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Elsner Engineering Works:

Elsner Engineering announces its latest automatic rewinder offering. The ECW-60 Automatic Coreless Rewinder is designed for the production of heavy matting products such as exercise mats or similar floor mats from 1.5 mm (.060 inches) to 10 mm (.390 inches) thick and from 30 inches to 60 feet wide. This is a new width for Elsner, whose previous maximum width was 48 inches.

The ECW-60 Automatic Coreless Rewinder winds coreless only at two inches or three inches inside diameter and at cut lengths from 10 feet to a maximum finished diameter of 12 inches. Production rates offer up to five 30-foot long rolls per minute. Additionally, the machine incorporates an automatic film winding system to overwrap the rolls for ease of handling after they are wound. It's the perfect solution for a variety of rolled products, according to the company.

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Title Annotation:Machinery & Equipment Review: producers gear up for next month's ITMA show in Munich
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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