring System for Enteric Bacteria. Chiller, Tom M. 539
Nucleocapsid Protein as Early Diagnostic Marker for SARS. Kwok-Yung, Yuen 1485
Nurses' working conditions: implications for infectious disease. Correa-de-Araujo, Rosaly 4189
Plagues, public health, and politics (1). McPheeters, Melissa 3103
Prevention of hepatitis C in women. Hutin, Yvan J.F. 577
Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission internationally (1). Mazhani, Loeto 829
Public health interventions and SARS spread, 2003. Bell, David M. 4910
Public health workforce development (1). Cassell, Gail 786
Refugees, forced displacement, and war. Amowitz, Lynn 764
Rubella elimination and improving health care for women. Andrus, Jon Kim 3449
Scientific discovery and women's health. Potter, Polyxeni Cover Story 1056
Sexual power and HIV risk, South Africa. Padian, Nancy S. 5227
Smallpox models as policy tools (1). McKenzie, F. Ellis 3059
Steps for preventing infectious diseases in women. Ramon-Pardo, Pilar 4228
Topographic changes in SARS coronavirus--infected cells during late stages of infection. Ooi, E.E. 3691
Trachoma decline and widespread use of antimicrobial drugs. Lietman, Thomas M. 3437
Transformation of the developing world: socioeconomic matrix (1). Ryan, Edward T. 462
Tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections. Rieder, Hans L. Letter to the Editor 1253
Upcoming infectious disease activities. Calendar 130
Vaccines for women age 50 and older. Pabbatireddy, Sudha 4297
Vaccines: Preventing Disease Protecting Health. Strassburg, Marc A. Book Review 699
Women and autoimmune diseases. Rose, Noel R. 4607
Women and infectious diseases. Gerberding, Julie L. 1833
Women, water management, and health. Watts, Susan 1480

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