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Eltek Valere Solar-Diesel Technology Powers Wireless Network in Papua New Guinea.

ENERGY RESOURCE-10 February 2010-Eltek Valere Solar-Diesel Technology Powers Wireless Network in Papua New Guinea(C)2010 JeraOne -

Norway's Eltek Valere today announced that Digicel Pacific, a leading South Pacific wireless operator, has installed a hybrid solar-diesel DC power system based on the company's Flatpack2 HE Solar Charger to build out its wireless network serving Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The announcement was made just before Mobile World Congress (Feb. 15-18), where Eltek Valere will be demonstrating its DC power solutions for wireless networks.

Digicel Pacific implemented a 35-tower high capacity microwave backbone and basestation network to provide more bandwidth for its mobile phone customers on the island. But the rugged terrain of PNG, one of the least explored areas in the world, meant that many of those sites were in areas not served by grid power.

"Digicel Pacific faced a unique challenge in building a network across a country with topography as difficult as Papua New Guinea," said Kenneth Bodahl, Managing Director of Asia Pacific for Eltek Valere. "Rather than fight the environment, we were able to provide them with a flexible power solution that enabled them to both expand their network while cutting costs dramatically."

Initially, Digicel Pacific deployed battery-powered network equipment with diesel generators to charge the batteries, according to Eltek Valere. The generators ran continuously, but only at an efficiency of 20 percent of load and were fed by monthly helicopter fuel runs, translating to a cost of US$6 per kWh.

With the hybrid-solar solution, Digicel installed photovoltaic cells in addition to the generators and was able to reduce generator hours to four per day and boost efficiency to 80%-90% of load, which reduced costs to about US$1 per kWh, Eltek Valere said.

The Eltek Valere DC power system converted both solar and generator power into 48V DC for the load. The company's Flatpack2 HE Solar Charger connects to four to six solar panels and converts the solar power into controlled 48VDC for supply to telecom equipment. The solar charger is based on Eltek Valere's High Efficiency (HE) technology, which delivers more than 96% AC-DC power conversion efficiency.

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Publication:Energy Resource
Date:Feb 10, 2010
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