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Articles from Emerging Infectious Diseases (January 1, 2002)

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A large outbreak of legionnaires' disease at a Flower Show, the Netherlands, 1999. (Research). Conyn-Van Spaendonck, Marina A.E. Statistical Data Included 5417
Absence of mycoplasma contamination in the anthrax vaccine. (Dispatches). Korch, George W., Jr. 1770
African trypanosomiasis in travelers returning to the United Kingdom. (Dispatches). Chiodini, Peter L. 2113
An outbreak of community-acquired foodborne illness caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Schaffner, William 1957
Antimicrobial drug resistance in pathogens causing nosocomial infections at a University Hospital in Taiwan, 1981-1999. (Research). Luh, Kwen-Tay 4383
Antimicrobial sensitivity in enterobacteria from AIDS patients, Zambia. (Dispatches). Kelly, Paul 1635
Changes in predominance and diversity of genomic subtypes of bordetella pertussis isolated in the United States, 1935-1999. (Research). Sanden, Gary N. 4803
Efficacy of interferon alpha-2b and ribavirin against West Nile virus in vitro. (Letters). Rahal, James J. 1180
Enhancing public health surveillance for influenza virus by incorporating newly available rapid diagnostic tests. (Research). Nakata, Michele Statistical Data Included 4145
First case of human rabies in Chile caused by an insectivorous bat virus variant. de Mattos, Cecilia C. 2384
First reported case of imported hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Europe. (Letters). Zeller, Herve G. 652
Genetic characterization of the M RNA segment of Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus strains, China. (Research). Antoniadis, Antonis Statistical Data Included 2928
High rates of tuberculosis in end-stage renal failure: the impact of international migration. Friedland, Jon S. 1739
Human herpesvirus 6-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in a healthy adult. (Dispatches). Yamanishi, Koichi 1206
Human infection with cryptosporidium felis: case report and literature review. (Dispatches). Pozio, Edoardo Product/Service Evaluation 1778
Nosocomial endocarditis caused by Corynebacterium amycolatum and other nondiphtheriae corynebacteria. (Dispatches). Holmes, Alison H. 2599
Participant blinding and gastrointestinal illness in a randomized, controlled trial of an in-home drinking water intervention. (Research). Levy, Deborah A. Statistical Data Included 6542
Presence of Rickettsia felis in the cat flea from Southwestern Europe (1). Pachon, Jeronimo 1789
Prevalence and genetic profiling of virulence determinants of non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from cattle, beef, and humans, Calcutta, India. (Research). Nair, Gopinath Balakrish Statistical Data Included 6778
Primary liver abscess caused by one clone of Klebsiella pneumoniae with two colonial morphotypes and resistotypes. (Dispatches). Luh, Kwen-Tay Statistical Data Included 1992
Randomized controlled trial of active physician-based surveillance of foodborne illness. (Letters). Hurst, Richard 791
Shipping and the spread of infectious salmon anemia in Scottish aquaculture. (Perspectives). Stagg, Ronald M. 3915
Surveillance for antimicrobial resistance in Croatia. (Synopsis). Jankovic, Vera 2840
The dioxin crisis as experiment to determine poultry-related campylobacter enteritis. (Research). Van Loock, Frank 2812
The Emerging Infectious Diseases journal: a time of transition. (Editorial). Hughes, James M. 965
The Fifth International Conference on Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Hantaviruses. (Conference Summary). Calisher, Charles Brief Article 667
The Old Port of Dubrovnik (watercolor, 18th century) anonymous. (About the Cover). Tambic-Andrana, Andreja Brief Article 357
Tularemia outbreak investigation in Kosovo: case control and environmental studies. (Research). Humolli, Isme 3974
Using a dynamic hydrology model to predict mosquito abundances in flood and swamp water. (Perspectives). Cane, Mark 5306

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