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Elmer Gumshoe's tree hunt.

Tree detective Elmer Gumshoe needs your help. He knows there are many kinds of trees in this forest. He also knows that you can figure out what kind each one is by examining its leaves and bark. Use the pictures in the folder below to match the letter on each tree


F 1. Sugar maple

--2. Sycamore

--3. Horse chestnut

--4. Red oak

--5. Tulip tree

--6. Dogwood

--7. Blue spruce

--8. Magnolia

--9. Bald cypress


Answers on content page.

Yipes! Something's missing. Several items fell out of Elmer's pack while he was in the forest. Can you find a magnifying glass, a canteen, a bag of trail mix, a notebook, a camera and Elmer's ferret, Florox?

1. sugar maple, F; 2. sycamore,D; 3. horse chestnut, E; 4. red oak, I; 5. tulip tree, H; 6. dogwood, C; 7. blue spruce, A; 8. magnolia, G; 9. bald cypress, B.
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