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Elton Explodes again: Who's that stupid cow who advises Tony Blair? Carole Chaplin, Caplin - whatever her name is. She's a mindless ****ing turd; EXCLUSIVE ELTON EXPLODES (AGAIN).

Byline: EVA SIMPSON in Atlanta

BY his own admission his rages are like something out of The Exorcist.

Ashamed of his furious outbursts, Sir Elton John insists he is desperately trying to curb his volcanic temper.

But as we chat it is not long before the bile begins to erupt.

After his venomous verbal attacks on airport photographers and his fellow pop superstar Madonna, the singer soon finds a new target.

This time it's Cherie Blair's lifestyle adviser, Carole Caplin, who is in the line of fire.

Taking aim, Elton suddenly explodes.

"Who's that stupid cow who advises the Prime Minister?" he says. "Carole Chaplin, Caplin - whatever her name is. She's a mindless f*****g turd."

It is a startling way to describe a woman who was said to wield considerable influence in 10 Downing Street.

The former Hot Gossip pin-up's offence was to offer her opinion on how multi-millionaire Sir Elton should draw up his will and who should benefit from his massive fortune. Not her business, fumes the great man. He explains: "I said that if I died and didn't have any family or dependants to leave my money to, I would leave it all to my godchildren.

"At the last count there were 12 - including Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham and Elizabeth Hurley's son Damien.

"Caplin said that was disgraceful. Can you believe that? She said I should leave it all to charity.

"And I was like: 'F*** off, you mindless turd. You stupid mindless turd.'

"Not all of my godchildren are wealthy, and if I'm their godfather and I love my godchildren why shouldn't I leave them something?"

With that, Elton calms down a little. But he can't resist another razor- sharp barb.

"But hey, look at the source it's coming from," he laughs. "It's a pile of sick on two legs, isn't it? I can say that, can't I?"

You just did, Elton.

"Anyway, by the time I die there won't be any money left," he says. "Because I'm going to spend it all on flowers in the last week of my life."

There's never a dull moment in the company of Sir Elton, a 57-year-old legend whose remarkable career is just entering a new chapter with the release of his album Peachtree Road.

In his dressing-room after a triumphant concert at the Tabernacle venue in Atlanta, Georgia, the veteran entertainer is in typically exuberant form.

Dressed in a black tracksuit, he sips mineral water as he discusses the trials and tribulations of his celebrity friends.

AT a recent awards ceremony he let rip at Madonna after she was voted best live act.

"Enough of this lip-synching crap," he says as he feeds nuts to his beloved pet cocker spaniel Arthur.

"I've seen greats like Liza Minnelli and Shirley MacLaine and they don't lip-synch. Mick Jagger doesn't and he runs for two and a half hours. So does Steve Tyler.

"I think Madonna is a really great artist, and she only lip-synchs when she dances, so she's the least culpable one. I could reel off a whole list of lip-synchers, but I don't want to get into any more trouble. But take your pick."

When I mention Britney, Justin, Christina, he shrugs knowingly. "I just think it's a cheat," he says.

I ask him about that Taiwan incident, when a tired Elton turned on the paparazzi and yelled: "You're rude, vile pigs."

He sighs: "I'd been travelling for seven hours. It was 12.15am and we had to walk half a mile to immigration - no one to help us with our bags. The guys were being deliberately obstructive and telling us to get out of the country and I lost it.

"It was a shame, because it was the only bad thing that happened to us on that tour.

"They WERE being rude, vile pigs and I don't regret saying that."

Until 14 years ago, Elton could blame drugs and alcohol for his occasional bouts of fury.

But his long-term Canadian partner David Furnish has helped him kick his addictions, and he has no intention of ever returning to the dark days.

He says: "My rages don't happen very often and after two seconds they're gone. I wish I could reason like David, who can reason and talk very calmly. But I just can't do that."

He laughs: "I think it's an Aries thing. I don't like it, but what can you do?" He has been with Furnish, 41, for almost 12 years. They have fabulous homes in Windsor, Venice, London and Nice as well as in Atlanta.

But the pair have no immediate plans for a gay marriage.

"Getting married is not something I feel I have to do," Elton says. "The problem is, same sex partners don't get the same rights as other people.

"But let's just say, if the opportunity were to arise and it meant that I could protect David and myself, then I would do it. I've seen it happen so many times when someone in a gay couple dies.

The family comes steaming in and takes everything. But it's not something I'm considering for the time being."

His relationship is solid, his shows at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas are sold out and Peachtree Road - his 43rd album - is out today.

HE wrote the tracks with his lyricist Bernie Taupin and British audiences will get a chance to enjoy the new material when he tours the UK next month.

Elton prefers the music scene here. "Scissor Sisters, the Libertines... it's all so much better than the American charts," he says.

"The British music scene is light- years ahead of what's happening in America. We have much better taste. Ms Dynamite's coming back with a new album, Jamelia's doing great and Estelle's so talented."

Only one UK star seems to present cause for concern: his old friend Robbie Williams, who recently accused Elton of kidnapping him.

"With Robbie, I guess we kind of did kidnap him," Elton concedes, "because he was in such a bad way. He'd lost his wallet, he'd lost his keys, he'd lost the diamond cross that we'd bought him, he'd lost every bit of identification he had on him.

"He just turned up at our door and he was a mess. And I've been in that situation where I've had the cocaine shakes and the scratches.

"We love Robbie and we wanted to save his life. So we got a proper doctor to have a look at him and we got him booked into a little hospital. But he checked out after one night. We only did what we did because we cared about him. And we still do.

"If Robbie called me tomorrow I'd still help him. I just wish he would enjoy his success. There's a lot of self hatred going on there and I can relate to that, because every artist is destructive.

"Robbie should be more proud of himself and start hanging out with more positive people, not people who give him negative vibes.

"Robbie is a depressive personality anyway. He thinks he's a fraud - but he needs to pat himself on the back and give himself a break."

Elton also has advice for his other close friends David and Victoria Beckham - but they don't always listen.

He believes they handled reports of David's affair with Rebecca Loos badly. "They're young and I love them to death, but they are still a little immature and they seem to have been given a lot of bad advice," he says.

BUT if you give people advice and they ignore it, they pay the price. I've done that and I know what it's like. It's a learning curve for them."

Meanwhile, it seems Simon Cowell won't be on Elton's Christmas card list. He is no fan of TV talent shows.

"I think shows like Pop Idol and The X Factor have had their day and are hopefully coming to an end," he says. "The last Pop Idol featured a really mediocre bunch of people.

"I feel really sorry for Michelle McManus. I think they picked her because of her size and because she's so different.

"She's obviously a very sweet girl and my heart goes out to her. They don't prepare them for when it all starts to go wrong. They don't care.

"She's a good enough singer, but come on, she's not a pop star. Her situation is cruel and I feel sorry for her. She'll be ringing me up next."

If she does, one thing's for sure: good old Sir Elton will listen and do all he can to help.


Peachtree Road is out today.

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in Taiwan

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TAME THE TANTRUMS; Elt is trying to keep a lid on his legendary temper now Picture: REUTERS HAPPY: With David Furnish; TARGET: Caplin
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Date:Nov 8, 2004
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