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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (March 1, 2003)

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Amplification of the sylvatic cycle of dengue virus type 2, Senegal, 1999-2000: entomologic findings and epidemiologic considerations. (Research). Mathiot, Christian 5155
Asymptomatic visceral leishmaniasis, northern Israel. (Dispatches). Jaffe, Charles L. 1634
Bartonella henselae in Ixodes ricinus ticks (Acari: Ixodida) removed from humans, Belluno Province, Italy. (Research). Raoult, Didier 3688
Correction, vol. 8, no. 12. (News & Notes). Correction Notice 515
Early and definitive diagnosis of toxic shock syndrome by detection of marked expansion of T-cell-receptor V[beta]2-positive T cells. (Dispatches). Uchiyama, Takehiko 2125
Echinococcus multilocularis: an emerging pathogen in Hungary and Central Eastern Europe? (Dispatches). Varga, Istvan 2191
Edvard Munch (1863-1944) Self-Portrait After the Spanish Flu (1919-20). (About the Cover). Potter, Polyxeni 728
Electron microscopy for rapid diagnosis of infectious agents in emergent situations (1). (Synopses). Gelderblom, Hans R. 6678
Emergence of ceftriaxone-resistant Salmonella isolates and rapid spread of plasmid-encoded CMY-2-like cephalosporinase, Taiwan. (Research). Wu, Jiunn-Jong 4258
Emerging human infectious diseases: anthroponoses, zoonoses, and sapronoses. (Letters). Hubalek, Zdenek Letter to the Editor 1272
Emerging trends in international law concerning global infectious disease control (1). (Perspective). Fidler, David P. 5063
Enterovirus 71 outbreaks, Taiwan: occurrence and recognition. (Synopses). Lee, Chin-Yun 2522
Epidemiology of meningococcal disease, New York City, 1989-2000. (Research). Weiss, Don 5662
European echinococcosis registry: human alveolar echinococcosis, Europe, 1982-2000. (Research). Kern, Peter 5512
Experimental infection of North American birds with the New York 1999 strain of West Nile virus. (Research). Bunning, Michel 12063
Human metapneumovirus in severe respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis. (Dispatches). Hart, C. Anthony 2396
Influenza AH1N2 viruses, United Kingdom, 2001-02 influenza season. (Research). Zambon, Maria C. 5469
Isolation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from intact colon fecal samples of swine (1). (Dispatches). Luchansky, John B. 3238
Molecular detection of Bartonella quintana, B. koehlerae, B. henselae, B. clarridgeiae, Rickettsia felis, and Wolbachia pipientis in cat fleas, France. (Research). Raoult, Didier 4286
Multidrug-resistant Shigella dysenteriae type 1: forerunners of a new epidemic strain in eastern India? (Letters). Bhattacharya, Sujit K. 740
Mycobacterium celatum pulmonary infection in the immunocompetent: case report and review. (Dispatches). Bornigia, Stefano 3110
New lyssavirus genotype from the Lesser Mouse-eared Bat (Myotis blythi), Kyrghyzstan. (Research). Botvinkin, Alexandr D. 4076
Persistence of virus-reactive serum immunoglobulin M antibody in confirmed West Nile virus encephalitis cases. (Dispatches). Campbell, Grant L. 3404
Rabies in Sri Lanka: splendid isolation. (Dispatches). Rupprecht, Charles E. 3006
Removing deer mice from buildings and the risk for human exposure to Sin Nombre virus. (Dispatches). Mills, James N. 2040
The National Capitol Region's emergency department syndromic surveillance system: do chief complaint and discharge diagnosis yield different results? (Dispatches). Blythe, David 2617
Tularemia on Martha's Vineyard: seroprevalence and occupational risk. (Research). Hayes, Edward B. 3976

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