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Elpin Systems announces distribution agreement with Micro Star Software.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 1995--Elpin Systems today announced the signing of a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Micro Star, a leading international distributor of budget priced software for the home.

Under the agreement, Micro Star will provide world wide marketing, sales and technical support for Elpin System's existing entertainment software titles including Conquer for Windows and Farnsworth Ferret's Fun Pack for Kids. Both products will be marketed under Micro Star's Crystal Vision label, and are due to release in time for the busy holiday season.

"Our partnership with Micro Star will greatly improve our retail presence in both domestic and international markets," said Benjamin Brooks III, Elpin Systems' Product Manager. "In the extremely competitive consumer software market it is nearly impossible for small developers to gain retail shelf space, this agreement assures us of this and allows our products to compete with major developers."

Conquer for Windows is a multi-player strategy war game that takes advantage of the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface. Due to the Windows interface, Conquer for Windows supports most sound cards and graphics adapters currently on the market. Conquer for Windows also employs Microsoft Windows 95 Auto Run technology adding a user friendly component to the game.

Conquer for Windows is playable against computer opponents on a single computer, two players over a modem, or up to four players over a network. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, and most networks that run the NETBIOS interface, including Novell's Netware and Artisoft's Lantastic. Conquer for Windows requires Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, 4MB of RAM and a CD ROM drive.

Although exact pricing is not available at this time, Conquer for Windows is expected to retail below $30.

Farnsworth Ferret's Fun Pack consists of five games: Kid Match, Kid Scramble, Copy Cat, Math Invaders and Kid Paint. The "cartoonish" character Farnsworth Ferret is there to guide and praise with positive reinforcement. The games are easily run from a shell program, which allows the child to graphically select the game of his or her choice.

In Kid Match, children are given a choice of matching letters or symbols that are hidden behind squares. The computer randomly picks the letter and symbol locations through repetition and a hide and seek approach. This can be used to help build letter and symbol recognition as well as alphabet skills.

In Kid Scramble, the object is to unscramble the words quickly with least number of "clicks" or letter movements used. A picture of the scrambled word can be used as a hint to the solution. Children will use spelling and word recognition skills to unscramble the letters.

Math Invaders, displays an "outer space" setting with four colorful "bases" at the bottom; as the game begins, various arithmetic equations fall from the top of the screen. The child must quickly study and determine the solutions to each of the equations. As the child enters the correct solution, a laser beam will seek and destroy the "attacking" equation. Equations not solved quickly enough will land on and destroy the base. This game is an "action-packed" math game that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For the younger child, a number of shapes fall from the top of the screen and the child must correctly count those shapes to protect his or her bases.

Kid Paint is more recreational than competitive. It is simply the canvas and tools to allow children's creativity and imaginations to wander freely. Several "coloring book" type pictures are included as well as a blank screen in which children can use a variety of drawing tools that they can use to make paintings appear to come alive. Kids can save paintings or they can print them out to share with their family and friends.

Farnsworth Ferret's Fun Pack requires Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, 4MB RAM and a CD ROM drive.

Elpin Systems is a privately held manufacturer of software located in San Jose. Elpin Systems is committed to developing and delivering quality Windows applications into the productivity and entertainment markets.

CONTACT: Elpin Systems, San Jose

Benjamin Brooks III, 408/441-7980
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Date:Oct 4, 1995
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