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Embedded motion.

ACCES I/O Products (San Diego, CA), introduces its newest PC/104 board-the 104-QUAD-8 Series. The PC/104 quadrature input boards can be used in embedded motion control, instrumentation, robotics, industrial machinery, process control and monitoring. Digital filtering, interrupts, and flexible programming of the LSI/CSI 24-bit dual axis quadrature counter LS7266R1 are included as well. The 8 pins per channel are accessed via 2 34-pin IDC type headers, which include a resettable 0.5-A fused 5-V output and ground pair to power most common encoders. Key features of the 104QUAD-8 include:

* 4, 6 or 8 channels of quadrature encoder and channel index inputs

* A required +5 V at 260 mA.

* A 16-bit pass-through PC/104 connector for system development and integration.

* 3 differential channels per encoder, including dual axis and index.

* Resettable fused +5 VDC available per channel.

* Input ranges of [+ or -] 25 V and [+ or -] 7 V common mode.

* A 4.3 MHz maximum clock rate with digital filtering.

* A 24-bit dual axis quadrature counter LS7266R1 with selectable X1, X2 or X4 decoding modes.

* Individual software reset for each channel.

* An optional -40[degrees] to 85[degrees]C operating temperature.


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Title Annotation:New Products: Electronic Components
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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