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Elvis Priestley not demeaning worship. (Letters).

Dear editor,

I do not imagine Douglas Barrett of Newfoundland and Labrador (April 2003 letters) was present at the service in Newmarket, which Rev. Dorian Baxter presided over. I was and a more sincere and compassionate priest would be hard to find. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident in that hall.

Traveling an hour and a half to church every Sunday is not a viable alternative to my own parish church, however, I returned a month later and Mr. Baxter continues to attract upwards of 200 people to his weekly service--a new congregation in a new area and a congregation from every age group.

I do not think he is "demeaning or cheapening the worship of almighty God."

Sheila Hawkins

Victoria Harbour, Ont.
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Author:Hawkins, Sheila
Publication:Anglican Journal
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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