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Emerald Specialty Polymers introduces Nychem Poly4000 latex.

Emerald Specialty Polymers, a business group of Emerald Performance Materials, has introduced Nychem Poly4000 latex, a specialized waterborne, polybutadiene homopolymer for plastics impact modification and specialty adhesives.

The new product is the latest addition to the group's line of Nychem latex emulsions and further expands the range of offerings into new application areas. Nychem Poly4000 is the softest polymer in the product line and can be used to modify the impact resistance of more brittle engineered thermoplastics, a new end-use application, and enhance low-temperature performance in applications such as adhesives.

Historically, Nychem products have been used as saturants and in specialty coatings to improve the strength, abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as other performance characteristics of paper, non-woven and textile and industrial coatings. The company also provides the well-known line of Hypro 100 percnet reactive liquid polymers (RLPs) to enhance toughening and impact resistance of thermoset systems that are often used in structural adhesives, high-performance composites and industrial maintenance coatings.

Once impact-modified polymers have been synthesized with a Nychem Poly4000 butadiene rubber core, manufacturers can incorporate these materials into end uses such as thermoplastic elastomers, impact resistant plastics, hydrogels and other high-impact end uses. Nychem Poly4000 is also suitable for use in transparent materials.

Emerald's Nychem specialty emulsions are used in a variety of industrial applications, including paper, abrasives, tape, adhesives, specialty coatings, coated fabrics, coal tar sealing binders and leather. For many decades, the line was sold under the Hycar brand, which was one of the first synthetic latex offerings, known for its quality and superior technology foundation. Emerald rebranded the product line following the divestiture of the business from its predecessor company.

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Title Annotation:Suppliers Corner
Publication:Coatings World
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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