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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (November 1, 2002)

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A prospective, multicenter study of laboratory cross-contamination of mycobacterium tuberculosis cultures. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Desmond, Edward P. 3025
About the cover. (News & Notes). Potter, Polyxeni Brief Article 573
At the deathbed of consumptive art. (Another Dimension). Morens, David M. 5406
Cestode Zoonoses: Echinococcosis and Cysticercosis: an emergent and global problem. Richards, Frank O., Jr. Book Review 312
Children and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Mumbai (Bombay), India. (Letters). Bavdekar, Sandeep B. Letter to the Editor 1461
Cross-jurisdictional transmission of mycobacterium tuberculosis in Maryland and Washington, D.C., 1996-2000, linked to the homeless. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Cronin, Wendy A. 2324
DNA fingerprinting of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from epidemiologically linked case pairs. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Braden, Christopher R. 4824
DNA fingerprinting of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: lessons learned and implications for the future. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Navin, Thomas R. 5678
Estimated costs of false laboratory diagnoses of tuberculosis in three patients. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Braden, Christopher R. 4997
Genomewide pattern of synonymous nucleotide substitution in two complete genomes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. (Dispatches). Murray, Megan 3905
Genotype analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a sentinel surveillance population. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Crawford, Jack T. 5944
Genotyping analyses of tuberculosis cases in U.S.-and foreign-born Massachusetts residents. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Nardell, Edward 5412
Global distribution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis spoligotypes. (Dispatches). Rastogi, Nalin 2118
Human exposure following Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection of multiple animal species in a Metropolitan Zoo. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Flood, Jennifer 3021
Identifying the sources of tuberculosis in young children: a multistate investigation. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Ellis, Barbara A. 6493
Immunology of infectious diseases. Lazar, Thomas Book Review 647
Impact of genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on Public Health Practice in Massachusetts. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Etkind, Sue 4259
Molecular analysis of sarcoidosis tissues for Mycobacterium species DNA. (Research). Blaser, Martin J. 5305
Molecular differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains without IS6110 insertions. Dunlap, Nancy E. 2240
Molecular epidemiology of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, New York City, 1995-1997. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Kreiswirth, Barry N. 6801
Molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis in a low- to moderate-incidence state: are contact investigations enough? (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Bishai, William R. 6883
Molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis in a sentinel surveillance population. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Kammerer, Steve 9647
Molecular typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains with a common two-band IS6110 pattern. Dunlap, Nancy E. 2389
Mycobacterium haemophilum: emerging or underdiagnosed in Brazil? (Letters). Leite, Jose Paulo Gagliardi Letter to the Editor 1032
Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission between cluster members with similar fingerprint patterns. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Cave, M. Donald 2271
National Tuberculosis Genotyping and Surveillance Network: Design and Methods. (Tubercolosis Genotyping Network). Onorato, Ida M. 3679
Quality assessment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotyping in a large laboratory network. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Schable, Barbara A. 3734
Rationale and methods for the National Tuberculosis Genotyping and Surveillance Network. (Tubercolosis Genotyping Network). Jaffe, Harold W. 3228
Rifampin- and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Russian civilians and prison inmates: dominance of the Beijing strain family. (Research). Fedorin, Ivan 5169
Skin-test screening and tuberculosis transmission among the homeless (1). (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Cave, M. Donald 3770
Spoligologos: a bioinformatic approach to displaying and analyzing Mycobacterium tuberculosis data. Taber, Harry W. 3023
The continued threat of tuberculosis. (Tubercolosis Genotyping Network). Crawford, Jack T. 856
Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a rural community, Arkansas, 1945-2000. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Bates, Joseph H. 2118
Tuberculosis-related deaths within a well-functioning DOTS control program. (Research). Sifuentes-Osornio, Jose 5739
Two cases of pulmonary tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis subsp. Canetti. (Dispatches). Vincent, Veronique 1902
Use of DNA fingerprinting to investigate a multiyear, multistate tuberculosis outbreak. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Ridzon, Renee 3624

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