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Elsner introducing Z-fold machine for nonwovens.

a pioneer in converting machine technology, Elsner has expanded its line to include a new folding machine specifically for nonwovens

A manufacturer of various nonwovens converting equipment, Elsner Engineering Works, Hanover, PA, recently introduced a specialty folding machine specifically targeting nonwovens applications. The new Z-fold "ZFV-8-72" machine is geared toward end uses in nonwovens because of its flexible capabilities and updated design. Potential markets include wipes, fabric softener sheets and surgical drape applications. The first Z-fold machine was recently purchased by a major U.S. wet wipe producer.

Elsner, a family-owned business that started out back in 1934 with a machine to apply lids to cigar boxes, made the transition into roll converting with wall-covering machines in the 1950's. Today the company is involved in a wide range of converting processes for the paper, film, foil and nonwovens industries.

The new Z-fold machine is the first of its kind built by Elsner, national sales manager Don Rush told NONWOVENS INDUSTRY during a recent visit to the company's Hanover facility. "The machine can cut up to six foot wide webs and the cut off length of the machine is infinitely variable," said Mr. Rush. "We can easily change the length, width and fold style, offering greater versatility and faster speeds." The machine also has electronic, rather than mechanical interfaces, affording ease of use and online controls. It can easily impregnate the web for applications requiring additional finished properties.

The company's 53,000 sq. foot facility also houses a machining area - Elsner does all its own machining - as well as a raw materials and parts warehouse. "The company is known for its after-sale support," said Mr. Rush. In addition to the Z-fold machine, Elsner also manufacturers core and coreless rewinders, including an automatic perforator rewinder, winders and log roll splitters. Mr. Rush said the company is willing to customize at the customer's request and added that this focus on specialized machinery is what helped the company fare so well in recent economic hard times.

Elsner is also involved in a joint licensing agreement with Overfalz, Duisburg, Germany, a manufacturer of folding machinery. Under terms of the agreement, which began in July, 1988, Elsner manufactures and sell the Overfalz-Elsner folding machines through an exclusive license in the U.S. and Canada. A variety of different folding configurations are available with the Overfalz equipment; target applications include wet wipes, surgical drapes, medical swabs, napkins, towels and table cloths. The first U.S.-built "B-100-V" folding machine was sold last October to Walkisoft U.S.A.

Internationally, Elsner has 20 sales representatives throughout the world, while it handles North American orders through its Hanover facility. The company was awarded the 1983 President's "E" Award for Export Excellence.
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Title Annotation:ZFV-8-72 has potential for disposable wipes, softener sheets and surgical drapes application
Author:Noonan, Ellen
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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