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Elstraight HD is the perfect solution for weft straightening system.

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Elstraight HD designed with a strong mainframe and larger diameter roller for material produced under high liner tension suitable for the carpet denim technical and home textiles industry.

Elstraight HD utilizes CCD cameras to detect any kind of distortion in textile webs. Elstraight HD is available in two different versions: HD weft straightening system" and HD with pattern control system" realized for the recognition of the pattern on the material.

Tuft and Line Detection System

Elstraight HD can integrate a Tuft and Line Detection System" known as OTS21 that use a special CCD camera with an on board processor so the system can detect and follow contrasts such as the tufted edge of carpet against the primary backing as well as lines of carpet and the wide viewing range of the camera eliminates the need to reposition sensor for width changes the main feature of this camera is the design based on edge detection system that can be used.

Edge detection system

This CCD camera is a specially designed for edge detection system and can be used to raise profiles or semi transparent contrasts on laminated webs. The machine has a strong AC motor drive-system that powers the moving correction rollers to address bow and skew distortion. This commanding drive-system is suitable even for extremely high-tension applications providing the precision and force needed for the actuators.

The main feature of this Elstraight is the CCD Camera for weft detection. Intelligent mathematical measurement algorithms together with FFT filter technology improve the speed and reliability of the detection and execution of bowand skew correction every camera is placed symmetrically and according to fabric width and also an optical sensor continuously monitor the edge to guarantee a full-width detection.

Applications for Carpet and Denim

ELSTRAIGHT HD is optimized for the carpet industry. Most of the systems are installed either in front of a coater at the end of a dye range or after a dryer prior to coating. Often two bow and two skew rollers are sufficient to correct the residual distortion of the carpet. However in the event that extra straightening capacity is needed an additional bow or skew assembly can be added to the main frame of the ELSTRAIGHT HD machine. Furthermore the denim industry presents another large market segment for the ELSTRAIGHT HD weft straightening system. For denim the challenge is to introduce a consistent amount of skew into the weft of the web. The amount of skew is a variable and is pre-selectable via software settings in the ELSTRAIGHT HD. For denim some additional options such as coated rollers low camber bow rollers and corrosion protection for the cameras are also available for customers in this sector.

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Date:Jan 31, 2015
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