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Elizabeth Catlett: Grace against Gravity.

It comes of clay, wood and stone,

carried, refined, molded somehow

into one great moment

that never stops talking;

everything has its own language,

mahogany a sure cousin, bronzed

clays fired into busts;

But the marbles...

make their presence known;

like God, his first words to man

etched deep, effects to last,

impressions to reach minds

bereft of the basic principles,

Thou shalt...;

It needs no preening oils, or dandy

glaze, the marble speaks in ways

a figure can understand;

The marble unites color, form, line

with infinity's vast hand,

lines, form, colors of unknown origin,

opulent like shimmering sand;

The marble casts, reflects,

holds light tight unlike any other thing

dug out, laid down, lifted up;

it has its own breathlessness,

it renders the eye mute,

carries and ties life in unusual patterns, demanding its freedom;

The marble touches that which touches

its own self, never clinging

but seeking the freedom to be

the idea, the image, infinity's great gift...

the freedom to breathe...

Francisco Mora: Reflections--Geometry & Color Take the Floor

They dance, the colors, they balance, each cradling proportions of the other, moving without notice, coming together gently, like love, like living is meant to be, a fragile beauty wrapped in warm light, cool breezes, each one eases across a rectangular sky, as close as the mouth to the eye, no translation, free speech, agile assonances sweep subtle melodies around vertical floors, in uniform ways geometry plays, stays like sweet memories of your only true love inside each frame, every unspoken word falls like a whisper, every thought calls you by name, as if, you are no longer, never were, strangers.

Bobbie Wallace Wright recently completed her Master of Liberal Arts degree at Houston Baptist University. She teaches in Houston's Writers in the Schools Program, working with elementary students in the classroom and The Menil Collection.
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Author:Wright, Bobble Wallace
Publication:African American Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 22, 1999
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