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Embarcadero unveils FireMonkey, the next-generation business application platform.

CPU/GPU powered business application platform for visually stunning HD and 3D applications on Windows, Mac and iOS

Embarcadero Technologies have announced the launch of FireMonkey[TM], claiming to be the first CPU- and GPU- powered business application platform that enables developers to create visually-engaging, native applications for Windows, Mac and mobile (iOS). FireMonkey allows developers to rapidly build rich HD and 3D applications with fast native performance, animation, image effects, enterprise-class database connectivity and interactive data visualisation, and build to Amazon and Azure cloud services.

Until now, rich user experiences have been exclusive to Web entertainment, advertising and media. FireMonkey is a business platform that makes it easy to build next-generation, rich user experiences on all key platforms and devices to mest the performance, connectivity and platform requirements of business software.

While Windows remains the standard business platform today, both Mac OSX and iOS are growing rapidly. This growth combined with emerging BYOD (bring your own device) policies are creating high demand and developer opportunities for business applications scaling across multiple platforms. Using FireMonkey, developers can easily write applications compiling natively to Windows, Mac and iOS, saving significant time and resources.

"FireMonkey is simply revolutionary - combining the ease-of-use of visual component-based development, scalable vector graphics, 3D, hardware image effects, database access, and unprecedented native speed and cross-platform support in a single package," said Boian Mitov founder, Mitov Software.

Data and hardware intensive applications for scientific, financial, medical, GIS, communications and machine control industries can deliver faster more visually rich user experiences with FireMonkey's GPU-powered HD scalable vector and 3D user interfaces, animation and effects. FireMonkey applications are the highest performance possible with native CPU application execution and data access. FireMonkey includes hundreds oi extensible pre-built components, and Rapid Application Development (RAD) visual development tools speed the work from prototype to production.

Additionally, FireMonkey's LiveBindings allow users to connect any type of data or information to any FireMonkey user interface (Ul) or graphics objects. Users can bind live data to standard Ul controls or to HD and 3D graphics to create new ways to visualise any type of data. And, connected applications are easy to build and extend with FireMonkey's components for database, cloud and web services.

"In the Chinese zodiac, the Fire Monkey appeals to intelligence, invention and creativity; these are the same namesake qualities behind the FireMonkey application platform," said Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products for Embarcadero Technologies. "FireMonkey is designed for a new generation of business software, giving users the ultra-rich experience of RJA platforms, the performance of native code, enterprise-class connectivity and the flexibility to run on the devices businesses care about - Windows, Mac and mobile."

FireMonkey is included with Delphi[R] XE2, C++Builder[R] XE2 and RAD Studio[R] XE2, which also includes RadPHP[TM] and Embarcadero Prism[TM]. All tools are now available worldwide. To download a free trial, go to
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Oct 1, 2011
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